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Candle in the Tomb: The Worm Valley 鬼吹灯之云南虫谷 Episode 5 Recap

Because the entrance and exit of the valley had been sealed by white miasma, I had to follow the diagram to find the secret road built by the predecessors to avoid the poisonous fog. On the other hand, Zhalong is deeply poisoned, and his right eye has long been blind. According to the method of the clan, if he fails to dig his eyeballs in time, he will lose his life when the toxin enters the body.

At this time, the behavior of insects in the valley was quite abnormal, and the surrounding environment was strange. The three of them proceeded cautiously. Along the way, stone sculptures from the period of King Xian Dynasty were seen, and the red soil at the bottom of the stone sculptures was mixed with insect repellent smell. According to common sense, in order to avoid damage by insects and ants, many tombs of emperors will bury long-lasting insect repellents near the main tomb.

Because the vegetation is too thick, Hu Bayi can get a rough idea at most, so I guess that the red soil that he saw just now should be a broken insect road, which is nothing but to protect the temple of the mountain. It happens that the toad marks the entrance to the ancient Dian Kingdom site, which means that As long as the mountain temple can be found, it is equal to entering the scope of the ruins.

Fortunately, they are some distance away from the miasma, and there is still enough time to rest. Shirley Yang personally applied medicine to Hu Bayi, and the relationship between the two accelerated. Fatty Wang left wittily, and went to check around first, and then returned after ensuring his safety.

Shirley Yang asked Hu Bayi to sleep first and raise his energy before leaving, only to find that he was sleeping with his eyes open. Seeing Shirley Yang’s doubts, Fatty Wang took the initiative to explain to her the reason. It was because Hu Bayi was a soldier and sacrificed many comrades in the battlefield. From then on, he left an indelible mark in his heart. Every time he was drunk he would call out one by one. If the names of the dead comrades were explained in medical terms, they would have suffered from post-war traumatic stress disorder.

Nevertheless, Fatty Wang believes that this situation is not necessarily a bad thing, at least Hu Bayi will attach great importance to the people closest to him, as long as there is danger, he can immediately enter the state of preparation. In order to demonstrate the process to Shirley Yang, Fatty Wang mentioned his name in Hu Bayi’s ear first, but Hu Bayi didn’t expect Hu Bayi to react until he talked about Shirley Yang and saw him wake up immediately.

Seeing a good brother so valuing sex and despising friends, Fatty Wang was so annoyed that he plunged into the dense forest. At first Fatty Wang was still immersed in complaints about Hu Bayi, but later, he accidentally discovered that the long-leaf plants on both sides could move and even climb on him. Following the screams of Fatty Wang, Hu Bayi and Shirley Yang followed, and they saw Fatty Wang enjoying the massage of the big green leaves, which was extremely comfortable.

Seeing that these leaves are not aggressive to humans, Hu Bayi also tried to join them. It did feel good. On the contrary, Shirley Yang recognized these plants as dancing grasses. They were usually listless. Once they were frightened by people or animals passing by. Be able to posture, as if dancing.

The three of them did not delay any more time, repacked their luggage and continued on the road, walking along the path, and finally came to a narrower entrance. As I walked in, I found that there was something hidden inside, and a few stone pillars were built to look like a temple. Although they had been covered by layers of vines, a specific outline could be vaguely seen.

Pushing open the heavy stone gate, we can see that weeds grow in the eyes. The main hall is small in scale and even has a sense of run-down. Only the mud statue on the altar is noticeable. The left hand holds the wine gourd and the right hand holds one. Toad. Hu Bayi believes that this is the toad mark on the map, and it seems that he has found the right mountain temple.

The three of them carefully checked other places, and suddenly found a mummy behind the idol. Through the clothes, it can be judged that the corpse owner is not a local. Fatty Wang took off the badge from the other party’s clothes. Unfortunately, he couldn’t understand the English meaning of it, so he called Shirley Yang and wanted her to translate the content. Unexpectedly, when Shirley Yang saw the badge, he was instantly stunned and seemed to be greatly shocked.

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