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Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 Episode 22 End Recap

Zeng Li reluctantly said goodbye to Ai Jingchu. Ai Jingchu was relieved when she saw her turning and leaving, but the diamond ring in her bag never had a chance to come out. On the way out of the airport, Zeng Li’s tears flowed uncontrollably. After Ai Jingchu left, Zeng Li returned to his previous life and suddenly became empty. Wu Ying is busy in the emergency department every day as before, acting as an angel in white without any regrets.

Ma Yiyi’s popularity on the new platform is getting higher and higher, and his career is rising. From time to time, Liu Yucheng raided Wu Ying to check whether she had hidden junk food, and always took a loving meal with her. Life with Wu Ying was colorful every day. Deng Haoran worked harder to make money, just to allow Ma Yiyi to have more freedom of choice in career and love.

Because of the advent of love, everyone’s lives are more fulfilled, and Zeng Li can’t help but think of Ai Jingchu. While waiting for Ai Jingchu, Zeng Li began to write a second book to say that the protagonists of the story are Zeng Xiaoli and Teacher Ai. This is their story, and of course he will add more oil and jealousy. Zeng Li worked hard every day, and even went to the places they had been before, as if Ai Jingchu was by her side.

Sometimes I would walk outside the classroom unknowingly, and there was still a prosthodontics class inside, as if Ai Jingchu was still there, smiling quietly at Zeng Li, all the tenderness in this world would remind Zeng Li of him. Everyone in this world is like a small dust, and Zeng Li is just as lucky, because she met a different person, and her life is one more universe.

Six months later, Wu Ying and Liu Yucheng’s wedding. Deng Haoran and Ma Yiyi, Liu Yucheng and Wu Ying were sweet, and Zeng Li was very happy for them. Watching Wu Ying walk through the red carpet with Liu Yucheng with her stomach upright, Liu Yucheng looked at Wu Ying excitedly. Today, she can trust him. Wu Ying has been protecting Liu Yucheng, but she can also be brave enough to entrust her and her children to Liu Yucheng, and Liu Yucheng will naturally not let her down. Seeing the two confessing loudly and embracing each other, Ma Yiyi and Zeng Li were crying and crying in the audience, and Deng Haoran looked helpless beside them.

In the past, Ma Yiyi had no sense of security, so she wanted to get married as a bargaining chip to tie up another person, but now it is different. She is very sure about her relationship with Deng Haoran, and the two have reached an agreement to enjoy the moment. Ma Yiyi was coaxed, but Zeng Li couldn’t stop thinking about Ai Jingchu, so he cried and played a video to complain to Ai Jingchu. Ai Jingchu’s work is about to be finished, and he will be able to return to China in a week or two. Ai Jingchu promised to take Zeng Li’s annual vacation and stay with her every day.

Wearing a bridesmaid’s costume, Zeng Li fled the wedding venue full of couples, and was asked by Wu Wanxia to sort out some new books. A leaf floating on Zeng Li’s hair reminded her of the day when she first met Ai Jingchu. Zeng Li climbed up the ladder to chase the leaves, but accidentally fell down, and the bookshelves in front of him fell down one by one like dominoes. This scene is exactly the same as the novel written by Zeng Li jokingly.

Zeng Li closed his eyes and walked to the other end, hoping that Ai Jingchu would appear like in the novel. Zeng Li thought he was disappointed, but he didn’t expect Ai Jingchu to really get out of the pile of books in the next second. Ai Jingchu didn’t talk to Zeng Li when he came back because there was something to say. Ai Jingchu wanted to say this many times, and he made enough preparations, but he was still so embarrassed.

Ai Jingchu entered the topic. Before meeting Zeng Li, he had been working and living hard, but he had always been a lonely person. Both happiness and sadness were insignificant. Until he met Zeng Li, Ai Jingchu’s world was more meaningful. He confirmed that Zeng Li was the only one in his world. Zeng Li complained that Ai Jingchu had stolen her own words.

Ai Jingchu seriously pointed to the snippet of kissing in the book, and did so in the next second. Zeng Li opened his novel, and there was a ring hidden in it. Ai Jingchu proposed to Zeng Li on one knee in the library full of books. This was the place where they met for the first time. Zeng Li cried so much that his entire face was covered with tears, confirming again and again that Ai Jingchu would not leave again.

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