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Our Secret 暗格里的秘密 Episode 21 Recap

Ding Xian was persuaded by Subo to go back and negotiate with Zhang Dong again. Zhang Dong thought that Ding Xian had changed his mind and explained his ideas in depth to Ding Xian, but the more Ding Xian listened, the more he was reluctant to directly reject Zhang Dong. Zhang Dong feels that Ding Xian is too ignorant of praise. He had to sign a contract before, but now he has to go back and forth.

Their company is the popularity traffic of the contract, and the spread will affect their company’s success. At this time, Zhou Si rushed to tell Zhang Dong that the work was Ding Xian himself, not suitable for Zhang Dong’s business, and left with Ding Xian after speaking. In the hall, Zhou Siyue bought a pair of flat shoes for Ding Xian to put on.

Subo chased it out, thinking that Ding Xian would become a business elite like him, and Ding Xian told Subo that she only wanted to be. The person he wanted to be, he returned the necklace to Subo and left with Zhou Siyue. Zhou Siyue confessed to Ding Xian again that he would go on with him forever. Ding Xian told Zhou Siyue not to give up on her in the future. It would be very sad. Zhou Siyue promised Ding Xian that he would fight with Ding Xian no matter what problems he encountered in the future. Envy together.

On the way back, Xing Lufei was very jealous of seeing Zhou Siyue and Ding Xian together, so she asked Ding Xian to write down the report of the animation exhibition. After hearing this, he pretended to mock Dong Zhengfei to Xing Lufei as the team leader. If you don’t write a report, the team leader’s inaction is shameless, and Xing Lufei even turned green when she heard it. After getting off the bus, Xing Lufei chased Zhou Si more to go out to eat, and asked Zhou Si to accept her love. However, Zhou Siyue told Xing Lufei not to chase him. Ding Xian was better than Xing Lufei anywhere, and also showed Xing Lufei to monitor the match scene. The person who locked Ding Xian in the toilet that day was Xing Lufei, which made her speechless.

Professor Ye went to Zhou Siyue and said that the people of Honghuang Technology wanted to cooperate with him. Dong Zhengfei also asked Zhou Siyue to cooperate, but Zhou Siyue was unwilling. He felt that their sophomore students did not have the strength and wanted to buy them out. Research results. Dong Zhengfei asked Professor Ye to think about it. If Zhou Si is more reluctant to cooperate with others, Professor Ye feels that what they have said makes sense and needs to think about it.

Ding Xian and Zhou Siyue have a sweet date together every day. After the past, Zhou Siyue asked Ding Xian to go back and talk to Subo. Unexpectedly, Subo would come to Zhou Siyue to talk about robots. It turns out that Subo had to obtain from Zhou Siyue what Hongguang Technology was going to do. He also gave Zhou Siyue a copy of evidence, which was framed at that time.

They found his father’s person. As long as Zhou Si is more willing to cooperate, he can repay his father’s innocence. But Zhou Siyue still rejected Subordong, he would not do anything illegal. Subo has warned Zhou Siyue that he will not do it now does not mean that he will not do it in the future. Living saying that Ding Xian is looking for Zhou Siyue now, but it does not mean that he will still love Zhou Siyue in the future.

Zhou Siyue went back to the hospital to visit his father, and felt a little sorry for him. Dad told Zhou Siyue not to regret anything he encountered, and just not to have any regrets.

After Zhou Siyue got home, he gave Ding Xian a red envelope and asked Ding Xian if he would still like him if he turned bad in the future. At this time, Ding Xian received a call saying that there was a problem with her comic-based novel. At this time, Subo also saw the news on the Internet and learned that Ding Xian’s cartoons were suspected of plagiarism.

Ding Xian called Mr. Sun for an appointment. Mr. Sun, Gansu and Ding Xian hadn’t made clear about the copyright of her comics before, and she had given out the contract to Ding Xian. If the copyright expired, it would be suspected of plagiarism in publication. Take the risk together with the publisher. Ding Xian knew that he had been dug by Mr. Sun. He only took a small part of the manuscript fee but had to bear half of the risk. The society was really vicious. Zhou Siyue comforted Ding Xian at the beginning, and she will gradually adapt later. Zhou Siyue asked Ding Xian to find evidence that the publishing house deceived her, so that it could change the situation.

After Zhou Siyue went back, he called Professor Ye and wanted to meet the Hongguang President Chen. And Zhou Siyue told Mr. Chen directly that he was willing to cooperate with them because he was going to ask for money. The more Zhou Si opened his mouth, the more he would cost 500,000 yuan, and Mr. Chen asked Zhou Si to go back and wait for the news.

Ding Xian received a call saying that she had received the money she was suspected of plagiarizing, and it was returned by a gentleman. After Ding Xian heard the name of that person, he went to find Subcong. He didn’t expect that he had already drunk too much after calling Subcong. Ding Xian took a taxi to send Subcong home. Ding Xian helped Su Bo from the room and was pushed on the bed by him. He also told Ding Xian that he liked her, but Ding Xian told Subo that she already had Zhou Siyue, and Su Bo was very frustrated. Let Ding Xian go. Ding Xian was very aggrieved and ran back to find Zhou Siyue, opened the door and hugged him tightly.

The next day, Zhou Siyue went to Subo’s office and handed a card to Subocong. It was the money he paid back for Ding Xian. He told Subo not to pester Ding Xian from now on, otherwise he would not be polite.

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