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Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 Episode 19 Recap

Wu Ying intends to bring Liu Yucheng to see her parents with the idea of ​​dying early and superbly. Zeng Li has no such plans for the time being based on Zeng’s mother’s previous impression of Ai Jingchu. Wu Ying and Zeng Li accidentally discovered a book with an intimate photo of Ma Yiyi and Deng Haoran in it, and suddenly they found out some big secret. Deng Haoran came to Lily to inquire about Chris again, and heard that he had finally fallen in love with a girl recently, but the other party ignored him.

Deng Haoran immediately sent a message to ask Ma Yiyi, Ma Yiyi kept saying that he would go on a date with Chris for a while, but he did not know that Deng Haoran had already known the truth, and refused Lily’s request for reconciliation for her. Zeng Li and Wu Ying stared at Ma Yiyi and asked, for fear that she would jump into the fire pit of Deng Haoran again.

Liu Yucheng specially wore an extremely incompatible suit to meet Wu Ying’s parents. It looked like a salesman. It is no wonder that Wu Ying’s mother admitted her mistake. Liu Yucheng commented on Wu Ying’s mother’s cooking without a heart. A health-preserving speech successfully won the love of Wu Ying’s parents. The parents were relieved that seeing their parents this time was not as embarrassing as they thought, but unexpectedly went smoothly.

Zeng Li recovered from his injury, and quickly fell into a state of passionate love, and no longer had to wait twenty-eight days before seeing each other as before. There was a water leak in Zeng Li’s house, and the landlord’s aunt ran to find the property theory. Ai Jingchu also took it seriously and decided to find someone to fix it. But repairing the ceiling is not a small project.

Zeng Li can’t live at home anymore. Ai Jingchu said that there are still rooms available at his grandfather’s house. Zeng Li can live there. It just so happens that Ai Jingchu is going home for dinner today. Zeng Li was nervous when he thought of seeing his parents, but Ai Jingchu had his own thoughts about doing so. After all, he was going to Africa for medical aid in a month, and wanted to see the people he liked every day.

Ai Jingchu took his chubby girlfriend home, and Zeng Li was worried all the way. Unexpectedly, a doctor Chen came to the house, and this time he also went to Africa for medical aid. Zeng Li hid behind Ai Jingchu and refused to go in. Ai Jingchu forced her to meet his family. The grandfather and sister-in-law quickly explained clearly. In fact, they thought Ai Jingchu was single and that Dr. Chen happened to be going for medical aid, so they just let them meet, and they liked Zeng Li very much. Laughing and staring at Zeng Li suddenly said that she is the sister of Ai Jingchu’s phone, and put her on top. No one else is treated like this!

Zeng Lei ate very little to pretend to be restrained, and couldn’t fall asleep in bed at night. Ai Jingchu guessed that she must have been so hungry that her chest was on her back, and she called to ask her what she wanted to eat. Unexpectedly, Zeng Li came to his room in a flash, climbed onto the bed and said to do something that can only be done at night.

Before Ai Jingchu had time to get nervous, Zeng Li took him to East Lake for a supper. Ai Jingchu’s habit is not to eat supper, but there is nothing to do with Zeng Li’s feeding. The two had been playing wildly at the night market all night, when Ai Jingchu returned home carrying Zeng Li, who was already asleep, on his back. Grandpa and sister-in-law were relieved when they saw this.

Liu Yucheng and Wu Ying received their marriage certificates and lived a happy life. Ma Yiyi often recalled the time with Deng Haoran when she laughed so unscrupulously. Ma Yiyi, whose car broke down on the bridge, sent Deng Haoran an address and asked him to pick him up. The car was towed away, and Ma Yiyi and Deng Haoran watched the scenery on this memorable bridge. In fact, Ma Yiyi rejected Chris, but before she could say anything, Deng Haoran couldn’t wait to reject her.

He was unreliable. Reason told Ma Yiyi that she should let go, but she had to face her own heart. She still liked Deng Haoran. If you can’t talk about love, you can still talk about work. Ma Yiyi and Chris have an appointment to meet at the meeting hall at 11 o’clock the day after tomorrow. Wu Ying and Zeng Li think Chris wants to soak her, after all, this time is too dangerous.

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