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Good and Evil 百灵潭 Episode 16 Recap

The twin brothers of King Nam Yon entered his room. The king’s brother knew that the king had been alive soon, so he wanted to live in the world under the guise of his identity.

The spring demon discovered that the Akabane Murloc was in Nanyuan Kingdom, so he made an appointment with Han Sheng to leave for Nanyuan Kingdom the next morning. As soon as Han Sheng heard that he was going to Nanyuan Kingdom, he remembered his marriage. Knowing that she went there would definitely force her to get married, so she lied and didn’t go, but the spring demon had already decided that even if Han Sheng was reluctant, it would be useless. This is called Han Sheng very painful.

The king of Nanyuan could not afford to be seriously ill, and suddenly he recovered. This surprised many people. However, they heard that a god had recently healed the king’s disease and wanted to look for the Akabane murloc as a medicine. Take the princess of Nanyuan Kingdom Huaian to go out fishing. The princess found a lot of fishing experts, but failed to catch the red feather fish. The king told the princess that they were incompetent, and there would soon be able people.

At this moment, a leaning girl, Shen Ci, fell from the sky and threw a treasure in her hand into the river. The gardenia Xie Changye, who was beside him, hurried over to report that the woman was his maid. They used to capture her. Akabane fish, so this time I will take it to the king to fish. But the king felt very tired, and was calling them to go fishing another day.

Shen Ci threw the magic weapon into the river and the consequences would not be a red feather murloc. Shen Ci was very worried. She opened the magic weapon and asked the red feather murloc to run away. It is Shen Ci that there can be a red feather murloc in the river of Nanyuan Kingdom. Unexpectedly.

Princess Huai’an led people by the river and watched Proton staring in a daze by the river, knowing that he must be smug, so she was able to marry Xie Changye to help him get what he wanted, but Xu Chengyi had no idea about Huai’an. interest. At this moment, they saw that Shen Ci had let go of the Red Feather Murloc, so Huai’an stepped forward and beat Shen Ci and even let go of the Murloc privately. Xie Changye explained to Shen Ci that they were going to catch the murlocs in the past, and would not do anything that would be released after they were caught. Huai’an felt that they would not be able to play any tricks, if Shen Ci could not catch the murlocs in the past. Naturally, she won’t let her go.

After returning, Xie Changye blamed Shen Ci for letting go of the murlocs, but Shen Ci felt that their trip to Nanyuan Country this time was to use killers to pretend to be murlocs to assassinate the king, fearing that their plans would be disrupted before releasing the murlocs. But Xu Chengyi felt that it was Shen Ci’s benevolence. They had already lost an opportunity before and told Shen Ci not to miss any chance to assassinate the king.

The reason why Xu Chengyi went to Nanyuan Country was to take them as hostages. If Xu Chengyi had anything wrong with his mother and concubine, he would be blamed by the officials. That way, Xu Chengyi would put his mother and concubine in a situation where they were never recovered, so they must return safely. Go to Hokuriku.

Chun Yao rushed to Nanyuan Kingdom with Hansheng, and many people were watching them fishing for mermaids. Han Sheng saw that the king of Nanyuan was still very young and handsome. The fake king also saw Hansheng while Shen Ci was fishing. , That was the prey he was waiting for, so he cast a spell to stain Hansheng’s clothes, and Hansheng had to go to the river to wash it. At this moment, a puff of black smoke brought Hansheng into the river, and Shen Ci also caught it. On the mermaid, the spring demon turned out to be cold. This also surprised Shen Ci, the assassin they planned turned into a woman.

With a fish tail on her body, Han Sheng couldn’t escape. The fake king entered the room to watch Han Sheng and told her that he had harmed her unintentionally. Han Sheng heard the king’s voice very familiar, but couldn’t remember where he had seen it. At this moment, the spring demon arrived and rescued Hansheng. This made the king very surprised. The spring demon told the king that Shen Ci’s magic weapon would turn into a murloc no matter who touched it.

He also told the king that Hansheng belonged to him. No one can touch pets, and he is the main spring demon of Bailingtan Lake. I hope the king can return Hansheng to him, and leave with Hansheng when he finished speaking. At this time, the guards stopped them. The king told the spring demon to find the real murlocs to let them go. The spring demon did not want to offend the king and agreed to him. Requirements.

Shen Ci and Chiyu Murloc Heng met. It turned out that they were both Chiyu murlocs. Before, Shen Ci was taken in by Xie Changye. Shen Ci was very grateful to Xie Changye, but since Xie Changye went to Nanyuan to be a proton Not happy, Shen Ci hopes to find a way to untie Xie Changye’s heart knot. Heng called a seduce and handed it to Shen Ci. As long as there was something to say to Pearl, he would be there at any time. The conversation between the two called Xie Changye saw it, but he didn’t give out the gift he wanted to give to Shen Ci. she.

The Spring Demon felt that the Nanyuan Kingdom was profound and the king’s aura was not right, so he promised them to stay and help catch the Akabane Murloc.

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