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Cry Me A River of Stars 春来枕星河 Episode 2 Recap

Today the Chunlai Painting Workshop opened, and Li Afan specially invited a Taoist priest. As a result, the officers and soldiers came, and the Taoist priest said that he was just trying to make a living, not deliberately deceiving others. Then Cao Qing said he was from Qianli, and they took him away. Li Afan really didn’t know, and then she hugged Tao Junran’s thigh. She said that she was really worthless, Tao Junran said that the premise people are very cunning, they are mixed in all walks of life.

Li Afan came to Tao Junran doglegally, and gave him a shoulder punch. Li Afan talked about what happened today and asked Tao Junran to return her shakuhachi to him. Without the shakuhachi, he couldn’t sleep at night, and dark circles under his eyes came. Looking at Tao Junran’s face, he suddenly thought he was so handsome.

In the evening Li Afan came in secretly to find the shakuhachi. Tao Junran asked her how she got in, and she said that she had never been back. Then Li Afan hugged his thigh again. She said that she was only trying to get the shakuhachi back, but Tao Junran was knocked down by her. Tao Junran grabbed her by the neckline, and he said that as long as she took care of the cleaning of Tao Mansion for ten days, he would let her go.

Li Afan is too miserable, Tao Junran told her to start cleaning today. As a result, in the morning, several women watched her come out of Tao Junran’s study, and asked her what is the relationship with Tao Junran. Li Afan said that he was just going to be a cleaning maid, and that he went to Tao Mansion for them, because Tao Mansion has a lot of personal items of Master Tao, and he will take it out and share it with Tao Junran’s fans. Then they left.

Li Afan secretly measured Tao Junran’s size, pretending to be a small servant, and then measured it by hand while Tao Junran was taking a bath. Tao Junran found out. She had to say that she was not Li Afan, and then ran away, and when she went out, she gave the Tao Junran dolls she had made to those fans.
While Tao Junran was interrogating the prisoner, Cao Qing showed him the humanoid doll. He said that now Li Afan is on her painting boat and sells the humanoid doll to his admirers at a high price. Tao Junran was stunned. He asked Cao Qing to seal Chun Lai Hua Fang.

Li Afan also wanted to bribe Cao Qing. She said that if she made money in the future, it would cost half of the person. As a result, Cao Qing said that in accordance with the law, all stolen money must be confiscated. Then he took her money and turned away.

Li Afan went to Cao Qing and Tao Junran, and she said that she really knew she was wrong. When Cao Qing came out, Afan Li said that he wanted to see Master Tao. Cao Qing said that stalking and harassment are all going to jail, and women are no exception. Let the two subordinates at the door watch her carefully.
Li Afan had no choice but to choose to drill the dog hole. The result was stuck. At this time Tao Junran came, and she asked Tao Junran to take his hand, but Tao Junran ignored her.

Li Afan said that she was innocent, because if she didn’t sell Tao Junran’s things to those people, they would tear down his paintings. Li Afan said that he is now avenging his personal vengeance because he thinks he is related to him. Deal with her like this. As a result, Tao Junran left directly. At this time Dad and Rong Xiu came. They pulled her out. When Dad saw the dog hole, he went in again, and the two of them had to pull him out. Unexpectedly, Tao Junran actually let people expand the dog hole.

Cao Qing came back and told Tao Junran that Li Afan got rid of his tracking and disappeared. It turned out that Lian Qi took Li Afan away. When Tao Junran arrived, Afan Li had been taken away.

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