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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 39 Recap

Cheng Ruoyu watched Li Rong being killed. She sorrowed and forbeared and started a fierce battle with the assassin. Qiu Yanzhi came to stop it in time. Cheng Ruoyu guessed that she had sent someone to kill Li Rong and spread all the anger on her. , Qiu Yanzhi persuaded Cheng Ruoyu to put the overall situation first, Cheng Ruoyu didn’t listen at all, Qiu Yanzhi had to send someone to catch her back. Yan Xiu didn’t intend to kill Li Rong, but the situation was urgent at the time, so he had no choice but to make this move. Qiu Yanzhi knew that Cheng Xi would not give up, so she had to lock Cheng Ruoyu first.

Cheng Ruoyu asked Cheng Huaizhi to send a message to Qi Yan and asked him to meet him in Yuting tomorrow night. Qi Yan coughed up blood again because of his excitement. Cheng Ruoyu was locked up in the shogi camp. She remembered the care and care she was given to her since she was a child. With mixed feelings, Qiu Yanzhi came to see her. Cheng Ruoyu scolded her and denounced her as ruthless and cruel like Qiu Ziliang. Qiu Yanzhi was scolded so much that he had to leave in tears.

Qiu Yanzhi was so sad that she couldn’t afford to get sick. Yan Xiu carefully took care of her and advised her not to see Cheng Ruoyu in the past few days. Qiu Yanzhi felt that Cheng Ruoyu was as proud and sturdy as her grandfather, and she was ashamed, Yan Xiu Advise her to relax, believing that Cheng Ruoyu will understand her painstaking efforts sooner or later. After drinking the medicine, Qiu Yanzhi fell asleep in a daze, Yan Xiu took out the dried flower from his arms and gave it to her, promising that when Qiu Yanzhi would get his revenge, he would give this life to Cheng Ruo. Yu, never let her and the Cheng Ruoyu sisters have a rift.

When Cheng Xi learned that Li Rong had been killed, she packed up Li Rong’s favorite clothes and jewellery, and sent someone to burn it with Cai’s wine shop. Cheng Xi vowed to let Qiuyan pay the debt. Cheng Ruoyu dreamed that Li Rong was still alive. She was so excited. Opening her eyes was just a dream. Cheng Ruoyu took out a secret letter that Li Rong handed to her before she died. Cheng Xi explained in detail in the secret letter. Cheng Ruoyu knew that she was Wang Yang’s grandson, Ruo Leng. Qi Yan not only shot Wang Yang and her sister Wang Ruoqing to death, but Cheng Ruoyu’s chest scar was also injured by Qi Yan.

After reading the letter, Cheng Ruoyu was clamoring to see Cheng Xi. When Qiu Yanzhi learned of this, she ignored Yan Xiu’s obstruction and came to see Cheng Ruoyu. Cheng Ruoyu was going to find Cheng Xi to confirm what was said in the letter. Qiu Yanzhi insisted that the letter was false. Cheng Ruoyu didn’t believe it at all. She took the opportunity to hold Qiu Yanzhi and Yan Xiu had to let her go.

Cheng Ruoyu ran into a girl from the Ziyi Bureau, Ash, on the street, and asked her to lead the way to see Cheng Xi. Cheng Ruoyu asked if the letter was true, and Cheng Xi took out what Cheng Ruoyu had left after being shot and injured. Blood suit, jade pendant and Qi Yan’s arrow. Cheng Ruoyu compared them one by one to confirm that they were correct. She held those things to confront Qi Yan, and was besieged halfway through. She knocked all those people to the ground in a fit of anger. Yan Xiu arrived and learned from the assassin that Cheng Ruoyu had gone to Yuting to see Qi Yan, so he hurried back to report to Qiu Yanzhi.

Qi Chen scolded Cheng Xi for being too vicious, and even used Cheng Ruoyu to deal with Qi Yan. Cheng Xi repeatedly claimed that it was for him to ascend to the throne as soon as possible. Angrily sent someone to send Cheng Xi out of Heng’an City and let Yuniang take over the Ziyi Bureau.

Qi Yan came to Yuting on time to wait for Cheng Ruoyu. Cheng Ruoyu rushed to ask Qi Yan with the arrow. Qi Yan confessed to what he did back then. Cheng Ruoyu took off her mask and admitted that she was Wang Yang. The grandson Queen Ruoleng Qi Yan was stunned. He was willing to pay for Wang Ruoleng’s life and hand over the blue light sword to Cheng Ruoyu and let her handle it. Cheng Ruoyu wanted him to explain his lasting difficulties, but Qi Yan didn’t want to Too much explanation.

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