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Pandora’s Box 天目危机 Episode 5 Recap

After failing to compose the song “Emissary at the Crossroads”, Mei Xueyan searched for a rhythm that could control her consciousness for five years. During these five years, she combined with Li Xiufu and gave birth to Li Tian. After meeting Mei Xueyan, Li Xiufu knew the power contained in the rhythm-the harmonization effect. He found that it is easy for human beings with herdity to enter a synchronized rhythm. This rhythm is extremely energetic and can make people go to extinction.

In the spring of 2000, Li Tian and Li Xiufu accidentally scratched their fingers. Looking at the bleeding fingers, Li Tian felt very painful. Li Xiufu told him that all the blood is artificial pigment, and he muttered these words silently. Li Tian didn’t feel so painful anymore. Li Xiufu said that it was the power of consciousness that had persuaded the body.

Li Xiufu took Li Tian to Kuroki Hong’s house. The strange-shaped tree in front of the door made Li Tian’s memory deeply. Before Li Xiufu played the rhythm for everyone, he asked about the origin of the name “Emissary at the Crossroads”. Kuroki Hiroshi said that the purpose of this song was to lead those who are confused at the crossroads to find the right one. direction. Li Xiufu shattered the original rhythm of the song and reorganized it until the song could produce a homogenous effect. During his performance, all members of the band fell into it as if unconscious. At the end of the song, the lead singer Mei Xueyan suddenly coma.

Kuroki Hiro invited Li Xiufu to join the Forerunner band. Li Xiufu, who was apologizing for not being able to complete the song, felt very ashamed. Mei Xueyan interrupted the conversation between the two. After Li Xiufu left, Kuroki went to Li Tian to chat. Li Tian was curious about Kuroki Hiroshi’s mask. Kuroki Hiro took off the mask and gave Li Tian a try. Li Tian found that Kuroki Hiroshi’s face was very different.

Li Tian’s professor came to Tokyo to meet him by the way. The professor brought two bad news. One was that Li Tian’s graduation thesis failed to pass. Li Tian once again emphasized that consciousness not only exists but also has great energy. Another news is that Li Tian’s friends were all killed in a car accident the day after he left. The driver in the accident said that he had heard a strange Japanese song at the time. Li Tian felt sad that this incident could not be separated from the Forerunner band. The professor didn’t believe in Li Tian’s consciousness, but he still advised Li Tian to remember to examine Li Tian’s own consciousness.

Li Tian and Zhang Ni found an address together. Passers-by said that the fire had burned all the surrounding areas many years ago. Li Tian felt that the place seemed familiar and walked along the road. Sure enough, they found a weird-shaped tree at the end of the road. Tree and a bar.

Mountaineering enthusiasts found a building and Mei Xueyan lying in it while hiding from the rain. Li Tian rushed to the hospital when he got the news. The doctor told him that Mei Xueyan, who was in a coma, was not in danger of life. When Li Tian visited Mei Xueyan, she found that she was not in the right state with what she had seen before. Li Tian suspected that Mei Xueyan had been sober when she disappeared. Li Tian captured Mei Xueyan’s consciousness through R, and learned about Nerima Daquan 1812.

This was exactly what Mei Xueyan said to the bar owner after he was sober. Then the bar owner followed Mei Xueyan’s instructions and took the soldering iron with the Forerunner band logo tied under the mosquito trap to Nerima Daquan. Then he Find the power box of the baseball server-the iron box marked with No. 1812, put the soldering iron in it, Mei Xueyan said that after finishing this, Kuroki Hiroshi will show up.

Hattori obtained permission from Yamasaki Daisho to inspect the site. He found that the building was very similar to the Forerunner’s record photos, so he concluded that this was the forest hut where the Forerunner was born. Hattori found the message of Nerima Oizumi 1812 from the mosquito trap. Yamazaki Daisho led a group of people to rush to him. Unexpectedly, he met Li Tian and Zhang Ni at the door. Yamazaki Daechang pried open the iron box and found nothing. At this time, “Emissary at the Crossroads” sounded in the baseball stadium. The music made everyone unconscious, even Yamazaki Dachang almost committed suicide with a gun when he fell into memory. Fortunately, Li Tian destroyed the player and rescued Yamazaki Dachang in time.

The bar owner who had been observing in the dark suddenly left. Hattori, who was arranged to wait outside, found him. He watched the bar owner get in a taxi, and the driver wearing a mask was very similar to the mysterious man. Hattori called Dachang Yamazaki while taking a few photos of the two in the car. Li Tian, ​​who heard the voice running out, chased the taxi desperately, and finally Li Tian had a car accident and fainted.

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