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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 37 Recap

Cheng Ruoyu followed Qi Yan all the way to Yuting, and saw the masked body in the crystal coffin. He guessed that it was Qiu Yanzhi who came to impersonate her. Before Cheng Ruoyu could react, Qi Yan didn’t expect Qi Yan. I had already discovered that she was following and forced her to show up. Cheng Ruoyu happily rushed up to hug Qi Yan, and couldn’t wait to confide in his lovesickness.

Qi Yan cruelly pushed Cheng Ruoyu away, believing that she was a spy sent by Qiu Ziliang, Cheng Ruoyu took off the mask and repeatedly stated that he was not dead. Qi Yan didn’t believe it at all. Angrily drew his sword towards each other and took out the chess camp. The information passed between the spies stated that Qiu Yanzhi had found a girl Ling Leng who looked like Cheng Ruoyu, and taught her the martial arts of Ziyi Ju in order to please Qi Yan and give birth to dragon seed in the future.

Cheng Ruoyu wanted to explain to Qi Yan. Qi Yan didn’t give her a chance at all. He insisted that she was a spy sent by Qiu Ziliang and forced her away. Cheng Ruoyu was very distressed and had to leave angrily, and Qi Yan looked at Cheng. Ruoyu’s lonely back, his heart is cut. He has recognized Cheng Ruoyu a long time ago, but he didn’t dare to recognize her, worrying that Cheng Ruoyu would be killed again.

Cheng Ruoyu ran into Qiu Yanzhi when he went out, and cast all his anger on her, complaining that she should not make false secret letters to mislead Qi Yan. Instead, Qiu Yanzhi blamed her and Qi Yan for not having a deep relationship with Qi Yan, Cheng Ruoyu She left without looking back, unwilling to give up, and decided to find Qi Yan to try again.

That night, Qiu Yanzhi invited Cheng Ruoyu to sleep with her, and promised to teach her piano, chess, calligraphy, calligraphy, and formation of troops. Qiu Yanzhi was strict with Cheng Ruoyu, and Cheng Ruoyu could not stop studying, thinking about seeing you again. Yan once, Qiu Yanzhi asked her to solve the Nine Heavens Profound Girl Formation in the Ziyi Bureau.

Qi Yan dressed neatly to attend the celebration banquet, and found that Cheng Ruoyu’s seat was empty, which made him feel disappointed. Cheng Ruoyu pondered for a long time and couldn’t think of a way to solve it. She went out to relax and went directly to Qi Chen for help. Qi Chen quickly helped her finish it. Cheng Ruoyu went back for business in a hurry and wanted to see Qi Yan as soon as possible. Seeing that the formation had been cracked, Qiu Yanzhi acquiesced to Cheng Ruoyu to see Qi Yan.

Qiu Yanzhi guessed that Qi Chen helped Cheng Ruoyu break the formation, so he came to Qi Chen to confirm. He saw that Qi Chen’s sleeves were stained with ink. Qiu Yanzhi helped him clean it himself. Qi Chen worried about Qi Yan and Cheng Ruo. Yu recognizes each other, but Qiu Yanzhi believes that Qi Yan will not believe Cheng Ruoyu, and takes the opportunity to express his gratitude to Qi Chen and express his heart to him. Yan Xiu heard Qiu Yanzhi confess to Qi Chen outside the door.

Cheng Ruoyu met Cheng Huaizhi as soon as he entered the palace. Cheng Huaizhi asked a few things that only he and Cheng Ruoyu knew, and he was sure that the masked girl in front of him was Cheng Ruoyu. Qi Yan then came, and Cheng Huaizhi confirmed that she was Cheng Ruoyu. Qi Yan still didn’t believe it. He also found Rufeng to identify Cheng Ruoyu, Rufeng didn’t know Cheng Ruoyu, and rushed all the way, Cheng Ruoyu couldn’t argue.

Qiu Yanzhi helped Yan Xiu bandage his wounds. Yan Xiu admitted that he heard Qiu Yanzhi show his favor to Qi Chen and mistakenly thought that Qiu Yanzhi had given up the idea of ​​being a queen. Qiu Yanzhi saw that he was jealous, so he was kind to persuade him. Qi Yan came to Yuting again and told the false Cheng Ruoyu in the crystal coffin that he would not regret his death as long as Cheng Ruoyu survived. The more Qi Yan thought about it, the more sad he was, and he coughed up a big mouthful of blood.

Qiu Yanzhi and Yan Xiu came to meet Cheng Ruoyu at the gate of the palace. Seeing her dejected, they guessed she was hitting a wall again, and hurriedly took her home to rest. From that day on, Qiu Yanzhi conducted devil training on Cheng Ruoyu, forced her to learn martial arts skills and the Nine Heavens Profound Girl formation, and also recruited pawns from the chess camp to accompany him to train. Convinced, revived and continued training, but the sword in her hand was chopped off.

She still didn’t give up, and asked Qiu Yanzhi for a new sword to continue training. Cheng Ruoyu gradually realized the fun of breaking the formation, but didn’t understand why Qiu Yanzhi was so good to her. Qiu Yanzhi lied that she resembled his sister and wanted Cheng Ruoyu to learn the Nine Heavens Profound Girl Formation and return to the Purple Clothes Bureau.

You Shi reported Cheng Xi’s disappearance to Qi Chen. Two months ago, Zhang Jiang sent someone to hold Cheng Xi. After Zhang Jiang’s defeat, Cheng Xi disappeared. Qi Chen worried that Qiu Ziliang, who was in retreat, would be disturbed and Yu Niang quietly To find Cheng Xi’s whereabouts, he sent a right-hand man to watch Lirong closely.

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