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Good and Evil 百灵潭 Episode 20 Recap

Lingjun gave Hansheng a lantern and took her to see the lantern. Ling Jun asked Han Sheng if she was willing to help fulfill any wishes. This was called Han Sheng very emotional. He was born and died in the coffin in time, and has always suffered, and now he has a strange disease. I don’t know how long I can live. So Lingjun wanted Hansheng to be his princess, and after speaking, he went to kiss Hansheng’s mouth. This scene was seen by the spring demon not far away.

He held the lantern in his hand and wanted to give it to Hansheng and didn’t know if he should. give her. Han Sheng was very angry and pushed away Lingjun and ran back. Only Han Sheng went to the Spring Demon’s room to look for him. Unexpectedly, Chun Demon pretended to rest in the room and didn’t see Han Sheng, and Ling Jun on the side was even more uncomfortable when he saw Han Sheng’s affection for Chun Demon.

Xie Changye went to find Shen Ci, wanting to know if Shen Ci had anyone else in his heart. He saw a handkerchief on Shen Ci with unfinished writing on it. It seemed that he was confessing to Xie Changye. This is what Xie Changye knew about Shen. Ci liked him, so he kissed Shen Ci’s mouth, and the two of them had a skin-to-skin relationship together.

Early the next morning, Huai’an received a letter stating that Han Sheng was the princess of the Northland Kingdom. Huai’an was so angry that he called Xie Changye to ask for his guilt. If Xu Chengyi was willing to propose marriage on the night of Mid-Autumn Festival, he would be willing to let go of his unspoken crime. Xu Chengyi had to agree to Huai’an first, as long as she killed Lingjun to become a queen.

At the meeting of the officials on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Huai’an told Lingjun that Hansheng was Xie Changwan. Chun Yao told everyone that Hansheng was only his maid, and asked Huai’an to show evidence, so Xie Changye stood up and said that It was his younger sister, who said that she didn’t dare to recognize each other before, but only after seeing the birthmark on Han Sheng’s hand did she recognize Han Sheng as his younger sister, Xie Changwan.

So Lingjun was about to marry Hansheng, and that was what they should do. Ling Jun asked Han Sheng if he was willing to marry her. Before Han Sheng could speak, Xie Changye knelt down to congratulate them. He also wanted to marry Huai’an and hope that Ling Jun would be fulfilled. Ling Jun was very happy and announced that the North and South will not go to war in the future.

Chun Yao was very disappointed with Han Sheng and left. Han Sheng hurriedly pursued and explained that everything was made by Chun Yao before her decision. Now the person who wants to leave her is also Chun Yao. If Chun Yao really wants to After abandoning Hansheng, then they will go their own way.

It turned out that Lingjun had long been looking for the Spring Demon, hoping that the Spring Demon could spare Han Sheng. After all, Han Sheng is only a human being. When Han Sheng is old, Spring Demon will still be the same as it is now. That would be cruel to Han Sheng. Things, so Chun Yao agreed with Ling Jun’s willingness to leave for the sake of cold life.

Shen Ci cried all night because Xie Changye was going to marry Huai’an, and the next day his eyes were swollen. Huai’an was very angry when he saw it, and he wanted to beat Shen Ci, but Xu Chengyi stopped him and pulled Huai’an. going for breakfast. After that, the Spring Demon persuaded Shen Ci to let go, and if he wanted to, he could go to Bailingtan with him tomorrow morning, but Shen Ci asked if the Spring Demon could give up his cold life, which made Chun Yao unable to answer.

After that, I went to see her in Hansheng’s room. Unexpectedly, Hansheng became ill and coughed, so Chun Yao took out Yu Lingjue and asked her to accept it. Just then Lingjun took people in and prepared a lot of gifts for Hansheng. He said that he and Hansheng used it personally. Chun Yao would leave when he heard that he felt uncomfortable. He also said that Yu Lingjue was for Hansheng. Wedding gift. Han Sheng was also very angry when he heard it.

Not only did Chun Yao not want to take away his thoughts, but he pushed himself out, and he would return Yu Ling Jue to Chun Yao after he finished speaking. Lingjun took Yu Lingjue and wanted to give it to Chunyu. Unexpectedly, Lingjun got burnt when he got Yulingjue, and was so scared that Lingjun hurriedly threw Yulingjue away. This scene was seen by Chunyu and felt spiritual. There must be something wrong, so he picked up Yu Lingjue and asked Han Sheng to harvest it. It was a magic weapon cast by the spring demon with spiritual power, as long as evil things approached the opportunity to respond.

After the spring demon went back, he felt that Lingjun was very suspicious. Since they attacked, everything has been restrained by him. The Lingma said before that there was devilish energy in Lingjun. It seems that Lingjun is really problematic. , Chun Yao felt that he was not leaving.

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