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Good and Evil 百灵潭 Episode 14 Recap

Kong Qi and Xiao Shan practice swords and martial arts together every day. At this moment, Ripple passed and knelt down and begged Xiao Shan not to pester the emperor. She only got married to the emperor when she liked Qing Yunong too much for a while. , I hope Xiaoshan will spare her the face of the child in his stomach. And Xiao Shan told Lianyi not to go too far. When she invited Qing Yu Nong before, she never thought about their sisterhood, so Lianyi snatched Kong Qi’s sword and threatened to die. Xiao Shan told Lianyi not to be impulsive, and Kong Qi made a move.

He took back the sword in Lianyi’s hand, and knocked Ripple to the ground. Lianyi quickly pretended to cover his stomach and said that the child was gone. Qing Yu farmer was invited to meet by Lianyi and saw this scene. He said that both left and right hated. It was attributed to Xiao Shan, and Lian Yi was not pregnant at all. The mother wanted Qing Yu farmer to hate Xiao Shan and planned that farce. This time, Lian Yi’s strategy finally succeeded.

Chun Yao was imprisoned by the men in black, and they used the spirit-binding net to seal them in fear that the Spring-Monster would escape. Han Sheng was not a monster. Naturally, the spirit net would not have any effect on her, so Han Sheng smashed the prison door open. To escape with the spring demon.

Lianyi was injured by Kong Qi and the child could save Xiao Shan. She was very worried about calling Kong Qi to inquire about the news. I didn’t expect that the news would have been blocked long ago. Their snow camel tribe was almost unable to withstand it, and hoped that Xiaoshan would go to Qingyu Nong to send troops to help them snow camel tribe. Xiao Shan hurried to find Qing Yu Nong, but he didn’t expect Qing Yu Nong to hold a grudge against him.

He had already lost his child. There was still affection to save the Snow Camel Clan and asked someone to drive Xiao Shan out. Xiao Shan felt that Qing Yu Nong would not be so unsympathetic, but he did not expect that he was really ruthless and unjust, which made Xiao Shan extremely disappointed with Qing Yu Nong.

Chun Yao and Han Sheng escaped and entered the hall of the Snow Wolf King. They heard the Snow Wolf King’s plan to send a ripple between Xiaoshan and Qing Yu Nong. It turned out that everything was the Snow Wolf King’s plan. At this moment, the Spring Demon cast a spell to steal Snow Lotus, and the Snow Wolf King didn’t know what was going on.

Xiaoshan received an urgent letter from the Snow Camel tribe, and their Snow Camel tribe was about to wipe out the whole clan, and asked Xiaoshan to ask Qing Yu Nong to send troops, so Xiao Shan desperately went to ask Qing Yu Nong, but Lianyi sent someone to guard him. After the door of the room prevented Xiao Shan from entering, he still dazzled Qing Yu Nong with medicine. Even if Xiao Shan knelt in the heavy rain, he couldn’t hear anything.

The next day Qing Yunong knew that Lianyi had disappeared and quickly sent someone to search for him. Han Sheng and Chun Yao rushed to tell Qing Yunong that Lianyi was a spy of the Snow Wolf tribe, and also showed evidence that Lianyi had drugged him. The evidence that Xiao Shan saved him was also shown to Qing Yunong. Qing Yunong finally realized that Xiaoshan was his life-saving benefactor by looking at his paintings. This made Qing Yunong unacceptable for a while, and he was too stupid to blame the benefactor. The Spring Demon told Qing Yu Nong Xiaoshan had sent troops to support the Snow Camel, and Qing Yu Nong hurriedly sent troops to support Xiaoshan.

Xiaoshan fought with the Snow Wolf King. At this moment, Ripples hid aside and hit Xiaoshan with a hidden weapon. At this moment Kong Qi flew quickly to hug Xiaoshan, and Kong Qi also grew wings. Xiaoshan only knew when he saw it. , His destiny turned out to be Kong Qi, the previous long-winged feather tribe was Kong Qi, Xiao Shan died after speaking.

Just then Qing Yu Nong arrived and forced Ripple under the sword, but Lian Yi told Qing Yu Nong that although she was a spy, her feelings for Qing Yu Nong were true. Jian wailed himself and apologized. Although Qing Yu Nong was angry, he also developed feelings for Lianyi. He couldn’t bear to let all that happen, but everything was irretrievable.

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