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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 27 Recap

Sun Xing pressed Lin Hao’s head on the table, and Lin Hao’s head was beaten to bleed. He secretly opened the audio and video watch while others were not paying attention. Lin Hao already knew that Sun Xing was Gaohe. He didn’t expect that Sun Xing was not worried at all. He smiled and said that he had been shot once. On the other side, He Yun told Huang Xi that she would surrender herself, but before that, she still had to call the police again.

The police came here according to Lin Haofa’s positioning. When he broke into the house, Sun Xing hurriedly fled. He ran out of the alley and got into the police car driven by He Yun. Lin Hao and He Yong met. He found a police car suddenly started to leave. He Yong also found an abnormality. They only drove four police cars today.

He Yong immediately ordered to catch up with the police car, and the car drove on Qimeng Road, and He Yong led people to pursue it. He Yun was blocked from front to back and had to stop the car. Unexpectedly, Sun Xing was holding her hostage, Lin Hao wanted to step forward, He Yun hoarsely told Lin Hao not to come, Sun Xing suddenly changed his mind, he frantically wanted to know which one of him and Lin Hao died in front of He Yun, she would More sad. So he shot Lin Hao with lightning speed, Lin Hao fell to the ground, He Yun wept. She begged Sun Xing to surrender, so that she could at least have a chance to survive. Sun Xing agreed at first. He put down his gun, hugged his head and knelt down.

He Yun told He Yong and the others not to come, and Sun Xing wanted to surrender. But just a few steps after she walked out, Sun Xing picked up the gun and shot at her again. Fortunately, Lin Hao got up in time and hugged He Yun to escape, and He Yun was saved from death. In order to control Sun Xing, the police fired a shot at Sun Xing. When all the dust settled, He Yun handed over the confession she had written for many years to the discipline inspection.

She had to pay a painful price for her corruption. The identity of Mai Jia as Mai Mengmeng was finally revealed. In the police station, He Yong asked Mai Jia why he did not come when Xue Mei’s body was found. Mai Jia didn’t answer, but asked if the murderer who killed her parents was found. He Yong showed her the pictures of Lao Ning and Dong Yao. Mai Jia was shocked. She had seen the two people in Gao Mingyuan’s club. Obviously, He Yong showed her the portraits of them because they and Mai Jia The murder of his parents is related.

He Yong interrogates He Yun, and He Yun tells about the process of getting to know Gao Mingyuan. Sun Xing was Gao He who was sentenced to death in the rape and murder case. She and Gao Mingyuan approached Wu Tiande of Gao Fa and bribed him two million. Through his operation, He Yun and Gao Mingyuan contacted Chen Bo, a full-time member of the adjudication committee and the head of the case-filing court, and bribed him 1.5 million yuan.

Wu Tiande and Chen Bo were in Gao He’s second trial. In violation of the facts and the law, Gao He’s death sentence was changed to a suspended death sentence. He Yun and Gao Mingyuan once again offered bribes to various people and changed their death sentence to 20 years imprisonment. Through various false meritorious deeds and violations of the sentence, Sun Xing was released from prison early.

He Yong pointed out that if people like Sun Xing live an extra day, it will endanger society by an extra day. And He Yun and Wu Tiande are the umbrellas for Sun Xing. They practice favoritism, embezzle and pervert the law, and their crimes are monstrous, which has caused serious consequences and bad influences on the people and society.

Zheng Yihong approached Wang Zheng and asked him how to solve Gao Mingyuan’s troubles. Wang Zheng remained unmoved until Zheng Yihong took out all the remittance records from underground bank remittances to Wang Zheng’s Cayman and Viking accounts over the years. Wang Zheng said that he knew. NS. Zheng Yihong also reminded him that he had uploaded the data to the cloud and set up an automatic sending mode. You must enter the correct password every day to cancel.

He Yun was asked about Lin Han’s death that year. She said that Mai Zili had told Lin Han that he saw Gao He on the street and saw him get into Gao Mingyuan’s car. Then Lin Han went to the prison and the hospital to check Gao He’s information, and found the irregularities. He told He Yun about the incident, and He Yun told Gao Mingyuan about the incident. Gao Mingyuan wanted to bribe Lin Han with 300,000 yuan, but Lin Han refused.

Gao Mingyuan even led a car to drive Lin Han into the river, and then bought forensic doctors to forge fake autopsy records. Regarding Lin Han’s death, Li Chengyang will definitely not give up, so He Yun and Gao Mingyuan designed to frame Li Chengyang. At the same time, Dong Yao also explained how he met Gao Mingyuan and the reason why Mai Zili was killed.

At that time, Mai Zili was a quality inspector under Dong Yao. He was upright. He believed that there were quality problems in Ma Shuai’s village-to-village project. He gave feedback to his superiors several times, which later led to the suspension of the entire project. Gao Mingyuan and Dong Yao discussed countermeasures. He wanted Mai Zili to shut up forever. Dong Yao knew he wanted to kill Mai Zili. But at that time Dong Yao did not dare to kill. Under Gao Mingyuan’s coercion and temptation, he finally killed Mai Zili and pulled Ma Shuai into the water. Gao Mingyuan asked them to put Mai Zili’s body in a car without a license plate. In the white car of No. 1, he didn’t know what happened afterwards.

He Yong reported to Luo Shanhe that these were all the facts that Dong Yao had confessed, but there was still one key point. Dong Yao could not remember what kind of drink he put the drug in, but he remembered that the drug was green. Therefore, He Yong wanted to find all the green drinks on the market that year, put them in front of Dong Yao, and remind him of what kind of drinks they were, so as to form a complete chain of evidence.

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