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Candle in the Tomb: The Worm Valley 鬼吹灯之云南虫谷 Episode 3 Recap

The so-called unsuccessful food will become fish food. With this strength, Fatty Wang kept rowing to the shore. Because some of the piranhas were injured, other schools of fish smelling blood began to stop chasing, biting their companions frantically, killing each other, temporarily slowing the attack on the bamboo raft.

Through this gap, Shirley Yang wrapped flying tiger claws around the rock at the entrance of the cave, and with the help of Hu Bayi and Fatty Wang, he desperately pulled the bamboo raft to the shore. When they successfully escaped, all the ropes of the bamboo raft broke and accompanied them. The equipment was scattered on the water. Hu Bayi risked his life to rush to pick up the equipment, dexterously avoiding the mouth of the fish, and escaped smoothly.

After the three came ashore, they continued to walk deep along the river until they stepped out of the stone cave and finally saw the end of the cliff. Shirley Yang found that Hu Bayi was injured, both distressed and angry, and complained that he was quite old and so reckless. If there were any mistakes, she would really feel scared.

To these two people flirting, Fatty Wang tried his best to make himself small and transparent. After the rest and reorganization, he set off on the road again, broke through the water hole, and finally came to a dense forest. Even if the three of them took out the compass, they still couldn’t find the entrance of Worm Valley. Shirley Yang believes that the map I saw before was drawn in the Han Dynasty. It has been more than two thousand years ago. The landform features marked on the map have undergone tremendous changes. Except for some special markers and locations, I am afraid that it is not suitable to use the map as a reference. .

There are clouds and mists on the top of the mountain, vines growing under the mountain, surrounded by snakes, insects, and poisonous ants. They can only move forward with difficulty, according to Chen Xiazi’s description, through the forest all the way to the north, rushing to find a safe light to rest before sunset, and meet in turns. Stand guard. In the middle of the night, Shirley Yang always felt that there was a distress signal coming from nearby, but he could not determine the specific location.

In the middle of the night, Shirley Yang hurriedly woke up Hu Bayi. The two noticed abnormal noises on the old tree of the husband and wife beside them, and carefully distinguished the percussion sounds like Morse code. Hu Bayi thinks that this sound is likely to be the ghost signal in the rumors, but Shirley Yang, in order to find out the source of the ghost signal, and accompanied by Hu Bayi, climbed to the husband and wife’s old tree.

The two found half of the wreckage of a US military plane on the top of the tree, and among the wreckage of the fuselage, there was also an extremely distorted corpse of the pilot. Just as Hu Bayi stretched out his hand to touch the corpse, the pilot’s head suddenly turned around, only to see the mysterious object flying out of the skull and sliding into the distant night sky.

After a false alarm, Shirley Yang found a batch of remaining US military weapons in the cabin, including Thompson submachine guns and several pistols. It is rare to be able to preserve it in such an intact condition for more than forty years. It just so happens that Fatty Wang came here after hearing the news. The Audio-Technica expedition was truly rewarding.

Just as they were pleasantly surprised, Shirley Yang and Hu Bayi saw something moving behind Fatty Wang. Following the flashlight, it turned out to be a behemoth with golden eye pupils and an owl shape, which is also known as the eagle owl. The three of them subconsciously resisted when they saw it, but the eagle owl attacked too fiercely, especially hiding in the dark, taking advantage of the opportunity to sneak attack, and had to shoot at it. As a result, the gunshots attracted the attention of the Zhalongzhai tribe.

In Ada’s impression, it seemed that he had never seen Hu Bayi and the others carry guns with them. Patriarch En Kuan asked him to lead the way, and everyone followed him. Zhalong is dissatisfied with Ada’s showcasing the limelight, and even the patriarch takes him seriously, so he deliberately provokes the discord in front of Waze, expressing that Ada’s ability is obvious to all. If he continues to lead the team, I am afraid that Wazeby will go down sooner or later.

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