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Our Secret 暗格里的秘密 Episode 22 Recap

Ding Xian also returned the 500,000 yuan to Zhou Siyue. It turned out that Ding Xian and many deceived authors reported the dream trip, and they all survived to compensate, so the 500,000 yuan went back. And the author of Ruying is very interested in Ding Xian’s works, and if Ding Xian cooperates with them, not only is it no longer accusing Ding Xian of plagiarism, but it’s really good to cooperate with him. Ding Xian will have to make a relationship between her and Zhou Siyue. The stories are changed into comics to show everyone.

After the holiday, Ding Xian took Zhou Siyue home together. It was a surprise that his parents watched Ding Xian also go. They didn’t expect that Zhou Siyue would be very happy to follow Ding Xian to his house for the New Year. Parents liked Zhou Siyue very much and prepared good wine and food to entertain them. During this period, her mother told Zhou Siyue that she must take care of Ding Xian, and told her not to think about falling in love all day.

Afterwards, Zhou Siyue and Ding Xian discussed and confessed to them. At this moment, his mother saw that there was a girl who had a puppies in Ding Juncong’s phone, so the mothers had to call Ding Juncong, and the criminal police team hurried to ask Zhou Siyue and called. His brother-in-law, this made Zhou Siyue very happy, so he promised his mother to help Ding Juncong make up lessons, so that he would not drop in grades because of his early love.

The more Zhou Si wanted to go back to live in his own home in Deep Sea City, so he went back to clean the room with Ding Xian. Just when the two of them were holding them, his mother went and gave him the quilt. The two of them were so scared that they quickly loosened it. I felt that Ding Xian and Zhou Si were more wrong, so I called Ding Juncong over to ask what was going on. Ding Juncong was forced to confess by his mother. Zhou Siyue was Ding Xian’s sweetheart, which made his mother immediately surprised.

Dad knew that Ding Xian and Zhou Siyue were in love, so he went in to give Ding Xian an advance. He agreed that the relationship between Ding Xian and Zhou Siyue was the mother’s level and must be prepared in advance. On the second day, my mother didn’t have the same attitude as before, and only a simple breakfast was prepared for them, not even a single dish.

Both father and younger brother ran away quickly when they knew something would happen, so their mother asked Ding Xian to confess, and Zhou Siyue and Ding Xian had to tell their mother the truth. My mother was very angry with Ding Xian, and she should have told her that she was in love with Zhou Siyue. After all, Zhou Siyue was very good. The two were very happy when they heard what their mother said, but she didn’t expect her mother to agree to their stay together.

The sooner Zhou Si will go home for the New Year, Ding Xian went to send Zhou Siyue to the car. After Zhou Siyue returned home, his mother said that his father’s current condition was not very stable, and Zhou Siyue was very worried about his father.

Sun Shadi and Song Ziqi went to Ding Xian to play. They did not expect Jiang Chen and You Keke to also go. They disappeared and they talked about their respective love status. They learned that Zhou Siyue and Ding Xian were together, but it was just simple. The kisses were all very unexpected. I thought Zhou Siyue must have always treated Ding Xian as a child, and asked Ding Xian to take the initiative. So the next day Ding Xian went to find Zhou Siyue who was very awkward, thinking that Zhou Siyue could see himself as a woman, but Zhou Siyue did not have any screenings.

This was a disappointment for Ding Xian. After returning home, the roommates thought that Ding Xian and Zhou Si would make more progress, but they still did the same. So everyone had to make Ding Xian look like a mature woman dressed up. The more Zhou Si saw it, he called Ding Xianyao. Pay attention to your body. Wearing it will rarely cause arthritis. This makes Ding Xian’s originally disappointed heart even more disappointed.

The more Zhou Si hurries to catch up to show his favor, he knows Ding Xian’s intention is just to play with her, so he just went Stepped up to live with Ding Xian, the two happily started their adult love journey together. After playing late, the two came home. Zhou Siyue sent Ding Xian downstairs and still reluctantly did not want to separate. However, as the day followed, Ding Xian’s dormitory was locked, and Zhou Siyue had to take Ding Xian. Xian brought back his rented house.

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