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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 44 Recap

Qiu Ziliang released Cheng Xi. Cheng Xi wanted to send Li Rong’s ashes back to her hometown for burial. He was hunted down halfway. Thanks to Cheng Ruoyu’s timely rescue, Cheng Xi claimed that he was not a good person and cursed that Qiu Yanzhi was worse than her. . Yan Xiu chased afterwards, persuading Cheng Ruoyu not to believe Cheng Xi’s slander, Cheng Xi pushed Cheng Ruoyu away, and went straight to Yan Xiu’s sword. Yan Xiu hadn’t reacted yet, Cheng Xi had been pierced through her body. , Cheng Ruoyu mistakenly thought that Yan Xiu killed Cheng Xi, yelled at him, Yan Xiu couldn’t argue, threw a bottle of trauma medicine and left.

Cheng Xi repeatedly explained that Qiu Yanzhi was the worst. She not only used Qi Yan, but also confused Qi Chen for her use. Cheng Xi made a last breath and said a lot of bad things about Qiu Yanzhi. She did not hesitate to use her life to divorce. Cheng Ruoyu and Qiu Yanzhi finally died of anger, and Cheng Ruoyu buried her.

Cheng Huaizhi brought a cat. Qiu Yanzhi was so frightened that his body was very itchy. Qi Yan exposed her to Wang Ruoqing, and Qiu Yanzhi was immediately dumbfounded. When Cheng Ruoyu saw the officers and soldiers gathered in Danfeng Tower looking for Li Deyun for military pay, she hurriedly returned to the palace to find Master Qiuyan Zhixing to inquire about the crime, and wanted to kill her to avenge Li Rong and Cheng Xi. She sat in a wheelchair in the left car to take people to watch the excitement.

Cheng Ruoyu took out a dagger to kill Qi Yanzhi first, Qi Yan hurriedly stopped, and left the car in the name of protecting Qiu Yanzhi to kill Cheng Ruoyu, Qi Yan desperately protected Cheng Ruoyu, Cheng Huaizhi led troops to relieve the siege in time, and left the car. He had to send someone to send Qiu Yanzhi to heal his injuries, and he left in a wheelchair. Qi Yan almost blurted out that Qiu Yanzhi was Cheng Ruoyu’s older sister, and held it back at the last moment. Qi Yan didn’t want to see Cheng Ruoyu and sister Qiu Yanzhi fratricide, and persuaded Cheng Ruoyu to leave immediately and promised to find out as soon as possible. Cheng Ruoyu had to do the matter of Qiu Yanzhi.

He left the car and went back to revive his life to Qiu Ziliang. Qiu Ziliang was secretly proud of himself. He firmly believed that Qiu Yanzhi would not tell Cheng Ruoyu his true identity, otherwise Cheng Ruoyu would collapse. Li Deyun learned that the soldiers were making trouble in Danfeng Tower and guessed that it was Qiu Ziliang who caused the trouble. He ignored Li Zening’s obstruction and insisted on facing the troublemakers himself. Zuoche sent people to follow Cheng Ruoyu. Cheng Ruoyu quickly discovered their whereabouts. She hid on the roof and caught one of them. She learned that Zuoche was investigating the edict.

Qi Yan persuaded Qiu Yanzhi to tell Cheng Ruoyu his true identity. Qiu Yanzhi resolutely refused to agree, please don’t tell Qi Yan this secret. She wants Cheng Ruoyu to always be proud of her family, and she does not want Cheng Ruoyu to accept her. Such a sister. Cheng Ruoyu went to Han Ding to inquire about Qiu Yanzhi’s identity. Han Ding asked three questions. Cheng Ruoyu saw that Qiu Ziliang wanted to get rid of Li Deyun by means of military pay. She came up with a sure-fire plan. Please tell Han Ding to Qi Yan, and Explain that she will always be Qi Yan’s swordsman.

Han Ding truthfully reported Cheng Ruoyu’s words to Qi Yan. Qi Yan was enthusiastic in his heart. He asked Han Ding to continue with the original plan. Han Ding also found out that Qiu Ziliang had imprisoned the middle-level generals of the shogi camp and had to re-select the golden chess pieces. After hearing that the pawns only recognize tokens but not people, Qiu Yanzhi stole Zuo Che’s shogi order in advance. She gave the shogi order to Han Ding, and Han Ding immediately went to the shogi camp to arrange an inside line.

Cheng Ruoyu went to the Ziyi Bureau to rescue soldiers. She went to the empty Ziyi Bureau and saw that the facilities here were still there, and the laughter and laughter of the past were still in her ears, but now it is nothing but a human being. Cheng Ruoyu explained her true identity to Yu Niang, begging her to bring the girls from the Ziyi Bureau to Qingjun’s side, Yu Niang took out the blue light sword to Cheng Ruoyu, and asked her to save Qi Chen first.

Qi Yan always insisted on drinking Tian Shan’s prescription, but his body went from bad to worse. Qi Yan suspected that there was a problem with the medicine, but he was helpless. Qiu Ziliang invited Qiu Yanzhi and Qi Yan to participate in the selection of the new banner holders of the shogi camp. The two of them went on time. Seeing Qi Yan and Qiu Yanzhi, Qiu Ziliang not only did not kneel and give salutes, but also asked Qiu Yanzhi to cook tea for him himself. Cheng Ruoyu came to say goodbye to Yu Niang early in the morning and found that she was missing. Cheng Ruoyu realized that the situation was not good.

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