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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 41 Recap

Qi Chen took off the calming sachet from the room and used medicine to wake Cheng Ruoyu. Qiu Yanzhi came to see Cheng Ruoyu, and Qi Chen took the opportunity to hide. Tian Shanlai healed Qi Yan but was turned away by Qi Yan. Cheng Huaizhi pleaded bitterly outside. Qi Yan did not respond for a long time. Tian Shan asked Cheng Huaizhi to find Cheng Ruoyu to rescue Qi Yan. If Cheng Ruoyu refused to come, There is only one dead end for Qi Yan.

Qiu Yanzhi begged Cheng Ruoyu to let go of his hatred to see Qi Yan, otherwise Qi Yan would die soon, and Cheng Ruoyu was in a dilemma. Qiu Yanzhi expressed her attitude to Qi Chen. She was willing to put down her hatred and join hands with Qi Yan to eradicate Chou Ziliang, so as not to allow the change of Chaolu to happen again. Cheng Ruoyu heard what Qiu Yanzhi said, and she made up her mind to see Qi Yan.

Cheng Ruoyu entered Qi Yan’s bedroom directly, Gao Ping sneaked at the door, and was forcibly driven away by Cheng Huaizhi. Qi Yan had been waiting for Cheng Ruoyu’s arrival. Qi Yan was a little relieved when she learned that she had found the answer. In fact, when Qi Yan and Cheng Ruoyu met in Yuting, Cheng Ruoyu told Qi Yan what he felt. Cheng Xi deliberately took in and trained her, and then arranged for her to approach Qi Yan, just to achieve her ulterior motives.

Cheng Ruoyu was unwilling to catch the third person behind her, and Qi Yan lied about the third person. It was Qi Chen, he and Cheng Ruoyu deliberately acted a scene in front of Qiu Yanzhi, secretly sending Cheng Ruoyu to explore Qi Chen’s thoughts. Qi Yan once vowed to Wang Yang to protect Wang Ruoleng and Wang Ruoqing. He practiced archery hard and successfully avoided the vital parts. He saved Awu and Cheng Ruoyu. Cheng Ruoyu and Qi Yan resolved their misunderstanding and reconciled as before. .

Cheng Ruoyu reported the results of the investigation to Qi Yan. Qi Chen claimed that he was not interested in the throne, and only wanted to help Qi Yan eradicate the eunuch. What he did before was Cheng Xi’s unilateral wishes. Qi Yan learned of Qi Chen’s Thought, he was still dubious, admitting that he was the third person. Cheng Ruoyu personally fed Qi Yan the medicine. Cheng Huaizhi was very pleased to see this scene. Gao Ping secretly came to inquire about the news and was forcibly driven away by Cheng Huaizhi. Qiu Yanzhi rushed to see that Cheng Ruoyu and Qi Yan had reconciled, so he left with confidence.

Qi Yan decided to take the initiative to see Qi Chen’s true face thoroughly. As soon as Qiu Yanzhi and Yan Xiu returned to the shogi camp, they received a letter from Qiu Ziliang. Qiu Ziliang ordered Qiu Yanzhi to enter the palace within three days and marry Qi Yan as a concubine. Yan Xiu advised the singing not to go against his own wishes. Zhizhi has been guilty of revenge for so many years, she doesn’t want to give up.

Yuan Du reported to Qi Chen that Qiu Ziliang forced Qiu Yanzhi to marry Qi Yan, and Qi Chen was immediately discouraged. Cheng Ruoyu learned that Qi Yan was going to marry Qiu Yanzhi and was about to leave. Cheng Huaizhi struggled to stay. Qi Yan asked Cheng Ruoyu to go to Sanyuan Xumuyuan Cemetery to wait for him, and Cheng Ruoyu left in anger.

Qi Yan sent Han Ding to follow Gao Ping and saw that Gao Ping secretly let Cheng Xi go. He hurried to report to Qi Yan. Qi Yan made sure that Qiu Yanzhi was Wang Ruoqing, otherwise she would not save Cheng Ruoyu repeatedly. The left car tortured Cheng Xi severely, asking Cheng Ruoyu’s true identity and what Qiu Yanzhi and Qi Chen were plotting. Cheng Xi was beaten to death and bruised all over his body.

Cheng Ruoyu came to Qiu Yanzhi. Qiu Yanzhi was drenching her sorrows through wine. She claimed to be willing to marry Qi Yan, and she would love Qi Yan to reach the end of her life. Qiu Yanzhi had discovered that Qiu Ziliang was in retreat on the surface, but in fact she was hiding. Watching their every move in the dark, Qiu Yanzhi knew that she had been exposed. There would be a fierce battle between her and Qiu Ziliang. She didn’t want Cheng Ruoyu to stay and risk her. Turn around and leave.

Cheng Ruoyu suddenly had a splitting headache, remembered something from her childhood, and then fell to the ground and fainted. Qiu Yanzhi rushed to hear the news and saw that Cheng Ruoyu had fallen asleep, so he asked Yan Xiu to send Cheng Ruoyu away as soon as possible to prevent Qiu Ziliang from attacking her.

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