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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 39 Recap

Sun Yulou gave Fang Jiading’s article to Du Fu Yin. Du Fu Yin admired Fang Jiading’s literary talent very much. He invited him to serve as a Yamen book official. He also sent someone to pick up Fang Jiading with gongs and drums. Fang Jiading naturally couldn’t ask for it. He was very grateful to Du Fu Yin. Get on the carriage and rush to the government office. Afterwards, Du Fu Yin invited Fang Jiading and Sun Yulou to dinner, and Sun Yulou pretended not to know this.

Fang Jiading accidentally saw the article by the scholar Liu Quanyou, who was applying for the book official. He couldn’t help but sigh in admiration. He felt ashamed. Fang Jiading made a mistake in his account. Master Sun Yulou’s face was not held accountable, and he persuaded him to participate in the imperial examination. During the exam, Fang Jiading had to admit that his family was no longer able to open the pot, so he went home and burned all the articles he had written. Sun Yourong promised to accompany him in the ups and downs, and Fang Jiading was inspired.

Fang Jiading learned from the pain, he decided to learn from the beginning, and the master encouraged him to work hard and firmly believed that he could do something. Sun Yourong personally embroidered the purse and sent it to Shen Qingyao and others. They were full of praise for Sun Yourong’s embroidery work. Sun Yourong reported Fang Jiading’s recent progress to Shen Qingyao. The whole family was happy for her.

Sun Jinge passed by holding the scoured baby and accidentally fell into a big somersault. Shen Qingyao was anxious in his eyes and urged him to return to the house quickly, lest Sun Xun saw that he was angry, and Sun Jinge ran away in fright. Sun Yourong knew that Sun Jinge was a kind person, but she always kindly did bad things. She asked Lin Shaochun for help in private and asked her to take care of Sun Jinge. Lin Shaochun promised.

That night, Sun Jinge wanted to take apart those scoured things and study it, but there was an explosion. Sun Xun came with his whole family. Xu Fengqiao was so scared that he yelled. Sun Xun severely taught Sun Jinge and forced him. Get out. Sun Yulou chased after him, and Sun Jinge spit out bitterness at him, and also took out the “Heavenly Creations”. He wanted to do something, but he still couldn’t help it. Sun Yulou did not expect that Sun Jinge also had lofty ambitions, so he discussed with Lin Shaochun to help him fulfill his wish. Lin Shaochun knew that his parents had deep-rooted views on Sun Jinge, and wanted to help Sun Jinge become famous before explaining to his family.

Yao Dizhu’s servants returned to their home in the capital. His mother was in tears with excitement. His father was angry that she left without saying goodbye. Yao Dizhu hurriedly knelt down and confessed his mistake and promised not to leave the house again. A reunion dinner. Sun Youzhen stayed in the palace for a long time and often missed her family. The emperor specially approved Shen Qingyao to take her family’s daughters into the palace to visit, and Sun Youzhen took her family to the theater.

The Princess of Showa is a drama fan. She came uninvited. Sun Youzhen introduced her to her one by one. The Princess of Showa ridiculed Lin Shaochun and spoke badly. Lin Shaochun repeatedly explained Sun Yulou’s refusal to marry. Princess of Showa was reluctant and deliberately. Throwing the pocket watch sent by the emperor on the ground, framed Lin Shaochun and broke the pocket watch.

After the emperor came, the princess of Showa took the opportunity to sue the wicked first, and Lin Shaochun promised to take it back and let Sun Jinge help with repairs, and Xu Fengqiao almost fainted in fright. Sun Jinge lived up to expectations and repaired his pocket watch, and the emperor gave him an order from the Central Shang Dynasty. The whole family was happy for Sun Jinge. Sun Xun was very happy and encouraged Sun Jinge to work hard. Sun Jinge thanked Lin Shaochun for his accomplishment. Xu Fengqiao was also very pleased and suggested that the choir at home would celebrate.

Yao Dizhu came to Lin Shaochun for a chat. Lin Shaochun learned that she and Sun Junhao were married and wished them happiness, and promised to come and talk to Yao Dizhu from time to time. Sun Xun sincerely thanked Lin Shaochun for her selfless dedication to the family. Lin Shaochun accidentally dropped the oriental mackerel accessories that she brought with him on the ground. Sun Xun recognized that it was Liu Sanjue’s thing at a glance, and asked Lin Shaochun about her current situation. Sun Xun came to the Baixi troupe to watch Liu Sanjue’s sing opera. After the end of the song, the audience left. Only Sun Xun was still sitting in the same place. Liu Sanjue recognized him.

Back then, Sun Xun was from a poor family. Every day he used a brush to soak in water to practice calligraphy on a piece of paper. When a gust of wind blew, the paper was blown on the tree. Thanks to Liu Sanjue’s help to take it down, the two fell in love at first sight. Liu Banzhu promised to marry Liu Sanjue to Sun Xun, and gave him a sum of money to be used for the examination in Beijing. The day before Sun Xun entered Beijing, Liu Sanjue told him his worries, worried that Sun Xun would forget her after she was named on the gold list. Sun Xun vowed that she would never let her down, and promised to marry her now. Two Eastern mackerel beads were presented as a betrothal gift, and Liu Sanjue accepted one of them on the spot.

Sun Xun finally got his fame. He returned to the Baixi troupe for the first time to celebrate. Unexpectedly, Shen Qingyao suddenly came to Sun Xun in a bright red dress, claiming that the two of them had married since they were young. Because Sun Xun fell in the family, her father forced her to marry someone else. , Shen Qingyao fled to get married to Sun Xun, but also forced death. Sun Xun was in a dilemma. He was reluctant to have feelings with Liu Sanjue, and wanted to rely on Shen Qingyao’s father as a third-ranking member. Liu Sanjue didn’t want to compromise, and left Sun Xun tearfully.

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