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Our Secret 暗格里的秘密 Episode 20 Recap

Ding Xian suddenly felt that he shouldn’t do that and ran away. After returning to the hotel, Zhou Si asked Ding Xian to watch their robot contest, but Ding Xian told Zhou Siyue not to go too far. It was only an accident to go out with him this time. At this time, Subo had passed by. He had been looking for Ding Xian for a long time, and he wanted to talk to Ding Xian about work. Just after Su Bocong and Ding Xian went to the cafe to sit down, Zhou Siyue passed by and sat next to them to listen to the conversation between them.

After that, Zhou Siyue and Subocong would send Ding Xian back to the room, and Zhou Siyue told Subocong to go back first, and he wanted to talk to Ding Xian alone. Zhou Siyue felt that Su Bocong didn’t like that person very much, but Su Bocong. The advice given to Ding Xian was very good, so Ding Xian should not miss the opportunity.

On the second day of the Comic Con, Xing Lufei asked Ding Xian and the others to go to work, put Ding Xian’s mobile phone in the car and asked the driver to take away. He wanted to tell Ding Xian too late to see Zhou Siyue’s. Robot competition. Just when things were about to go to the scene, Xing Lufei was locked into the toilet and couldn’t get out. Zhou Siyue had been waiting for Ding Xian’s appearance. If she didn’t go, it would be the meaning of going to the game.

Zhou Siyue only came up with one product for the competition, and the rest had to wait until Ding Xian was there before he was willing to take it out for the competition. After the game, Zhou Si went to the Comic Con to find Ding Xian. She was helpless when she could not get out of the toilet alone. Zhou Siyu kicked the toilet door and rescued Ding Xian. Later, he told Ding Xian that even if he won the first place in the Robotics Competition, he would pursue Ding Xian. That was what he wanted to do the most. When Zhou Siyue and Ding Xian confessed, they were discovered by the security guard, and they took the two to the security room for questioning. After that, Subo passed by and let them go.

On the way back, Subo would never take Ding Xian out to play. Zhou Siyue and Subo were in a battle for the two, treating each other as rivals. It was very helpless for Ding Xian to be caught in the middle.

On the second day, Su Bocong and Zhou Siyue started a battle because of Ding Xian. Even Ding Xian had to fight to buy juice. This made Ding Xian even more distressed. I did not expect that the two men were so naive. funny.

After Ding Xian returned, his roommate Lou Feng hoped that Ding Xian and Zhou Siyue would be together, although Subocong was also very good. But Ding Xian felt that even if Zhou Siyue confessed to himself, he would not be willing to agree to him easily, because Ding Xian had liked Zhou Si for so long before and was unwilling to agree to him easily.

Xing Lufei went to Su Bo Cong and wanted to join him, so Sub Bo Cong could get Ding Xian, and Xing Lufei could be admitted to the hospital with Zhou Siyue.

Since Su Bo asked Zhou Siyue to invite everyone out for dinner, Xing Lufei wanted to play a game with everyone during the period, and could ask each other a question after drawing the corresponding card. It was Zhou Si’s turn to draw more cards, so he asked Xing Lufei if he had done any bad things recently. This was very embarrassing for Xing Lufei, so he quickly argued that Zhou Siyue still remembered hating her for taking chocolate. Ding Xian was very confused about Zhou Siyue’s problem and sent a message to blame Zhou Siyue, but Zhou Siyue told Ding Xian that he suspected that Ding Xian was locked in the toilet because Xing Lufei did it.

In the next round, it was Xing Lufei’s turn to ask questions. She asked the people who got the 4th and 5th cards to kiss him, while Ding Xian got the 4th, and Subo got the 5th. This was clearly arranged by Lucifer deliberately. . Seeing Ding Xian’s helplessness, Zhou Siyue secretly changed the playing card and took the number 4 into his hand, asking Subo to fail Xing Lufei’s strategy. After the meal, Subo talked to Zhou Siyue and hoped that he could give up Ding Xian. After all, he could give Ding Xian a better life, and Ding Xian would match him more closely in the future.

Zhou Siyue won the first place in the robotics competition. When he was on stage, the microphone lost his voice. Just when Zhou Siyue was embarrassed, a junior high school classmate Liu Xiaofeng passed by and handed the other microphone to Zhou Siyue. Afterwards, Zhou Siyue learned that Liu Xiaofeng was also going to participate in the competition, and it was because of Zhou Siyue’s words that he was admitted to the University of Science and Technology. Before Liu Xiaofeng had no confidence in himself, the more Zhou Si encouraged Liu Xiaofeng to have confidence.

Subo took Ding Xian to sign the contract and gave Ding Xian a necklace as an ornament. After seeing the investor, Zhang Dong asked her to change her work into a love story. Ding Xian reluctantly walked away. Subo caught up with Ding Xian and told her to adapt to the society. correct.

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