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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 28 End Recap

The confessions of Dong Yao and Chen Jianbo pointed out that Gao Mingyuan let them kill Mai Zili and bury the body. But Gao Mingyuan repeatedly denied that he knew Mai Zili, he had no motive for killing. The police even tried two rounds and failed to break through Gao Mingyuan’s psychological defense. He Yong and Luo Shanhe said that Gao Mingyuan was very cunning.

He never gave direct orders to his subordinates, but let people try to figure out his ideas. He also never exposed his motives for committing crimes to his subordinates, so it is currently difficult to convict Gao Mingyuan based solely on the confessions of Dong Yao, Chen Jianbo and Cao Peng. Finding the next breakthrough has become the top priority. He Yong analyzed that after Mai Zi’s case was exposed, what Gao Mingyuan did was to protect and hide Gao He.

There are also rumors that Gao Mingyuan was arrested and imprisoned, but the common people did not believe that Gao Mingyuan was really arrested, so they did not dare to stand up and identify, which caused considerable difficulties for the police investigation and evidence collection. Batong Building is a representative and symbol of the evil forces in Luteng City. Luo Shanhe decided to destroy this rotten building and let the people see their determination to eradicate evil this time.

Zheng Yihong drove to leave Luteng, but was stopped by the police. Zheng Yihong was unwilling to explain anything. He Yong told her that the police found a time bomb under the car she drove away. Upon hearing this, Zheng Yihong was stunned, and finally confessed all the facts of the crime and pointed out Gao Mingyuan. After that, He Yong and the police prepared to start the blasting process of Batong Building under the live broadcast of the media with great fanfare.

Before the blasting started, He Yong spoke as a spokesperson. He expressed the determination of the supervision team to wipe out the evil forces this time, and was ready to let this Patong Tower, which symbolized the evil forces, fall apart in front of everyone. He also assured everyone that as long as someone dared to stand up and report the evil forces, they promised to attack any evil forces reported by the people. With the pressing of the blasting button, Batong Tower collapsed, and the poisonous thorns and tumors that had been entrenched in the green vine for many years were finally about to be uprooted.

Soon, the voice and response of the masses supporting the eradication of gangsters grew louder and louder. Report letters and reporting materials were flooding in. The supervision team classified and summarized these cases, and used this to find out the organizational context and membership of the Gao Mingyuan criminal group. .

The truth that has been buried underground for 14 years in Luteng City has been slowly revealed. Those who directly or indirectly participated in the Mai Zili case, the Ma Shuai case, and the Xue Mei case will all be punished by law. The police spread the evidence in front of Gao Mingyuan, and Gao Mingyuan still pleaded not guilty. He Yong moved out of Zheng Yihong. Gao Mingyuan learned that Zheng Yihong was not dead, and finally became nervous.

He Yong emphasized with him that regardless of whether he denies guilt, in front of the complete chain of evidence, what is waiting for him will be a legal and just trial. The case gradually became clear. These were not individual cases, but were strung together. Skynet was restored without leaking. No matter how Gao Mingyuan wanted to deny, he could not escape legal sanctions. At the same time, Wang Zheng was also taken away by the Commission for Discipline Inspection for investigation.

After more than a month, the supervision team finally completed its work successfully, and Luo Shanhe delivered a speech, drawing a successful conclusion to the work of eradicating evil and evil in the central sinking area. The supervision team is about to leave Luteng City. Luo Shanhe said that the next work will be entrusted to Zhao Ligen and the others.

Zhao Ligen said that they will definitely fulfill their mission. Li Chengyang looked at the news on the Internet and finally showed a long-lost smile from the heart. Li Chengyang shaved off his beard and went to the court hearing of Gao Mingyuan and others. The triad organization, with Gao Mingyuan as the organizer and leader, Zheng Yihong, Cao Peng, etc. as its backbone members, and Chen Jianbo, Cao Xiaofeng, Yang Dong and other 21 members as its members, is thoroughly exposed to the public.

In court, Gao Mingyuan committed various crimes and was sentenced to different penalties. The sum of these penalties was sentenced to death and executed immediately, and all his personal property was confiscated. The underworld criminal group was completely destroyed, and Wang Zheng, Wu Shuangling, and He Yun, who acted as the umbrella for Gao Mingyuan’s criminal group, were dealt with in another case and received their due punishment. The remaining Zheng Yihong, Chen Jianbo and others were also sentenced to various penalties. Justice may be late, but it will not be absent in the end. Sooner or later, the evil people planted by the bad guys will eat for themselves.

When He Yun was under investigation, he wrote a letter, which was handed over to Lin Hao by her trustee. He Yun confessed in the letter, but Lin Hao felt sad after reading it. Sun Xing was about to be executed, and finally he no longer had that arrogant look on his face, and replaced it with a look of regret and pain. He wanted to see He Yun, but He Yong said that she was serving her sentence. He only relayed a few words that He Yun conveyed to Sun Xing.

In a few hours, Sun Xing was about to be executed, and he couldn’t help but pee his pants in fright. Since the eradication of the underworld, a large number of underworld forces have been destroyed, and the people’s lives have become better and better. Li Chengyang returned to the police force and became a partner with Lin Hao, and Lin Hao also formed a family with Huang Xi and had their own children.

Li Chengyang and Lin Hao went to perform the task. He suddenly saw a familiar Xiaoyu wonton shop. He walked in and saw Jingjing, a familiar one. He asked questions familiar to Jingjing. The two looked at each other and smiled. Perhaps this is Li Chengyang’s emotional belonging.


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