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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 38 Recap

After Ruoyu’s unremitting efforts, she finally developed the Nine Heavens Profound Girl Formation. Qiu Yanzhi personally came to review the training results and cheered for her. Cheng Ruoyu stayed in the Lu and returned to Qiu Yanzhi from the double artillery searching for Cheng Xi. They did not find Cheng Xi’s whereabouts. Qiu Yanzhi worried that Cheng Xi would explain to Cheng Ruoyu the truth about the change of Chaolu. If Cheng Ruoyu Yu knew that if Qi Yan took someone to confiscate their home, it would definitely be painful and cause trouble for her revenge plan.

Li Rong set up a mourning hall to worship Cheng Xi, but she unexpectedly appeared in front of her when she escaped from death, Li Rong was surprised and happy. Qiu Yanzhi learned from Cheng Xi that Cheng Xi had returned to the Ziyi Bureau, so he asked Yan Xiu to take someone to arrest him. After they arrived, not only did Cheng Xi disappear, but even the dead soldiers of Yuzhenfang disappeared with him. Cheng Ruoyu wanted to see Qi Yan, Qiu Yanzhi sent people to follow her every step of the way, Cheng Ruoyu had to come to Qi Chen to complain, and Qi Chen promised to take her into the palace on the birthday of the Empress Dowager.

Qiu Ziliang had been in retreat for 97 days, but he was not dead yet, and the genius doctor was anxious, so he came to Qi Chen to discuss countermeasures. When Qiu Yanzhi came to find Qi Chen, the genius doctor was also there. The genius doctor revealed that he used Thousand-Year Snow Ginseng to save Cheng Ruoyu’s life, and he and Qi Chen designed Qiu Ziliang to retreat. The genius doctor saw Qiu Yanzhi Qichen. His mind left wisely.

Qi Chen told Qiu Yanzhi about his revenge plan with the genius doctor. After the change of the dynasty that year, Qi Chen rescued many people from the mass graves and was put under house arrest by Qiu Ziliang to the Caolu. Therefore, Qi Chen became acquainted with the genius doctor Tian Shan. When his wife and daughter ran into Qiu Ziliang during an outing, he was brutally killed.

Tian Shan and Qi Chen pretended to be Master Wuyuan’s disciples, and helped Qiu Ziliang complete the second half of the martial arts secrets. They wanted him to go into a violent death and die. Qi Chen admitted that the right phase of the camp was actually Tian Shan’s. Disciple, he offered suggestions to Qiu Ziliang, and also presented the camp map of the shogi camp and the half of the cheats, and gained the trust of Qiu Ziliang.

The third soldier of the chess camp called Cheng Ruoyu away under the guise of Qiu Yanzhi. Cheng Ruoyu saw something was wrong at a glance. The man had to admit that he was a dead man in Yuzhenfang, and Cheng Xi sent her to find Cheng Ruoyu. Ruoyu followed her out of the secret road to meet Cheng Xi. When Qiu Yanzhi learned of this, she immediately came to the secret road to investigate and found the thread on Cheng Ruoyu’s clothes. She immediately took someone to chase Cheng Ruoyu. The dead man found someone chasing and asked Cheng Ruoyu to wait in Xingzilin. She was responsible for leading away the chasing soldiers.

When Cheng Ruoyu hurried to Xingzilin, he found that Qiu Yanzhi had been waiting there for a long time, and Qiu Yanzhi was angrily locked Cheng Ruoyu into the dungeon of Shogi Camp. Qiu Yanzhi wanted to explain to Yan Xiu that she liked Qi Chen, but Yan Xiu hurriedly left without waiting for her to finish. Han Ding Fengchen’s servant returned to Qi Yan. He was chased and killed by those who were photographed by Qi Chen, and Qi Yan suddenly understood everything.

Cheng Xi learned that Qiu Yanzhi sent someone to kill the dead man who sent the letter and robbed Cheng Ruoyu in Xingzilin. She was even more sure that Cheng Ruoyu was still alive. She wanted to explain the truth to Cheng Ruoyu and killed it with her hand. Qi Yan, Cheng Xi is inconvenient to come forward, please ask Lirong to find Cheng Ruoyu. Qiu Yanzhi came to see Cheng Ruoyu and promised to let her go out in a few days. Cheng Ruoyu didn’t want to be her pawn and threatened that even if he took over the Ziyi Ju would not help her, Qiu Yanzhi had to let her go.

Cheng Ruoyu came to Yuting for the first time and saw Cheng Huaizhi sending Leng Tao to pay homage to the people in the crystal coffin. Cheng Ruoyu repeatedly explained that she was not dead, and also told many secrets of Cheng Huaizhi. Cheng Huaizhi believed that she was Cheng Ruoyu. When Cheng Ruoyu came out of the Yuting Pavilion, she was led by Li Rong to the Cai’s Wine Shop. As soon as Li Rong wanted to tell the true identity of Cheng Ruoyu, she was followed by Yan Xiu who pierced her throat with a hidden weapon and died.

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