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Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 Episode 21 Recap

Zeng Li pounced into Zeng’s mother’s arms with a grieved expression, and Zeng’s mother immediately stared at Ai Jingchu as he was protecting her cubs and wanted to give Zeng Li the charge. Zeng Li couldn’t stand up straight. He pointed to Ai Jingchu and said that he had a boyfriend. Ai Jingchu awkwardly did not dare to breathe on the way to send Zengmu back to the hotel.

In order to protect Zeng Li, Zeng Mu asked Ai Jingchu many questions. After returning home, Ai Jingchu helped Zeng Li, who was sleeping in big letters, and covered the quilt. Zeng Li took his arm and refused to leave. Ai Jingchu talked about it and said that if he quarreled in the future, he must first admit his mistake. .

After the hangover, Deng Haoran remembered that Ma Yiyi said that she would go to Chris to send a message quickly, but Ma Yiyi did not tell the truth. Of course, she and Chris simply discussed a business. Deng Haoran still found clues in Ma Yiyi’s selfie, but in order to ensure that he was not neurotic, Deng Haoran was jealous and agreed to Lily’s invitation to watch a movie. Zeng Li woke up in Ai Jingchu’s arms early in the morning, not forgetting that they were arguing.

Ai Jingchu helped Zeng Li recall her warm confession last night and said that they were going to have four children. Ai Jingchu hurriedly coaxed Zeng Li, and no matter who was right or wrong in the future, he would apologize first, he and Zengmu promised! Obviously, Zeng Li forgot that Zeng’s mother came last night.

The grandfather and sister-in-law criticized Ai Jingchu for being ignorant early in the morning, and the mother-in-law not only came in, but also sent people back. Zeng’s mother was not angry at all, and Zeng Li was a little surprised when he called. Ma Yiyi obviously went to see Chris, but lied to Deng Haoran. Deng Haoran spent the whole day dealing with this matter. Ai Jingchu came to help Liu Yucheng solve his concerns. Being young is not a disadvantage, and naiveness is not a derogatory term. Perhaps Wu Ying does not dislike Liu Yucheng’s naivety, but she does not want to grow up.

Liu Yucheng didn’t come to eat at home. Wu Ying’s parents tried to hug her grandson. They also said that her mother was forty years old when she was pregnant, but Wu Yingping was born safely. Ma Yiyi was broadcasting live, and Deng Haoran ran to ask her if she was with Chris last night. Ma Yiyi reflexively explained that she wanted to show him the contract, but she reacted quickly, why did she want to explain. Deng Haoran’s tone was a little angry.

He kept thinking about whether she still likes herself, but why would he go to see Chris? Now it seems that he is passionate. Ma Yiyi suddenly pulled him, and now Deng Haoran finally understood her feelings. For three months before the breakup, Ma Yiyi was thinking about it every day. Deng Haoran could question her, but Ma Yiyi didn’t even have the courage to question him. At this moment, Ma Yiyi and Deng Haoran were finally able to face their inner thoughts and kissed deeply.

Zeng Li read a very sad novel in Ai Jingchu’s arms, and did not forget to tell him to go to Africa to protect himself. If he can’t hear from him one day, he will immediately go to Africa to find him. On the last night before Ai Jingchu left, Zeng Liqiang stayed sleepy and refused to sleep, and listened to Ai Jingchu’s singing. When Wu Ying came home and saw that the house was empty, she couldn’t help but feel aggrieved.

Liu Yucheng did not expect to show up in the next second and took her to the rooftop where there was a table of dishes he cooked. Wu Ying stubbornly said that she had something to say, but she was not breaking up. These days, Wu Ying has been looking forward to Liu Yucheng to come to her, but she is disappointed every time she goes home. Liu Yucheng has no way to leave Wu Ying, so Wu Ying’s decision is left to the child. In the end, Wu Ying decided to give birth to the child.

Deng Haoran and Ma Yiyi explained the photos in the circle of friends. They used to think that Ma Yiyi was made, but both of them have grown up. Deng Haoran really wants to be with Ma Yiyi and will give her a sense of security seriously. Ma Yiyi also learned to trust Deng Haoran. Early the next morning, Zeng Li reluctantly sent Ai Jingchu to the airport.

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