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Sweet Teeth 世界微尘里 Episode 18 Recap

Zeng Li did not open the door and did not answer the phone. Wu Ying and Ma Yiyi had the same calls. Ai Jingchu hurriedly contacted Deng Haoran. Deng Haoran hung up and asked Ma Yiyi what was going on. It turned out that the three sisters were playing outside, so he was not allowed to tell Ai Jingchu. Deng Haoran asked her ex-girlfriend to find out about Chris, who struck up with Ma Yiyi that day, and was particularly concerned about his relationship.

Dou Dou told Ai Jingchu that since the three of them did not answer the phone, it meant that they were indeed together, and advised him not to worry too much. Ai Jingchu called Director Wang again. Seeing that Director Wang didn’t know Zeng Li’s whereabouts, he asked her for a few days off by the way. Ai Jingchu began to wonder if Zeng Li was frightened by her, or was he too reckless yesterday?

In fact, Zeng Li didn’t have a mobile phone at all, and Wu Ying and Ma Yiyi were holding back and didn’t tell her. Liu Yucheng sent Ai Jingchu a KTV address very graciously. Ai Jingchu called back. Zeng Li was in a hurry around the phone. Seeing Wu Ying and Deng Haoran were holding back to get drunk Ai Jingchu, Zeng Li hurriedly answered I asked him to meet at Xuenai’s tea next to the KTV over the phone.

Ma Yiyi saw Deng Haoran and his ex-girlfriend contact and was jealous. She accidentally found that he was inquiring about Chris with a smirk. Deng Haoran truthfully confessed that Chris is a rich second-generation. It is not appropriate to hit Ma Yiyi and them. Deng Haoran and Ma Yiyi flirted with each other, and accidentally told Wu Ying’s ex-boyfriend, which caused Liu Yucheng to become jealous.

Ai Jingchu and Zeng Li did not wait for each other for a long time. They accidentally knew that there was a Xuenai tea at the intersection. Zeng Li hurried over. In the noisy traffic, Ai Jingchu found Zeng Li on the side of the road. , The two finally met on the flyover. Zeng Li couldn’t catch his breath, and he didn’t have time to explain that he wasn’t deliberately covered by Ai Jingchu’s missed kiss without his mobile phone. Ai Jingchu took out an old-fashioned telephone with a confession from Ai Jingchu, Zeng Li, I like you. Ai Jingchu used the story of Mei Jiazi to confess to Zeng Li that this was the ending he gave, and Zeng Li was moved to tears.

Deng Haoran and Ma Yiyi parted at the intersection and tried every means to send her home. Ma Yiyi turned his head and smiled brightly and asked him if he fell in love with him again. Deng Haoran rushed over and carried her up, his mouth still stiff. Wu Ying and Liu Yucheng told the story of their ex-boyfriend and almost gave up school elopement for him.

In fact, Wu Ying used to be very rebellious. Because she was an old girl, her family loved her very much. But when Wu Ying almost eloped, her brother died in a car accident, and Wu Ying grew up because she was a parent. The only thing to rely on. Liu Yucheng’s mood is a bit complicated, and she naively wants to play the title song with Wu Ying. The two rushed to the square dance army next to them, so they took this song as their title song.

Wu Wanxia came to visit Zeng Li, and Zeng Li learned that Ai Jingchu had asked her for leave. Before Wu Wanxia had time to gossip, Ai Jingchu’s arrival confirmed her thoughts. Ai Jingchu spoiled and cooked food virtuously, and Wu Wanxia’s saliva almost shed. Wu Wanxia left in order to improperly use the light bulb’s hands and feet.

Ai Jingchu took Zeng Li’s hand and went to the kitchen to cook together. Ai Jingchu was worried that Zeng Li’s chin was hurt and couldn’t chew, so he made tofu. Zeng Li couldn’t find her how to find her yesterday and almost shed tears. Zeng Li still called Ai Jingchu Teacher Ai. Ai Jingchu was a little awkward, so Zeng Li changed his name to call him a dead ghost, and Ai Jingchu became even more uncomfortable.

Wu Ying ran into a child who used to play games frequently. The child had grown up to be a big boy. Wu Ying subconsciously let go of Liu Yucheng’s hand, and then caught up to explain that she actually felt that she had extended her magical claws to Liu Yucheng. But Liu Yucheng didn’t think so. Instead, he felt that he was not worthy of Wu Ying, and even feared that she would break up once the novelty passed. Liu Yucheng asked to see Wu Ying’s parents. Wu Ying first pushed back, but suddenly decided to take him home this week.

Yu Yi and Ai Jingchu ran together in the morning, reminiscing when they met. In the beginning, they were just roommates. Ai Jingchu was young but had no friends, and his daily routine was terrible. It was because Yu Yi took the initiative to become good friends. The relationship between people is so delicate. For Zeng Li, Yu Yi did miss it, but he also sincerely wished her and Ai Jingchu. Yu Yi decided to go to the Yancheng branch. This time he returned to the United States to talk about this matter.

Zeng Li and Ai Jingchu came together to send him off. Yu Yi told Zeng Li that Ai Jingchu is a very good person, and he will devote himself to it if he likes someone. The two of them are a very suitable pair. Before leaving, Yu Yi touched her head like she did when she was a child, still the enthusiastic and understanding little cousin in Zeng Li’s memory.

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