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Candle in the Tomb: The Worm Valley 鬼吹灯之云南虫谷 Episode 2 Recap

After bidding farewell to the peacocks, feeling complacent about the Golden Triangle, headed straight to Zhelong Mountain. Passing through the woods behind the stockade, the three of them worked in a division of labor, cutting the bamboo and making the raft. After they all changed into protective equipment, they jumped onto the bamboo raft in turn and set up lights in the front, thus opening the waterway code-named “Butterfly Operation” Sailing.

It coincided with the election of the patriarch in the stockade. The old patriarch Enkuan heard that someone wanted to break into the Worm Valley. He secretly calculated that he wanted to use the excuse of preventing outsiders from digging treasure to help his son Zewa create meritorious services so that he could take over as the patriarch. Everyone had different thoughts. First of all, they accused Peacock of leaking the secrets of the clan, and decided to expel her from Zhelongzhai, never to return.

In order to protect her sister, Ada is willing to follow Zeva to the Worm Valley to catch the intruder. When other young men saw this, they all agreed with them. Zhalong led his tribe into the mountain, and the patriarch and his son stood in Banpo and talked about the election. Zewa believes that Ada is kind and he needs such a good hunter to work for him. Enkuan urged his son to establish prestige as soon as possible in addition to appreciating the strengths of the clan.

As the bamboo raft slowly drove to the depths of the cave, the temperature became more and more cold, and the turbulent water flow made big turns from time to time, and the strange rocks on both sides were fleeting. The three of them tensed their nerves, and suddenly saw the river channel widen. There was a huge beast head directly in front of it. At the mouth of its blood basin full of fangs, it was the entrance of the river channel.

Fortunately, there is no danger, but for a long time, the current has rushed the bamboo raft toward the gate, and merged along several tributaries, hitting and ramming into a world. Under the strong light of the searchlight, the three noticed that there were countless stone figures of various shapes hanging above the cave.

Due to the age, coupled with the cold and humid underground environment, the figurines have long been moldy, the whole body is gray-brown, and the outline of the facial features is completely blurred. Shirley Yang stepped forward and scraped off the surface of the human figure with a dagger. Through observation, it was discovered that it was actually made of living materials, including the maggots and worm eggs that wriggle on it, which is associated with the ancient evil scum technique in southern Yunnan.

The so-called scumshot is to use the dead of the dead as a medium to transform the originally non-toxic and harmless creatures into weapons that kill people. These figurines thought to be slaves who built the tomb of the king before they were alive. After the king was engulfed, they were forced to swallow a kind of “stigmatization”, then sealed the seven orifices, and then hung them in the cave with a copper chain, suffocating them alive. .

When the scumbag enters the human body to parasitize, it will lay eggs, until it absorbs flesh and blood and internal organs, and it will survive for thousands of years in its husk shaped like a withered skin. The time of speaking, the bamboo raft down the river seemed to hit the mechanism. As the mechanism opened, the figurines of the people hanging in the air fell off the brass locks and fell into the water.

In desperation, the three of them moved forward at full speed, and finally touched the organ again. When the beam of the searchlight shot forward, hundreds of figurines fell one after another above the straight river more than a hundred meters away, as if they were shot from inside a bomber. Like bombs, they smashed into the river one after another.

The bamboo raft was attacked by the enemy, but there was a dead silence above the water, until the river boiled and a series of bubbles appeared. The skin of human figurines cracked and spread when exposed to water, and tens of thousands of insect eggs emerged from the cracks and turned into finger-sized red weird insects, swimming towards the bamboo raft. This situation has shocked the three of them, because the bug is not a bystander, it is the water bee that they are talking about.

Seeing the water bee jumping out of the water and attacking the bamboo raft frantically, Shirley Yang opened the King Kong umbrella and used all his means to resist. Unexpectedly, the bloody smell of water bee attracts a large number of piranhas. Although piranhas like to eat water bee, you may wish to change the taste and try to get human flesh. Because of this, the piranhas gnaw the bamboo raft frantically until the raft breaks. They are like tarsus maggots, and once again attacked the Golden Triangle.

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