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Candle in the Tomb: The Worm Valley 鬼吹灯之云南虫谷 Episode 4 Recap

After a dangerous fight, several eagle owls were stunned by the light of the flares, and then escaped into the darkness, disappearing without a trace. The old banyan tree with deep and strong roots could no longer withstand the toss of the three people, and soon split and collapsed. Fortunately, they were fine. At this time, the sky was bright, and the surrounding environment showed a general appearance. Hu Bayi was surprised to find that at the break of the tree, there was a coffin made of crystal jade, which was blood red from the inside to the outside.

Faced with the current situation, Hu Bayi was very puzzled. After all, according to the principle of tombs, the old trees near the tombs, Dushan and other places are all bad and bad, and people must not be buried, and this old banyan tree belongs to the five evils of the house. First of all, there is no saying that the coffin is left in the air, so this completely violates the theory of Feng Shui.

However, considering that the Worm Valley where King Xian lives in seclusion has excellent feng shui, it is located in a unique water dragon halo, like a fairy cave. If this is the case, Hu Bayi believes that the coffin he saw cannot be explained according to the normal feng shui theory. Perhaps the coffin is very likely to be the companion tomb of a certain main tomb.

In order to confirm the speculation in their hearts, the three decided to open the museum for inspection. As a result, they opened the lid and saw that the jade coffin was full of red blood plasma, which seemed disgusting, but the herbal scent was very strong. In a moment, a well-preserved ancient corpse surfaced with plasma. Shirley Yang guessed that this plasma was similar to modern Malfolin and had an excellent antiseptic effect.

The ancient corpse wore a pure gold mask on his face and held a dragon and tiger scepter in his hand. Through the patterns of these two sacrificial vessels, it is not difficult to see that this was a high priest before his life. Being able to let the high priest serve as the accompanying mausoleum is enough to show that the owner of the tomb is the King Xian that everyone has been looking for for a long time.

At this time, Fatty Wang discovered that the coffin lid was engraved with a map of the town to suppress the evil spirits nearby. Shirley Yang and Hu Bayi came to discuss, but they had not noticed the strangeness behind them. When they came back to their senses, they saw countless red lines of flesh crawling out of the coffin, launching an attack with extreme speed.

Seeing that Shirley Yang was too busy to take care of himself and was driven into a desperate situation, even Fatty Wang was in danger. Hu Bayi was anxious and raised his submachine gun and fired wildly at the jade coffin. With the blood flowing out of the jade coffin, the squirming and entangled snake flesh threads seemed to have taken their souls away, falling one after another, and they became dry and shriveled in an instant.

A crisis had just been resolved, but unexpectedly another crisis appeared. The Zhalongzhai tribe rushed here with torches and angrily accused Hu Bayi of trespassing on the forbidden ground. The patriarch had just ordered the three to be captured back to the stockade, but he never thought that the unwilling eagle owl fell to the sky, and the three took the opportunity to slip away and ran all the way down the mountain.

The tribesmen followed, and after an unknown period of time, they crossed the streams and flowers and approached a large deep valley. There are two boulders in Taniguchi that are quite conspicuous, especially overgrown with long vines, which look a little abrupt and weird. The three of them took out their watches and compasses, and found that they were all malfunctioning. They concluded that the meteorites around them interfered with this situation, causing the plane to crash and fall close to the sky.

Looking around, the valley in front is flat, and the two sides are covered by clouds and mist, and there is a dead silence, without any wind, grass, insects and birds. Ada and Zewa led the tribe to chase after them. Hu Bayi, Fatty Wang and Shirley Yang didn’t care about the danger. They immediately put on gas masks, hugged their heads in their clothes and ran towards the valley. The white miasma became stronger and stronger, and most of the people did not listen to advice, patronizing and running forward, without observing the danger of being close at hand.

Zhalong’s body touched the white miasma, and his skin showed burning blisters, which made him extremely painful. Seeing this, the others dared not act rashly anymore, and helped Zhalong up and ran back. After all, the old patriarch Enkuan was knowledgeable and well-informed. He carefully observed the wind direction and ordered everyone to rest in place and wait until the white mist dissipated before entering the Worm Valley.

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