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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 21 Recap

Liu Zixing coughed continuously, Shi Yi had to help Liu Zixing to go to rest first, but Liu Zixing only held Shi Yi’s hand tightly and didn’t want her to leave. Shi Yi stayed at Liu Zixing all the time. She fell asleep on the bed. When she woke up, she saw that Liu Zixing was okay, so she only saluted Liu Zixing and left. Luo Shizhong came to see Liu Zixing.

Liu Zixing was going to spread the news of His Majesty’s return to Zhongzhou within three days, but Luo Shizhong believed that Zhou Shengchen was a major problem and must be eliminated. At this time, Zhou Shengchen had chased outside the city. He mistakenly thought that Liu Zizhen and the Queen Mother were both in Shenhu, and the palace must be changed. When he was sad for Liu Zizhen’s passing, he also asked Xiaoyu to lead a team of scouts into Zhongzhou first.

Jin Bian came to see Liu Zixing. She warned Liu Zixing that the Jin’s army was working for Liu Zixing. Liu Zixing did not ascend the throne for one day, and Liu Zixing could not be married to Shiyi for one day. Forced by the Jin’s army, Liu Zixing had no choice but to agree to the Jin 嫔. Later, Liu Zixing came to see Shiyi. He told Shiyi that Liu Zizhen was dead. He wanted him to become emperor. He wanted to hear Shiyi’s views. Shiyi believed that Liu Zixing was not suitable for emperorship, so Liu Zixing told Shiyi. With a few heavy words, he thought that Shi Yixin was only thinking about Zhou Shengchen, so he decided to postpone the marriage of the two for the time being.

The Qi family was severely punished, and Sanniang and Liu Zixing saved Xinghua. Xinghua did not let her family suffer. She came to ask Liu Zixing, hoping that Liu Zixing would let her family go. Liu Zixing did not want to see Xinghua, he could not protect the clan members, so he could only protect Xinghua alone. Xinghua cried and learned that Liu Zixing wanted to use Qi’s blood to ascend the throne, but that was her biological parents. , How she could ignore it, but the defeat of the Qi clan is a foregone conclusion, and fortunately, Hua can’t keep the family alone.

Zhou Shengchen conquered Taiyuan County and returned with a good news. Wang Jun was stationed outside Zhongzhou City. Feng Qiao missed the time. She and Xie Chen talked about the marriage hexagram of the time. Xie Chen only said that his hexagram was inaccurate. The hexagram showed that the time was not correct Marriage life. The news of the return of Wang Jun’s victory reached Shi Yi. Shi Yi was overjoyed. King Ping Qin led his troops to Zhongzhou City, but went to the gate of the city to humiliate the Imperial Guards, and then turned back to the camp of King Nanchen. . This time, King Ping Qin heard that Shiyi was about to get married, so he only hated Zhou Shengchen for looking at Zhou Shengchen with nothing.

Zhou Shengchen’s Wang Jun should go first. He wanted King Ping Qin to stay and defend the city. At the same time, he also asked the allied forces of all vassals to come to Zhongzhou City to make all preparations for the battle. This time the expedition was extremely dangerous. King Ping Qin asked Zhou Shengchen to come to see Shiyi.

Now it is not convenient for the two to meet alone. King Ping Qin brought Feng Qiao and Xiao Yan, and the four came together to meet Shiyi, taking this opportunity to meet Shiyi with Zhou Shengchen. Also have to meet. After seeing it, Shi Yi watched Zhou Shengchen and his party leave, just like when he watched Zhou Shengchen go on an expedition in Xizhou, she only hoped that Zhou Shengchen and the seniors would return triumphantly during this trip and be safe.

Zhou Shengchen led soldiers out of the city during the people’s farewell. Shiyi came to the White Horse Temple to pray for blessings, and the golden girl also came to see Shiyi. She wanted to know who would win this battle. It is time to be determined, and the Nanchen Wang Jun has never failed. The fact is also true. Since Jin Rong started his army, the Nanchen Wang Jun has been undefeated, and Zhou Tianxing has also woke up, but there has been no news from Tong Feng.

Jin Rong was defeated. Liu Zixing came to see Jin Bian. He wanted to send him to Taiyuan County to persuade him to surrender Jin Rong. Jin Bian knew that his father would rather die than surrender. In Taiyuan County, Jin Rong secretly ambushed the return of Feng Feng. He wanted to use the Feng Feng to force Zhou Shengchen to retreat. A team of scouts came, and Jin Rong wanted to use the wind to force Xiaoyu to retreat.

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