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Good and Evil 百灵潭 Episode 15 Recap

Xiaoshan was killed by the Snow Wolf Clan, Kong Qi was heartbroken. It was obvious that they had changed history, but they could not change the ending of Xiaoshan. Therefore, Kong Qi was disappointed in himself and felt that he was just a waste. Qing Yunong also regretted his passing, and vowed to form an alliance with the Snow Camel in front of Xiaoshan’s corpse. The Spring Demon handed the Snow Lotus to Kong Qi. Is he willing to save the current Xiaoshan or go back to save the hill? Kong Qi believed that Xiaoshan was not originally part of Bailingtan, Xiaoshan should belong here, and Kong Qi decided to save Xiaoshan before him. Rewrite history.

Chun Yao and his party are going back a thousand years later, and they have to go back to Xiao Clan to get the sacred stone. Kong Qi does not want to see Xiaoshan. Chun Yao hopes that Kong Qi must make a decision. That is Kong Qi’s last chance to meet Xiao Shan. See you. Kong Qi finally decided to go to see Xiaoshan.

Several people went to Xiaoshan, but they didn’t expect that she happily lent the sacred stone to the Spring Demon, and left them to eat together, because since the Qing Feather farmer died five hundred years ago after fighting the enemy and died, it was often Xiaoshan alone, no one was with them. She is very lonely. It’s just that she felt cordial when she saw Kong Qi empress, and she was very similar to an old acquaintance a long time ago, so the spring demon left Kong Qi with the Snow Camel to stay temporarily.

Han Sheng was worried that he could not explain to Kong Lan when he went home. The two of them left Kong Qi in the Xiao clan like that, but Chun Yao felt that Kong Qi and Xiao Shan could go back to visit them and there was nothing to worry about. Han Sheng saw the wishing lantern on the street, so he wrote the word Chunhan and let it fly on the wishing lantern. Han Sheng hoped that he would never be separated from the Spring Demon forever.

The spring demon recast the mirror surface with the god stone, but it still needs the five-color magic lotus as the base, and it is unknown when the five-color magic lotus will be opened. At this time Kong Lan went. The Red Feather Murloc that the Spring Demon confessed to him had not found the blood, but Kong Lan found a piece of Red Feather Fish Scale and gave it to Spring Demon. Now there is not a Red Feather Murloc in Bailingtan. I’m afraid I was lost when Hyakki Ye walks.

The spring demon wanted to find the traces of the red feather murloc through the fish scale, but it was useless after casting the spell, so Kong Lan dared to say that it was the fish scale three hundred years ago. The angry spring demon didn’t know what to say about Kong Lan. It may be that the Chun Yao left Kong Qi with the Xiao family Kong Lan and his wife unhappy, but Chun Yao hoped that they would respect Kong Qi’s own ideas. It is not easy for the spring demon to find the red feather murlocs. They have high mana and are good at hiding and need time to find them.

Chun Yao saw a lot of little monsters on the street buying books, only to find out that the content in the book was about him, and Chun Yao knew that it was written by Han Sheng, so he went to Han Sheng to ask what happened. And Han Sheng felt that what she wrote was all truthful, and that they were all in line with the character of the Spring Demon. And Chun Yao found out that Han Sheng was the goddess who wrote books, and they had a lot of fate from previous lives.

Han Sheng was attacked by a devilish energy in the wild alone, but fortunately, the Spring Demon arrived and rescued Han Sheng. When Wuyin diagnosed and treated Hansheng, she found that there was a zhenqi in her body that was from the spring demon, and that zhenqi was also eating the essence of the cold. Chun Yao had been aware of this for a long time, and Wu Bian asked Chun Yao to go to Nanyuan Country to find the spirit soul to calculate her fate. Maybe she could know the connection between them.

The Spring Demon went to Mr. Si Ming Xing and asked about Han Sheng’s past life. The Lord Si Ming Xing who was fine before suddenly hesitated, but he was afraid that the Spring Demon would think of the past, and the three emperors would talk about Han Sheng. It’s just that the fairy who violated the precepts was sent to the mortal reincarnation by him, which made the spring demon feel that the experience of the cold reincarnation must be caused by him. But Si Ming Xingjun gave the Spring Demon some magical weapons to use when he was in trouble.

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