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Good and Evil 百灵潭 Episode 18 Recap

The guard caught the assassin. Huai’an thought it was Shen Ci, but he had already been replaced by Heng. This made Huai’an very angry. He wanted to look for his comrades nearby and asked people to search the mountains to find them.

Han Sheng was holding Lingjun very sad. If it weren’t for saving her, Lingjun wouldn’t get hurt. This reminded Lingjun of the things he had with Han Sheng before. At that time, Han Sheng and the Big Dipper were very happy to be together every day. . Because the Big Dipper wanted to play every day, he made a clone to guard the Star Hall. Later, the avatar’s ability couldn’t control the Star Hall, and almost bombed the Star Hall, so he was imprisoned by the gods where he could not move. Han Sheng knew that Ling Jun was looking for amusement and would take him to Bailingtan, but Ling Jun was unwilling to be with the demons.

Huai’an felt that he had been teased by Xie Changye. He wanted to lock the assassin of the main sword at the gate of the city to show the public, but he still had to continue to look for evidence of Shen Ci’s assassination.

Shen Ci woke up and saw Heng accompanying her, but Shen Ci had to go back to visit Xie Changye, otherwise he would not feel at ease. Even if he knew that he could not retreat, he would be fearless. When Shen Ci ran to the gate of the city, he saw that he was replaced. People who are called Shen Ci are very sad, because in Xie Changye’s heart, he didn’t plan to make him go back all over.

Chun Yao sent the prepared medicine to Lingjun. Unexpectedly, Han Sheng was taking care of others at Lingjun’s bed. This made Chun Yao feel a little sad, and he left after handing the medicine to the maid. Just then Lingjun woke up, and Han Sheng hurried out to call the imperial doctor for inspection. He didn’t expect to see the Spring Demon outside the door, but when he was about to tell the good news to the Spring Demon, he gave him a meal, called Han Sheng. Let’s take care of Lingjun, he is going to find a mermaid.

Huai’an and Xie Changye went to greet Lingjun and congratulate him on his safety. After that, Xie Changye was waiting for Hansheng halfway, and blamed her for being a proton because of Han Shuang’s escape, and Beilu country was almost ruined by the escape of marriage. Xie Changye told Hansheng to leave there quickly, otherwise she would not be merciless if she was known to be the princess who escaped from marriage.

The spring demon casts a spell to catch Heng, and Lingjun will host a celebration banquet to reward them. At night, Shen Ci went to rescue Heng with a mask. All of this was seen by the spring demon. Just when Shen Ci was about to take Heng away, Xie Changye appeared. He shot an arrow at Heng and Shen Ci stood in front, thinking that Xie Changye would not Unexpectedly, he was not merciful when the arrow was about to hit Shen Ci.

The Spring Demon shot and knocked out the arrow. Shen Ci hurried away with Heng. After that, Shen Ci handed Heng a pack of pills and told him to leave as soon as possible, and she wanted to go back to Xie Changye to plead guilty. Just after Shen Ci left, the Spring Demon appeared and healed the wounds on the Red Feather Murloc. This was a surprise for Heng. Chun Yao told Heng that he just wanted a drop of blood in the heart of Red Feather Fish, and Heng was willing to help him, only asking Chun Yao to help him rescue Shen Ci.

After Shen Ci returned, Xie Changye became even more angry. Shen Ci destroyed the whole plan. She was a dead man in Xie Changye’s place. For Shen Ci’s life, Xie Changye kept it first, which made Shen Ci’s heart broken. Lost. And these words were heard by the maid in Huai’an, so she went back and told Huai’an, but Huai’an had to put her heart to death so that she would feel at ease.

Shen Ci went into the water after going out, and when Han Sheng went out, he just saw Shen Ci going out of the water, and Han Sheng knew that Shen Ci was also a Red Feather Murloc. Shen Ci knew that Han Sheng had discovered her secret and would kill her. Han Sheng told Shen Ci that she was born before Shen Ci let her go. Shen Ci told Han Sheng that the reason she had no fish scales on her body was because she had pulled out the fish scales in order to pretend to be a human being, and that she did that for Xie Changye.

When Xie Changye was a child, he saw the prince catch the fish in the fish pond, so Xie Changye hurried to rescue the little fish. This made the little prince very angry. At this moment, his mother and concubine passed by and gave it to the little prince. Only apologize was spared from punishment. After that, Shen Ci remembered Xie Changye and was willing to give his life to Xie Changye.

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