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Good and Evil 百灵潭 Episode 19 Recap

Han Sheng sighed that there were so many stories between Shen Ci and his brother, but Xie Changye still didn’t know those things, only that Shen Ci was a mermaid with spells. Han Sheng told Shen Ci that they went to Nanyuan Country to take the mermaid’s blood, and that would cause the mermaid’s vitality damage for three years. Shen Ci was willing to help Han Sheng, only to wait for her affairs to be completed.

Lingjun went to the Spring Monster early in the morning and blamed the Spring Monster for letting him go. If you can leave Hansheng, everything is fine, but the spring demon snatched Hansheng back and injured Lingjun. When Han Sheng saw that the Spring Demon actually acted on Ling Jun, he hurried to intercede and tell Chun Demon not to be angry, as Ling Jun was just a mortal. Han Sheng’s words made Chun Yao even more angry, but he didn’t expect Han Sheng to speak to Lingjun.

Just when Chun Yao used his true energy to do it again, Han Sheng fainted, so scared that Ling Jun and Chun Yao both let go of their forces. The Spring Demon was going to find a Lingpo to treat Hansheng, and Lingjun would also go with him. On the way, the two quarreled again because of Hansheng. This made Hansheng very embarrassed and told them to get along with each other in peace.

When they arrived at the spiritual woman’s boundary, the backyard looked very strange. A lantern showed them the way, and was so frightened that Han Sheng held the spring demon and didn’t dare to walk. He didn’t expect to see the spiritual woman turned out to look like a little girl. Lingpo pierced a needle into the back of Hansheng’s neck, and suddenly Hansheng fainted. The Lingpo told the Spring Demon that the end of the cold life had done her best. After checking, she knew that the Spring Demon had absorbed the vitality of the cold life, but in the end it was the Spring Demon who was unlucky. The Lingpo has a thousand-year-old Ganoderma lucidum, but it can be exchanged for 30% of the spring demon’s thousand-year spiritual power.

Just when Ling Po was going to get the Lingzhi, Ling Jun also went in. From Ling Po’s point of view, Ling Jun was also a demon. Since Ling Jun also went, there must be something to ask her. So Lingjun asked Lingpo to kill the spring demon, and after the matter was over, he would give the ghost to the Lingpo. So the lingpo would use the cold life to devour the spring demon’s spiritual power, so that they would have a chance to kill him, otherwise they would not be able to do it with the spring demon’s mana.

Lingpo went back after seeing Han Sheng, and Han Sheng told Chun Yao that the real Red Feather Murloc was not Heng but Shen Ci. This made Chun Yao a little surprised. It was mentioned that Lingjun Chun Yao told Han Sheng that he had been bitten by spider spirits that he was moving Lingpo’s things, and he was going crazy outside, so Han Sheng hurriedly got off the car to see Lingjun, and indeed he was shaking with a branch. Han Sheng looked at Ling Jun’s face in the past, and his eyes looked like a panda, and his eyes were very ugly. The shy Ling Jun didn’t want to see Han Sheng’s face.

Shen Ci went to find Xie Changye and saw a plate of sweet-scented osmanthus cakes on the table, which was Shen Ci’s favorite food. Xie Changye used to send Shen Ci those kinds of snacks before.

Ling Jun wanted to ask Chun Yao to stay for a few more days. When Chun Yao heard it, he knew that Ling Jun wanted to stay close to Han Sheng for a few more days, and told Ling Jun not to be delusional. At this time, Han Sheng also passed, and he wanted to take Chun Yao out to play, which made Lingjun very depressed, and told them to go out to play and don’t leave him behind. Lingjun remembered that Ma Shang was approaching the Mid-Autumn Festival. Before Hansheng had given him a beacon as a gift, Lingjun would also give it to Hansheng on this year’s holiday, hoping that Hansheng would not dislike it.

Chun Yao bought Han Sheng a lantern to give to her, and then went to Shen Ci to take away her efforts, but Shen Ci asked them to wait for three days, just to wait for Xie Changye’s promise, Shen Ci wanted to know What is his position in Xie Changye’s heart?

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