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Pandora’s Box 天目危机 Episode 7 Recap

Under the gaze of the Forerunners, “Emissary at the Crossroads” was sung from Xiao Li Tian. Mei Xueyan was worried about whether her son could bear this. Kuroki Hiroshi said that the lead singer standing in front of the stage would still be Mei Xueyan, but she failed to do so. It’s also gratifying that her son will finally complete the matter.

The car accident left Zhang Ni with lingering fears. Li Tian got out of the car to check and found that Zhang Ni had hit a deer. In order to get to the destination as soon as possible, Li Tian took off his bandage and drove on the road. He found that his broken arm had healed unexpectedly.

Yamazaki Daisho organized police officers to search for members of the band. When he rushed to the first address, there had just been a fire, and Takeda Xinyi, who was backcuffed by the red handcuffs, was burned to death outside the door. A long-haired man wearing a jacket and riding a motorcycle appeared around the scene, and the policeman Yongta watched him riding away.

The long-haired man found the band member Anto Suzuki. Anto Suzuki, who had changed his name, denied his identity, but the mark on his index finger still betrayed him. The long-haired man handcuffed Anto Suzuki with red handcuffs and lit the house. After he left, the burning Suzuki Anto escaped from the room.

Yamazaki Daisaki saw this scene, and the police officers came down to put out the fire, but Suzuki Anto was still dead, and Yamasaki Daisaki, who suspected that there was an inner ghost, decided to stop the subsequent search for members of the band. Yongtai found the long-haired man in the alley and he told the long-haired man not to provoke the police. Yongta warns the long-haired man that revenge against the band members is not his own business. The things planned for many years will be realized soon. Don’t ruin this most important step.

Hattori, who pretended to be a mysterious person, was very angry when he learned of Yamasaki’s decision. Then Hattori sent a photo of the mysterious person in the bar to Yamazaki, and Yamazaki rushed to the bar immediately. Yamazaki Daisho found a radio receiver in the car, and he began to doubt Hattori’s identity and motives. Yamazaki Daisho entered the bar alone to question Hattori Suke, who argued that such radio receivers were available everywhere.

Taking off his coat, Yamazaki Daesho came to the backstage of the bar. He saw Hattori Suke checking his coat pocket at the door of the backstage. Yamazaki Daesho asked the same group of police to come in and arrest Hattori Suke. Yamazaki Daechang was attacked by a long-haired man in the background. At this time, Yongta came to the backstage and aimed his gun at Yamazaki Daechang. Yamazaki Daechang scuffled with the two of them, and he fell to the ground. The policemen in the bar were besieged, and they were besieged by the families of level crossing victims led by Hattori.

Yongta took away the notebook where Yamazaki Daechang recorded the addresses of the band members, and Hattori Suke distributed the information in it. He told everyone to live a normal life after revenge. Hattorsuke told everyone that he would not easily let go of the black Muhiro’s. Hattori removed the disguised prosthesis and hunchback device in the basement of the bar. Behind him was filled with horrible burn scars. In front of the basement mirror was a set of gray windbreaker and mask. He used this suit to disguise as a mysterious person. Come to Yamazaki Daisho.

The mysterious man appeared in sight. Zhang Ni took the lead to walk towards the mysterious man. Li Tian stopped Zhang Ni and told her to return to the car. He didn’t want his only friend Zhang Ni in Japan to be in danger. Zhang Ni refused to answer the phone call from her brother in the car. Zhang Ni wanted to tell her brother where Kuroki Hiro was located, but she hesitated in the end.

Li Tian followed the mysterious man to a building alone. At this time, a gray-haired old man waiting in the house turned around and took off his mask. Li Tian recognized that this man was Kurokihiro. Li Tian excitedly questioned why Kuroki Hiroshi had caused so many level-traffic accidents. Kuroki Hiroshi asked Li Tian whether he knew his real situation. Li Tian believed that his current situation was directed by Kuroki Hiroshi. Kuroki Hiroshi expressed this. Everything is not my own plan at all.

Kuroki Hiroshi felt that both Li Tian and himself were able to see through the consciousness of others, but Li Tian’s ability was stronger than himself. Kuroki Hiroshi described the effect of Li Tian’s voice on humans as the effect of a mosquito trap on mosquitoes. The singing voice wraps around human necks like a life lock. In Kuroki Hiroshi’s eyes, Li Tian is a crow. The members of Forerunner are a bunch of rabbits. Kuroki Hiroshi confessed to Li Tian the secret for many years-the real singer of “Emissary at the Crossroads” is Li Tian. Li Tian could not accept this fact. Kuroki Hiroshi said that the failure of his plan was all caused by Li Xiufu.

When Li Tian was questioning angrily, Zhang Ni held up a knife and stabbed Kuroki Hiro. The mysterious man stepped forward to intercept and was injured by Zhang Ni. The injured Kuroki Hiro took the opportunity to escape. Zhang Ni pursued him and Li Tianyu reacted. Stopped Zhang Ni, but Zhang Ni still chased Kuroki Hiroshi, and Zhang Ni was shot by the police. Li Tian hugged Zhang Ni, who fell to the ground and comforted, no matter what happened to her, only consciousness had hope.

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