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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 22 Recap

Tongfeng and Xiaoyu mentioned the battle of Shouyang. During that battle, the two of them relied on each other and promised to each other. They had to put Wang Jun and the people first in everything. If one person is captured, the other only needs to be the other person’s death. Just do it, don’t mess up for it. The promise of the two is vivid, Xiaoyu knows the pride of Tongfeng. She is afraid that Tongfeng will be tortured by Jin Rong, so she only picks up the bow and arrow with tears and prepares to send the wind.

Xiao Yu’s arrow had left the string, but Zhou Shengchen’s arrow was blocked. Zhou Shengchen brought Jin Bing and asked Jin Rong to discuss the issue of Tongfeng. Killing Tongfeng would not benefit them at all. The arrival of Jin Bian eased the situation, and Feng Feng was released. He was able to return to the Nanchen Wang Jun and also saw Xiao Yu. This time, the two of them hugged each other unscrupulously, and after agreeing to wait for Zhongzhou’s affairs to be handled, they returned to Shouyang together.

Tong Feng brought back Jin Rong’s letter of descending, and Liu Zixing decided to sacrifice to the sky in Pingyin Palace and then ascended the throne to comfort the first emperor with Jin’s blood. On the other side, Zhou Shengchen saw pomegranates on the street. He suddenly remembered the time when he loved to eat pomegranates. He bought three thousand stone pomegranates for the time. At this time, Zhou Shengchen also bought all the pomegranates in the name of Xiaoyu to let Xiaoyu. Sent into the palace. Xie Chen was seriously ill. He woke up and saw Zhou Shengchen who had returned from the victory. He breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that he had miscalculated. ,

At night, Zhou Shengchen took his apprentices to a banquet in the palace. After this banquet, they will set off for Xizhou. As everyone knows, this banquet hides murderous intent, Liu Zixing ascends the throne as the emperor, and the descendants of the Liu family gather together. Everyone is feeling fortunate enough for the birth of Zhou Shengchen in Beichen.

Liu Zixing’s eyes on Zhou Shengchen can’t help but become a little colder and sharper. The kings and courtiers were in the main hall, and the generals stayed outside. Zhou Shengchen wanted to leave after drinking a few glasses of wine. However, Liu Zixing ordered the palace gate to be locked tightly and guarded heavily, preparing to assassinate the regent in the name of Zhou Shengchen. Take down Zhou’s birthday.

Zhou Shengchen and a group of apprentices were trapped by the army. When he resisted, he was said to be treason. Liu Zixing threatened him with Liu Zizhen, who was still alive, and Zhou Shengchen had to lay down his weapons and capture them with bare hands. In order to break through the siege and save Zhou’s birthday, Xiao Yu blocked a sword for Feng Qiao and died under the army. She died in Tong Feng’s arms. Before she died, she only hoped that Tong Feng would not forget her. Like the wind.

Xiao Yan brought Wang Jun to save Zhou Shengchen. They knew that Jin Rong and Liu Zixing had colluded and set up an ambush. Zhou Shengchen endured the pain and ordered Xiaoyu to leave. Before Zhou Shengchen left, Jin Rong and Liu Zixing threatened the lives of Liu Zizhen and Liu’s clan relatives, and Zhou Shengchen had to withdraw their troops.

When Wang Jun was falsely rebelled, King Ping Qin asked Zhou Tianxing to leave first, but Liu Zixing ordered the city gate to be sealed off, and Zhou Tianxing had to leave the city with the help of the Luo family. All this news should not be known from time to time. Shi Yi mistakenly thought that Wang Jun was going to expedition. She went to the White Horse Temple to pray for blessing. Shi Yi was smart, she saw the clue at a glance in the temple, and only hoped that Zhou Shengchen would be safe.

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