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Pandora’s Box 天目危机 Episode 8 Recap

The basement of Sir Yanshang Bar is a secret base. After taking a bath, Hattori, who had short hair, changed into a neat suit, and beside the mirror was a rabbit mask that had been burned by fire. When Hattori came to the door of the bar, he seemed to see himself as a child. He called his real name-Zhang Xiaozhi.

In his childhood, Zhang Xiaozhi had a happy and happy family. His parents were affectionate, his younger sister was well-behaved, and Zhang Xiaozhi was clever. His parents jointly operated a company selling kimonos, and their living conditions were also excellent.

Zhang Xiaozhi has a friend with a disabled left leg, Hattori, this day it was Zhang Xiaozhi’s turn to take the pet pigs raised by the class home to take care of him. He invited Hattori to be a guest at his home, so that the two brothers and sisters sat with Hattori, the housekeeper, Uncle Yan. car.

His father Zhang Xin is a lover of music, and his mother complains that sooner or later he will die because he loves music too much. The dinner was pork belly prepared by the mother, and the three children were extremely disgusted with it, because they didn’t want to raise piglets and eat pork at the same time. Zhang Xin asked where the piglets would go after they were raised. Zhang Xiaozhi said that the piglets would be used for anatomy experiments. Zhang Xin felt that this was too cruel.

Influenced by Zhang Xin, the two brothers and sisters also like to listen to music. When Zhang Xin took the three children to the store to choose a record, Zhang Xiaozhi helped Zhang Xin choose a Forerunner record. After returning home, the four people sat together and listened to music, but only half of the songs of the Forerunners were on the record. Zhang Xin was convinced by the song “Emissary at the Crossroads”. He went to the store to find out that the Forerunner band would only sing the song in full at a live concert. For this reason, Zhang Xin bought four tickets. Zhang Xin invited his wife to the concert, but the timid wife refused Zhang Xin because of an appointment. Zhang Xin invited Hattori to go with him, but Hattori could only regretfully refuse due to physical reasons.

The Forerunner band has a lot of fans. Everyone braved the rain to participate in this indoor concert. Zhang Xin and his two children were among them. He even bought a rabbit mask before entering the venue.

The scene was dim and restless, Mei Xueyan went on stage to twist the bell on the baby’s bed, and then all the band members showed up and sang “Emissary at the Crossroads”. Everyone was fascinated by it, and Zhang Xiaozhi and his little sister ran to the front to watch. At this time, there was a fire in the venue. Some people ran out and some people were still listening to the concert. Under the chaos, a woman wearing a rabbit mask took away his sister Zhang Ni. Following Zhang Ni’s voice, the father and son came to the exit. . Under the chaos, Zhang Xiaozhi’s microphone fell to the ground. The fire suddenly rose while Zhang Xin picked it up. To ensure Zhang Xiaozhi’s safety, Zhang Xin closed the door to prevent the spread of the fire. Zhang Xiaozhi saw his father Zhang Xin was destroyed by the fire at the moment the door was closed. Only half of the microphone was left on the ground. Zhang Xin once told Zhang Xiaozhi that the microphone could record the sound.

Zhang Xiaozhi, who was temporarily safe, heard his sister’s cry for help. At this time, Zhang Ni was crushed by a shelf and she happened to meet Mei Xueyan of the two to help. Then Mei Xueyan quickly took her son Li Tian to safety. In order to protect Zhang Ni, Zhang Xiaozhi was hit in the back by a burning wood. Seeing the fierce fire, Mei Xueyan was holding Li Tian and walked away. Zhang Xiaozhi, who was enduring pain in the fire, stared at Mei Xue. Swallow mother and child.

The rescue team successfully rescued Zhang Xiaozhi’s brother and sister, but Zhang Xiaozhi’s mother was unable to bear the grief of losing her husband. Zhang Xin’s body was no longer available, so Zhang Xiaozhi set up a burial mound for his father. Not long after her father Zhang Xin passed away, her mother had another accident. She committed suicide on the railroad crossing.

The two brothers and sisters who became orphans were indignant. The smart and determined Zhang Xiaozhi first fired Uncle Yan, and then persuaded and bought Hattori Suke. He asked Hattori and Hattori’s mother to leave Tokyo and never enter. In this way, Zhang Xiaozhi, who became Hattori Suke, began to look for the families of the victims of the Lumingkan concert, and he began a revenge plan for members of the Forerunner band that spanned many years.

The deaths and injuries caused by the fire at the Luming Pavilion concert were shocking. The band members shed tears of regret. Li Xiufu wanted to go to the questioning meeting to explain and apologize. Kuroki Hiroshi believed that this was the result he wanted and let those negative energies. The people were wiped out in ashes. After the two broke up, Li Xiufu asked Mei Xueyan to take Li Tian away, and he told Mei Xueyan to let Li Tian forget this experience. When Mei Xueyan left, she saw Zhang Xiaozhi standing at the door. At this time, Zhang Xiaozhi had found Kurokihiro’s home.

Dressed up, Zhang Xiaozhi came to a secret room. It was Li Xiufu who was closed here. From the back, Li Xiufu was the image of the woman who was observing Li Tian in front of the monitor that day.

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