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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 38 Recap

Sun Youzhen complained that the emperor didn’t think about it well and that the marriage between Sun Yulou and the princess Showa should not be matched, and the emperor also felt that it was not right. The princess of Showa cried and cried to the emperor to appeal her grievances, scolding Sun Yulou as a rogue in the market, clamoring to cancel the marriage contract, and the emperor agreed to her request.

Lin Shaochun returned to the Lin Mansion in anger, and Sun Yulou immediately confessed to Lin Shaochun and advised her to move back as soon as possible, and wanted to have a child with her as soon as possible. Lin Shaochun couldn’t hold back him, so he went home with him. As soon as Sun Yulou and Lin Shaochun arrived at the door of their home, they saw the third sister Sun Yourong, who was married to Changzhou, returning home. She claimed to have returned to the capital with her husband Fang Jiading and regretted not being able to attend the wedding of Sun Yulou and Lin Shaochun. Lin Shaochun didn’t care about it. Advising her not to take it to heart, Sun Yourong was full of praise to Lin Shaochun, talked and smiled and pulled her and Sun Yulou home.

Shen Qingyao hadn’t seen her daughter Sun Yourong for many years, so she asked her to ask questions. Aunt Mei and Xu Fengqiao saw Sun Yourong’s jewels. You just said and I tried to please Sun Yourong. Aunt Mei asked Sun Yourong to make tea for Sun Yourong. Sun Yourong’s maid didn’t know what tea she liked to drink. Sun Yourong chose Maojian herself. Shen Qingyao remembered that Fang’s family was in the midst of a fall. Unexpectedly, Sun Yourong was living well now, and Sun Yourong claimed Fang Jiading. Unwilling to rely on the Sun family, she has made her fortune by putting money in stamps over the years, and everyone present was shocked.

Sun Yourong repeatedly claimed that she had lent money to merchants engaged in the transportation of goods from the south to the north, and tried to encourage Aunt Mei to invest the money. Aunt Mei naturally couldn’t ask for it. Xu Fengqiao and Wu Yuehong were also eager to try. Lin Shaochun never said a word. Sun Yourong persuaded Lin Shaochun to put out his savings and save money to make money. Lin Shaochun went to the kitchen to urge her to leave in a hurry. Xu Fengqiao and Wu Yuehong realized something was wrong and lied to go to the kitchen to help follow it out.

Lin Shaochun had long seen that Sun Yourong was in trouble, and her jewelry was all the previous styles, and she persuaded Xu Fengqiao and Wu Yuehong to invest less. Lin Shaochun, Xu Fengqiao and Wu Yuehong came to the kitchen and saw Sun Yourong’s maids gorging themselves around the leftovers of cold food, Xu Fengqiao immediately decided to give up the investment.

Lin Shaochun learned from Sun Yulou that Sun Yourong was strong since childhood and wanted to help Sun Yourong. Sun Yulou worried that Sun Yourong would not accept it. Sun Yourong tried to persuade her family to invest, and repeatedly promised that it was a lucrative business, and that there would be a shipment of goods coming next month. Wu Yuehong made an excuse to leave some money for her unborn child. Xu Fengqiao lied that the fortune-teller would not let her go out. Cai, Aunt Mei also desperately found reasons to refuse. Sun Yourong was anxious and tried her best to persuade everyone, but they just didn’t let go.

Late at night, when Sun Jinge saw that Xu Fengqiao was already asleep, he quietly got up to steal the money from the cupboard. As a result, he rang the bell inside and was caught by Xu Fengqiao. Xu Fengqiao filed a complaint with Sun Xun early in the morning. Sun Xun severely taught Sun Jinge and forced him hard. Sun Jinge stubbornly said that he was going to do business. Sun Xun was angry and wanted to fight Sun Jinge. Shen Qingyao promised to help Sun Jinge pay back, Xu Feng Aiao hurriedly helped Sun Jinge to relieve the siege, and the dispute was settled.

Lin Shaochun saw that there was something unspeakable about Sun Jinge, and she discussed with Sun Yulou to help Sun Jinge. Sun Yulou came to Sun Jinge to borrow a book, and took the opportunity to buy his bird cage at a high price. Sun Jinge happily closed his mouth from ear to ear. That night, Sun Jinge secretly handed the money to Sun Yourong, guessing that she was in trouble. Sun Yourong didn’t admit it because of her face, but she was in urgent need of the money. She accepted it on the spot and repeatedly told Sun Jinge not to talk about it. Sun Jinge just wanted to go back to sleep, but was blocked by Sun Yulou and Lin Shaochun.

Shen Qingyao found out that Sun Yourong had a wound on his arm early in the morning, so she struggled to question the reason, and Sun Yourong tried her best to cover it up. Lin Shaochun just came to report to Shen Qingyao, and Shen Qingyao begged Lin Shaochun to help Sun Yourong. At breakfast, Lin Shaochun publicly asked Sun Yourong about the fundraising situation, implying that she was about to expire. Sun Yourong thought that Lin Shaochun was chasing her out, and left the feast without taking a pissed meal.

The maid-in-law in the mansion talked privately that Lin Shaochun had driven Sun Yourong away, and Sun Yulou came to Lin Shaochun for the theory, and Lin Shaochun repeatedly assured that all this was for Sun Yourong’s good. Sun Yourong and his family reluctantly left. Shen Qingyao, Aunt Mei, Xu Fengqiao and Wu Yuehong all came to see her off, but Lin Shaochun did not show up.

Lin Shaochun was late, and she revealed to Shen Qingyao that she was going to help Sun Yourong. As soon as Sun Yourong went out, she was stopped by the owner of the pawnshop. She had to take off the gold and silver jewelry she had rented and handed the raised money to the boss to offset the rent for the past few days. Sun Yourong was living on the street alone. Lin Shaochun followed her closely, persuading her to explain the truth to her family, and promised to help her as best as she could. Sun Yourong was moved to tears and told Lin Shaochun about her tragic experience.

After Sun Yourong married Fang Jiading, the Fang family fell into trouble. Fang Jiading wanted to go to the Yamen to find an errand, but he bumped into walls everywhere. Sun Yourong encouraged him to come again next time. Fang Jiading was furious. He was empty and full of knowledge and had nowhere to show his knowledge. Sun Yourong wanted to go. Asking Sun Xun for help, Fang Jiading yelled at her, calling her a broom star. Sun Yourong didn’t want to pester him, and when he wanted to leave, Fang Jiading actually beat her. Sun Yourong admitted that the couple had some time to return to the capital, because the family really couldn’t open the pot, so they had to come to her family’s home without telling Fang Jiading for help. Lin Shaochun learned the whole story and promised to go all out to help her.

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