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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 19 Recap

Sun Xiaomoshuang asked Qiao Erqiang to meet with Director Chen. Director Chen held her and said that he was in a bad mood. Sun Xiaomo asked him if he had loved him before, why didn’t he marry her if he loved her, and why he had to provoke him if he didn’t love her. Director Chen stopped Sun Xiaomo from letting her go, and slapped her firmly.

Sun Xiaomo went to the skating rink again after dinner, and Qiao Erqiang was still there. After sending her home, Qiao Erqiang originally planned to leave, but Sun Xiaomo stubbornly invited him to sit up and sit down. His grandmother was not at home tonight. The two had finished a meal alone, and when Qiao Erqiang was about to leave, Sun Xiaomo kissed him.

Qiao Erqiang spent the night at Sun Xiaomo’s house and was caught by Qiao Yicheng the next morning. Qiao Yicheng urged them to hold a wedding banquet as soon as possible. Qiao Erqiang said that he would move to Sun Xiaomo’s house as soon as possible. This is what Sun Xiaomo meant. Qiao Erqiang went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, and his grandmother complained that they shouldn’t get the certificate so early.

In her eyes, Qiao Erqiang only had the advantage of being honest. For Director Chen, Sun Xiaomo didn’t have a name and waited for so long. The grandmother felt that she should give birth to the child that time, and she was afraid that Sun Xiaomo would be unhappy like herself. This is what Sun Xiaomo fears the most. He doesn’t want to live like her, he doesn’t want to give birth to an unqualified child, and he doesn’t want her child to have a father. In the vegetable market, Qiao Erqiang and Ma Suqin passed by.

Today, when Ye Xiaolang came back from Shanghai, Qiao Sanli took Qiao Simei to watch a movie. She wanted to give her and Qiao some space, and planned to return to her old house as soon as possible. But in Qiao Simei’s eyes, Ye Xiaolang was not worthy of Qiao Yicheng. In the silent taxi, Ye Xiaolang spoke. This time she had a good grade and the visa went smoothly.

Qiao Yicheng nodded, and Ye Xiaolang then apologized. In fact, she was really going to tell Qiao Yicheng many times, but it was unfortunate. Qiao Erqiang, Qiao Sanli, and Qiao Simei moved back to their old houses. Wang Yiding and Qiao Sanli did not plan to hold a banquet. Qiao Sanli’s reason was to get married and travel. After receiving the certificate, Qiao Sanli gave him a new pager, and Wang Yiding happily rolled on the grass.

The Queen Mother and Yan Yue asked Wang Yiding a few words, and then she asked him to give Wang Yining the pager, but this was a wedding gift from Qiao Sanli. Even if he borrowed Wang Yiding, he had to discuss it with Qiao Sanli. The Queen Mother was not happy again, she dropped her chopsticks and left. Wang Yiding reluctantly agreed. Qiao Sanli was very angry when she heard that she wanted to go to Wang Yining to ask for it. She finally gave Wang Yiding something.

Qiao Sanli was wronged for Wang Yiding, and felt that he did not seem to be her own. After the debt was collected, Qiao Zuwang ran away to seek refuge. This time, I heard that Qiao Sanli was about to get married and ran back desperately. At the entrance of the hotel, Qiao Sanli and Wang Yiding were waiting for Qiao Yicheng with great heart. Qiao Sanli finally told Qiao Yicheng that Qiao Zu looked back.

Qiao Yicheng turned around and was about to leave, Qiao Sanli hurriedly stopped, after all, today is the day when she gets married, no matter what Qiao Zuwang has done, he is their father after all. Qiao Sanli was in tears, and her mother left early. If no parents were there today, she would be really wronged in her heart. Qiao Yicheng still compromised. Although Qiao Zuwang’s face was very stiff, he didn’t feel embarrassed.

Qiao Qiqi finished class and went on a date with his girlfriend Yang Lingzi. She said that her parents had gone to the countryside to have a wedding wine. She was scared at home alone and wanted him to go to her home. In the dimly lit room, Qiao Qiqi and Yang Lingzi watched the video together, and Yang Lingzi suddenly asked for something special.

Qiao Yicheng didn’t see Ye Xiaolang when he got up early in the morning, only a note left by her. Originally late, Song Qingyuan hurriedly took him to the office, saying that the creditor had come to the door. In fact, it was Ye Xiaolang’s parents who came. They only knew that Qiao Yicheng was working in the TV station, so they came to the door for his son’s affairs. Ye Xiaolang’s younger brother hit someone, and his parents chased Qiao Yicheng to ask him to give him money. Ye Xiaolang was very angry when she heard about it.

She didn’t want to take care of these things at home. She also planned to borrow money from Xiaomeng so that Qiao Yicheng’s burden would be lighter. Qiao Yicheng disliked borrowing money from others the most, but Ye Xiaolang insisted that he had nothing to do. Ye Xiaolang also urged Joe 10% of the time not to wipe his brother’s butt with money, and they must be cruel this time. Song Qingyuan also felt that Qiao Yicheng shouldn’t give it, and none of them owed money, but in Qiao Yicheng’s heart, who made them Ye Xiaolang’s parents.

Qiao Yicheng gave the money to Ye Xiaolang’s parents and also arranged for them to go back. Not only were Ye Xiaolang’s parents not grateful, they also made up their minds to keep these two lucky trees under control. Qiao Zuwang played mahjong and smoked at home all day, but Qiao Simei was too arguable, and ran away from home after a fight. Before catching the bus, Qiao Yicheng saw Qiao Simei squatting at the door as soon as he walked home. Now they all have their own small family homes. Qiao Simei and Qiao Zu live there and live like a year.

As soon as I opened the door, I saw Ye Xiaolang squatting on the ground. It turned out that it was because of his parents. They kept saying that they were not feeling well and asked Ye Xiaolang to check it out. But Ye Xiaolang knew them too well. They clearly wanted to live in Nanjing Lai. Hold her. Qiao became soft-hearted and accidentally told him about the guest house he had been to just now. Ye Xiaolang was so angry that he ran back to the room and cried. The money they worked so hard to save was deducted and searched for their lives.

Why should they give it to that unbelievable brother? In order to let them live a good life, why should Ye Xiaolang catch up with his future? what. Ye Xiaolang just wanted to live for himself once, and Qiao Yicheng patiently comforted him and said that he would find a way to send them away. Ye Xiaolang’s mood suddenly improved, and he was also pleasant to Qiao Simei. Qiao Simei suddenly admired Ye Xiaolang after hearing about her family affairs.

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