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Good and Evil 百灵潭 Episode 17 Recap

King Lingjun liked Hansheng very much. He invited Hansheng and Chunyu to eat at the palace. During the period, he was very concerned about Hansheng. This made Chunyu a little suspicious. As the king of a country, he was able to dine with their commoners. But the king said that he just likes to be approachable, and he doesn’t want to distance himself from the people, and tells Chun Yao to eat quickly. Han Sheng watched Chun Yao pick up the dishes in his bowl without eating, Ling Jun hurriedly told Han Sheng to throw away the poisonous inside, frightened Han Sheng at a loss.

King Lingjun reacted quickly and cursed the court lady who delivered the food, sent her to a prison for interrogation, and dared to assassinate in front of him. But Ling Jun thought in his heart that he had to wait for a chance if he could not poison the spring demon, and the spring demon had already noticed something was wrong before he didn’t use his chopsticks to eat.

Huai’an sent a torture and flogging to Shen Ci, saying that the red feather murloc that Shen Ci had caught was a fake. Xie Changye arrived very anxiously and wanted to get Shen Ci from crime. Huai’an had been coveting Xie Changye for a long time, and he pleaded with Xie Changye. Only let Shen Ci go.

At night, the Spring Demon stood on the roof to observe the form of the palace, and Han Sheng climbed up to accompany him. The Spring Demon instructed Han Sheng to go out to find grass that attracts the red feather fish, and asked Han Sheng to take good care of him in the palace. But Han Sheng insisted on going out with the Spring Demon. Although Lingjun treated her very well, it was not as happy as being with the Spring Demon.

Shen Ci was whipped and wounded all over her body. Xie Changye went to apply medicine to her to heal her injuries. Xie Changye called Shen Ci to wait. After almost a year, they would be free, but Xie Changye didn’t say anything, although Xie Changye liked it. Shen Ci never confessed to him, and did not know whether Shen Ci liked him in his heart.

Princess Huai’an went to Xie Changye and blamed him for not knowing how to promote her. As long as he was willing to marry Huai’an, everything would be readily available, but Xu Chengyi had to choose the path of assassination. After hearing this, Xu Chengyi hurriedly got confused and didn’t know what Huai’an was talking about. Huai’an told Xie Changye that Lingjun’s tyrannical people should also be thrown out. As long as Xie Changye achieves his goal, Huai’an must be sealed. The second condition is that people who kill Lingjun must be killed by Shen Ci. Ann will help Xie Changye achieve his great cause. Because Huai’an felt that Xie Changye liked Shen Ci very much, so that he could kill two birds with one stone, and his skills would out of Lingjun and Shen Ci.

Lingjun recalled the past with Hansheng in the immortal world. At that time, Hansheng was very cute and willing to play with him. According to the truth, Lingjun could be regarded as a god who cast a body for Hansheng. Hansheng should be called Lingjun. Daddy. Ling Jun felt that the Spring Demon was very alert, so he had to perform some bitter tricks.

On the second day, the Spring Demon wants to go out to look for the Myrtleweed. At this time, Lingjun also needs to take people to follow them out. So the Spring Demon wants to go on horseback by himself, and Lingjun wants to take the Hansheng to go by car. At this time, Xie Changye also It passed, claiming that the princess was worried about their safety and called Xie Changye to protect them. This was a little surprised for Han Sheng. His brother was also in Nanyuan Country, and he was already a proton. The thing that Han Sheng couldn’t understand the most was Xie Changye pretending not to know her.

Lingjun always shows good to Hansheng, which is called Chunyu very jealous, so he told Lingjun not to covet Hansheng, she is Chunyu’s person.

Xie Changye and Huai’an arranged for Shen Ci to hide to assassinate Lingjun. Huai’an and Xie Changye discussed at the riverside that if Shen Ci succeeded in the assassination, he would kill Shen Ci. This was what Meryuheng in the river heard. , So I told Shen Ci not to help Xie Changye to assassinate Lingjun, otherwise he would be sent out, but Shen Ci was saved by Xie Changye, and his life had long belonged to Xie Changye. No matter how Xie Changye treated him, he would not regret.

At the foot of the mountain, Chun Yao and Xie Changye both found ichthyosaurs, and they both climbed up to pick them, but the Spring Monster stepped on the fairy grass better. At this moment, Shen Ci masked his face from behind the mountain to shoot an arrow with a bow to stab Ling Jun. It’s just that their plan has long been calculated by Lingjun, and after discovering that Shen Ci, Lingjun knew in his heart that an opportunity was coming, and he was about to perform a bitter trick.

When Han Sheng saw someone trying to assassinate Lingjun, he stood in front of him. Just when he was in a crisis, Lingjun hugged Han Sheng in his arms, and the arrow flew past Lingjun’s arm. Chun Yao hurried down to check when he saw it. Although Ling Jun was wounded, he was severely poisoned. Chun Yang sealed Ling Jun’s wound, but Han Sheng did not consider Chun Yao’s feelings and followed Ling Jun back.

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