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Candle in the Tomb: The Worm Valley 鬼吹灯之云南虫谷 Episode 1 Recap

According to legend, two thousand years ago, there were frequent wars and chaos in the southwestern border. The leader led his tribe to emigrate from the ancient kingdom of Dian, and returned to the Hidden Worm Valley. Because the king’s essence was ventilated, he was cruel, and he was able to use a secretive evil technique. In order to build a royal tomb for himself, he asked the high priest to pour gu worms into the people’s body to make human figurines. People are frightened by the news.

After a lapse of time, the Worm Valley has become a forbidden place, and there is a highly toxic miasma, and the surrounding residents are talking about it, but there is an endless stream of foreign tourists. Someone is eye-opening for fame, some for treasure hunting to make a fortune, no matter what the reason, these people have gone and never returned, only Chen Blind escaped, retelling the experience of the year, and the rumors about “Dust Zhu” .

It is said that the dust bead from the earth is transformed by the mother of the earth. It is called the phoenix gall in the world. The bead contains the essence of fire, which can lift the erythema curse of the Shirley Yang family. It is precisely because the ancient emperors were keen on this kind of reborn immortal effect, so this object became the burial object of the leader’s tomb.

Hu Bayi, Shirley Yang, and Fatty Wang formed the Iron Triangle of Touching the Golden Captain, and finalized the tomb-seeking tour in Yunnan. After they had eaten the practice banquet, they set off in preparation, leaving the big golden tooth and the elderly Chen Xiazi to guard the rear. According to the plan, the three of them pretended to be the staff of the Natural History Museum. They boarded the train on the grounds of collecting butterfly specimens. In a blink of an eye, they headed south to Kunming and drove to the territory by car.

The driver is a veteran who often travels between villages and towns. He is used to the rugged and uneven mountain roads with eighteen bends and steep cliffs. Every time he encounters that kind of seemingly dangerous road section, he can alleviate the danger. The local people were accustomed to it. Hu Bayi and Shirley Yang were still forbearing. Only Fatty Wang’s face turned pale, and the whole person was about to fall apart.

Just as Hu Bayi diverted his attention and tried to talk to the hawker, the car body suddenly shook violently, and everyone was awakened with a stop brake. Looking through the car window, the mountain on the right side collapsed. If it weren’t for the driver’s sharp eyesight, I’m afraid everyone has been buried. At this time, the sky was gloomy and heavy rain was approaching. Everyone patronized and checked the car, but they hadn’t noticed anything unusual next to them.

Hu Bayi found many worms crawling out of the dirt on the side of the road, and a man wearing a straw hat stood under the tree opposite, with an extremely strange expression. Since this place is full of mountains and deep valleys and lonely people, it is a wishful thinking to pray for God to send a passing car. Fortunately, the local Bai girl, Peacock, was going to the stockade under the Zhelong Mountain, willing to guide Hu Bayi and the others on the trail, but thinking that they had nowhere to hide from the rain, she simply took them home first.

While the three of them were taking a break, discussing how to get over this towering Zelung Mountain, obviously became a big problem. According to the human skin map, there are two routes. One is to venture up the mountain without a guide; the other is to go up the mountain along the Snake River, and to pass through a virgin forest between the Lancang River and the Nu River. The raft passes through Zhelongshan water cave.

At the same time, Peacock’s brother Ada returned from hunting. It seemed that he didn’t welcome outsiders to the village. He was expressionless throughout the process, preventing the Peacock from revealing the location of the waterway to Hu Bayi and the others. Originally, Fatty Wang didn’t plan to stay long. He boarded for one night and hurried on the road tomorrow. After abandoning the hard work before, he fell asleep very well.

Instead, it was Shirley Yang, who couldn’t sleep all night, always restless. Until the next day on three poles, the three set off again and sent toilet water to the peacock before leaving. This kind of stuff from a big city is very rare for peacocks who have never been out of the stockade.

Peacock was kind-hearted, and couldn’t bear to see Hu Bayi, Wang Fatzi and others committing a dangerous situation, so he took the initiative to tell them that there was a mountain-shui cave under Zhelong Mountain. Although it is said that there are corpses in the caves, and even haunted often, the waterway is still the best option compared to climbing snow-capped mountains and swamps. Thanks to the help of peacocks, I saved a lot of time to touch the Golden Iron Triangle. I quickly stepped into a sparse forest. The visible cow skull hung on the tree trunk and walked along the cow head to the water cave of Zhelong Mountain. Direction.

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