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The Bond 乔家的儿女 Episode 18 Recap

Sparrow Eye came to the old house Qiao Sanli in the middle of the night and was arrested by Aunt Wu. Qiao Simei secretly used Ye Xiaolang’s lipstick, but she didn’t dare to talk about it when she broke it. Qiao Erqiang woke up in a daze early in the morning and opened the bathroom door where Ye Xiaolang was still there. Although Qiao Sanli was always empathetic, the family friction continued. Ye Xiaolang was busy reviewing all day. Qiao Yicheng went out to watch TV with them. Qiao Erqiang supported him to go with Ye Xiaolang, but Qiao Sanli and Qiao Simei were always reluctant. Wang Yiding’s current salary is twice as high as before, and he also gave Qiao Sanli his passbook, saying that this is how his mother controls his father.

Qiao Sanli has been a little sullen recently. Ye Xiaolang seems to have changed a person in order to go abroad, and seems to be very repulsive to them. As soon as Qiao Sanli went home, he saw Ye Xiaolang teaching Qiao Simei that the TV should not be turned on so loudly. Qiao Simei did not dare to speak, but he had many opinions in his heart. As soon as Wang Yiding returned home, the Queen Mother asked him for a new passbook. I heard that he gave Qiao Sanli an anger, but Wang Yiding and Qiao Sanli’s determination to marry remained unchanged. Wang Yiding waited on the queen mother to wash her feet, and the queen mother suddenly stopped getting angry, and asked him and Wang Yining to bring their girlfriends back for a meal.

Qiao Sanli saw a piece of paper posted on the TV early in the morning. Ye Xiaolang clearly banned them from watching TV after ten o’clock in the evening, and their complaints became louder and louder. Ye Xiaolang also opened the door very upset and retorted, Qiao Sanli quickly told her not to make Qiao Yi difficult. While Ye Xiaolang was not going home, Qiao Simei teased everyone into a meeting to discuss Qiao Sanli’s lifelong events. Qiao Yicheng is very happy to hear that Qiao Sanli is going to see the Queen Mother, but Qiao Simei heard that the Queen Mother is not a worry-free character, for fear that Qiao Sanli will be bullied, but as long as Wang Yiding is with her, Qiao Sanli doesn’t care. . Ye Xiaolang came back, and Qiao Simei followed the family up to say hello. Qiao Erqiang planned to live in the unit for a few days, but Qiao Yicheng told him to live here honestly.

Early in the morning, Ye Xiaolang questioned Qiao Simei with the damaged lipstick, and Qiao Simei went back confidently, saying that she was not such a careful person. Ye Xiaolang suffocated his stomach, and Qiao Simei complained that Qiao Yicheng bought this too. Why is she wronged? Ye Xiaolang suddenly became angry, and Qiao Yicheng said that he understood her, but he was protecting Qiao Simei. Qiao Simei said that the child fell and Ye Xiaolang was not careful. Ye Xiaolang told the truth in a fit of anger. She didn’t want to give birth to the child from the beginning. She wanted to go abroad now!

Wang Yiding and Wang Yining went home with their girlfriends. The Queen Mother was more enthusiastic about Xiao Min than Qiao Sanli. She did not allow her to help clean up but instructed Qiao Sanli to wash the dishes, and stopped Wang Yiding from letting him help. When Qiao Sanli returned home, Qiao Erqiang and Qiao Simei sat on the sofa with a worried look, and the quarrel between Qiao Yicheng and Ye Xiaolang came from the room. Ye Xiaolang made the decision alone, and Qiao Yicheng was very aggrieved because of this, and angrily said that she used herself as a springboard to leave home. Qiao Simei did not sleep in the middle of the night and complained, and was ordered to shut up by Qiao Erqiang and Qiao Sanli. Qiao Yicheng ran to the unit to sleep, but was sleepless all night.

The next day, Qiao Simei returned Ye Xiaolang’s new lipstick, put on his coat and sneaked back to the old house. The door was written in red paint with the word “repay”, and the windows and doors were smashed and smashed, and Qiao Simei cried aggrievedly. I accidentally found two unopened letters from Qi Chenggang. He said he was going to Lhasa, but he did not leave an address. Sparrow’s eyes sneaked in, and was beaten by Qiao Simei as a debtor. The people who pit money have been arrested, and the younger siblings are uncomfortable living in Qiao Yicheng’s family. Qiao Simei said that they are also planning to move back. Sparrow Eye was very happy. He didn’t expect to hear Qiao Simei say that Qiao Sanli and Wang Yiding were engaged in the next second, and was warned not to pester her anymore.

Qiao Simei and Ye Xiaolang quarreled again, and Qiao Sanli couldn’t stop it either. When Qiao Yicheng came back, Ye Xiaolang said two things. She resigned and planned to visit a shop in the Computer City in a few days. The second is to live at Xiaomeng’s house and come back after taking the TOEFL test. Ye Xiaolang carried the suitcase and moved away the next day. Qiao Yicheng still went to see her softly and took a lot of money to ask her to concentrate on preparing for the exam. Ye Xiaolang’s shop in the Computer City opened, and Qiao Yicheng just hid and watched.

Qiao Erqiang went to a newly opened skating rink and met his colleague Liu Qiang who was in the factory. Hearing that Director Chen’s wife had passed away, Sun Xiaomo was unsure all day, and Qiao Erqiang took her to skating when she saw it. Sun Xiaomo received the message as soon as he arrived at the skating rink, and immediately broke the appointment.

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