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Pandora’s Box 天目危机 Episode 6 Recap

Li Tian finally woke up from a coma, and the car accident broke his arm. Zhang Ni, who had been guarding Li Tian, ​​blamed him for acting too impulsively. The optimistic Li Tian felt that as long as he was still alive, he was still in the mood to tease Zhang Ni’s hairstyle like an antenna. Zhang Ni felt that Li Tian’s situation was getting more and more dangerous, and Li Tian believed that it also meant that she was getting closer and closer to the truth. Zhang Ni offered to visit Mei Xueyan’s alma mater, the Tokyo Conservatory of Music. Li Tian made an appointment with her to go together.

Hattori and Zhang Ni are inquiring about Li Tian’s injuries. When the two chatted, Hattori believes that the sacrifice in tracing the real culprit is worthwhile, while Zhang Ni believes that the truth cannot be obtained at the expense of others. Li Tian, ​​who was about to leave, stroked the mark on Mei Xueyan’s index finger and told Mei Xueyan that he would find someone to hurt her. Li Tian found Yamazaki Daechang who was bruised by a bullet, and Yamazaki Daechang told a story.

Five years ago, Yamazaki Daisho’s younger brother Yoshijiro was suspected of an underground casino case, and Yamazaki Daisho was ordered to arrest him. When Yoshijiro ran into a deep alley, Yamazaki Daisho shot him three times in a row, but Yamazaki Daisho did not know whether he shot Yoshijiro, and Yoshijiro had not heard from him in the past five years.

On the baseball field, when he heard “Emissary at the Crossroads”, Yamazaki Daisho seemed to see Yoshijiro, who also raised his arm and made him shoot himself. After speaking, the tough guy Yamazaki Dachang left tears. Li Tian said that he would help him find his younger brother when the case was solved.

Zhang Ni and Li Tian went to the school to investigate, but when they checked their graduation files, they found that all the pictures of Mei Xueyan and her classmates had their faces cut off. When Zhang Tian checked the audio and video records, he found that the video seemed to be a graduation performance of the Forerunners. He recognized that the background painting in the video was exactly the same as the paintings hanging in the Yanshang Jazz Bar, and in the video he saw that Hiroki Kuroki did not bring it. With the face of the mask, Zhang Ni left after receiving a call from the fat sister.

After watching the video repeatedly, Li Tian found the Hattori agent. Li Tian showed the videotape to Hattori Suke and identified Kuroki Hiroshi. Hattor asked whether Li Tian had seen Kuroki Hiroshi, but Li Tian couldn’t tell how he felt. He only remembered Kuroki Hiroshi’s face but couldn’t think of any more. Things in childhood. Hattori suspected that Li Tian was deliberately concealing it, and the two got into a dispute with excitement.

Li Tian went to the Yanshang Jazz Bar during the day to investigate. He learned that the last owner of the house was a musician. When the musician left, he left a painting and a red piano. Li Tian, ​​who stared at the piano, seemed to see that he was playing the piano with a mysterious man when he was a child. Then the scene changed to a young Mei Xueyan leading Xiao Li Tian to run out of the house. Li Tian hurriedly followed out. This time he only saw two.

The back of the person. Outside the door was a dark night with heavy rain. Li Tian saw a strange boy standing under a weird tree staring at him. When the two looked at each other, the tap of the bar waiter made Li Tian withdraw from his consciousness. Li Tian chased out the bar but was stunned. He found that he was holding a mask in his empty hand. In a corner that Li Tian didn’t know, a long-haired woman was watching him on a monitor, and then a hand in a gray suit gently pressed the long-haired woman’s shoulder.

In addition to Mei Xueyan and Takahashi’s blog post, ten others in the Forerunner band are still missing. Yamazaki Daisho decided to investigate people with the same name as the band members all over Japan. A short woman wearing a rabbit mask and leaning on a bunny cane took the initiative to walk to Yamazaki Daisho. She took out the photos of the Forerunner band and pointed out the names of the members. The imprint of Takahashi’s blog post is the unique imprint of members of the Forerunner band.

The woman who claimed to be Yamaguchi told Yamazaki Daechang that members of the Forerunner band, including herself, are now being threatened. In order to seek the protection of Yamazaki Daechang, she truthfully told the information of the other seven people she knew, and she asked Daechang Yamazaki to protect it. Good for these people, Yamazaki Dachang arranged the Yamaguchi tree in the safe house of the police station.

The professor’s advice made Li Tian doubt his own consciousness, and he used R to capture his own consciousness. Li Tian was shocked when he saw his consciousness, because his consciousness was a crow resting on his shoulder, and the crow seemed to peck at him with a bite. The mysterious man suddenly appeared behind Li Tian.

He brought Mei Xueyan’s scarf as a token and gave Li Tian an address. Zhang Ni drove Li Tian to the destination. Zhang Ni felt that all this was like a trap, and Li Tian should not be led by Kurokihiro. Li Tian knew that his situation would become more and more dangerous, but he had nothing else. Clues can only seize this opportunity. When the two were chatting, Zhang Ni didn’t know what she had hit, and the car that was hit slid for a long time before slowly stopping.

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