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Good and Evil 百灵潭 Episode 21 Recap

Chun Yao went to the Lingjun Palace to check, but he felt demonic energy when he had gone, and Lingjun was already there thousands of years ago. The spring demon saw a mirror in front of Lingjun, so he entered it and saw the real Lingjun lying on the bed. At this moment, the fake Lingjun appeared, wounded the spring demon and warned the spring demon not to Use spiritual power, otherwise you will be poisoned and die. Because the spiritual power of the spring demon poisoned by the spiritual woman before is not as good as before, Lingjun will wait where he is called the spring demon to die, and he will go out and get married with Han.

Xie Changye took out the cold jade worm and asked Shen Ci to eat it. As long as there is no cure, he would be frozen to death. , But Shen Ci still ate the cold jade insects, Heng hid outside the wall and saw the scene, so he was about to rescue Shen Ci.

Han Sheng had never heard of the Spring Demon, so he sent someone to inquire about it. He didn’t expect to find nothing. This made Han Sheng very anxious, thinking that the Spring Demon had left like that. But Han Sheng had to go out to find Chun Yao, so she told Ling Jun that she was unwilling to marry Ling Jun. The only thing Han Sheng had always liked was Chun Yao, but Ling Jun told Han Sheng that she and Chun Yao had no results, and asked people to general. Han Sheng was locked up.

Han Sheng used the mana handed to him by the Spring Demon to find the Spring Demon, so he followed the guidance to Lingjun’s bedroom, but the Spring Demon could see Han Sheng and Han Sheng could not see the Spring Demon. Chun Yao cast spells on the mirror. Han Sheng felt that Chun Yao must be in the mirror this time. Chun Yao told Han Sheng that he had been poisoned, and Ling Jun was a demon. The death of Bai Shan was also related to Lingjun.

Just after Han Sheng entered the mirror, Lingjun went back, grabbing Chun Yao by the neck and telling him not to talk nonsense. Han Sheng told Lingjun to let go of the Spring Demon, and as long as Lingjun was willing to let go of the Spring Demon, he would marry him. Lingjun tells Chun Yao that they will get married tomorrow, and wants Chun Shuixian to see his beloved get married with his own eyes.

Shen Ci will go back after being rescued by Heng, because she has no turning back. Not only has she been poisoned, she is also in love with Xie Changye, even if it is worth paying for her own life. Unexpectedly, Heng told Shen Ci that it was all arranged by Xie Changye. It turned out that everything was designed by Xie Changye to protect Shen Ci.

Xie Changye found out that Huai’an’s subordinates went to Shen Ci’s room with a headdress to frame Shen Ci, but when Xu Chengyi saw him, he asked that person to be his eyeliner, otherwise the subordinate’s family would not let it go. . Later, the person who went to assassinate Lingjun was also replaced by Xu Chengyi. He told Heng to arrange to rescue Shen Ci, but he should not tell Shen Ci the truth.

Chun Yao felt that if he was poisoned in a batch, he would definitely find it. Maybe it was the Lingma who had poisoned Han Sheng, so that the Spring Monster would not find it, and Han Sheng and Chun Yao’s fate were tied together, that way. Can control the spring demon. So Chun Yao had to tell her about detoxification at Hansheng’s wedding so that they could be rescued.

At the wedding ceremony the next day, the spring demon was tied with an iron chain, and the spring demon tried to give a signal to Han Sheng to break free. At this time, Ling Jun hurriedly took Han Sheng away to worship the heaven and earth. And Xie Changye and Huai’an had their wedding on the same day. Unexpectedly, the bride turned out to be Shen Ci. Xie Changye knew nothing wrong. He felt that Shen Ci had ruined his entire plan, but Shen Ci couldn’t manage that much. Where is Xie Changye, she swears to follow wherever she goes.

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