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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 26 Recap

He Yong asked about Xing Fan’s situation. Chen Jianbo said that he had taken her to the clinic for treatment, and there was no major problem. Chen Jianbo did not expect Gao Mingyuan to treat himself this way, so he no longer had any reservations about He Yong, and said all the things that he helped Gao Mingyuan bury his body back then, and Gao Mingyuan helped him become bigger and stronger.

Chen Jianbo also said that Gao Mingyuan has a casino dedicated to corrupting those leaders. He allows these people to gamble there, winning at will, and giving away chips if they lose. In addition, there are many beautiful girls there, sleeping with them. According to Chen Jianbo’s account, Gao Mingyuan would go to that place every Thursday.

Huang Xi asked Lin Hao to take herself to Xu Yingzi’s cemetery. She was at a loss about the conscience of upholding justice and the indispensable affection, and she didn’t know which one to choose. Lin Hao persuaded her to be brave enough to be herself. If Lin Hao chooses, he will choose conscience first. He Yong went to interrogate Dong Yao and told him that his wife and children were safe. Hearing this, Dong Yao couldn’t help crying.

The only weakness of a seven-foot man is his wife and children. He Yong showed him the recordings of Dong Yao’s wife and children, and Dong Yao no longer had any worries, he explained all he knew. He admitted that it was Gao Mingyuan who allowed himself to surrender. He Yong asked him why Gao Mingyuan let him come to the disciplinary inspection department to surrender.

Dong Yao honestly confessed that coming to the disciplinary inspection department to surrender is at most an official crime, and it will not involve criminal offences, and he will be able to go out in seven or eight years at most. Another important reason is that Dong Yao’s murder is related to Gao Mingyuan, and Gao Mingyuan instructed him to kill Mai to stand up.

Earlier, Dong Yao admitted that he committed the murder on impulse because Gao Mingyuan threatened him with the life of his wife and children. He wanted to take everything to himself in exchange for the safety of his wife and children. On the night that Li Chengyang found Dong Yao, it was Lao Ning who rescued Dong Yao from Li Chengyang, and he was brought to Gao Mingyuan. Gao Mingyuan asked him to surrender to the discipline inspection department, and then he must get Li Chengyang in.

Gao Mingyuan had prepared all the remarks for surrendering to Dong Yao. Perhaps he knew that Dong Yao would not agree easily, so he took out his son’s schoolbag and called it to help him protect his wife and children. Mingyuan was using his wife and children to threaten Gao Mingyuan to surrender obediently. With Dong Yao’s confession, He Yong took someone to the casino in Yihe Village to capture Gao Mingyuan. When Li Chengyang learned of Da Jiang’s death, he went to the Xiaoyu Wonton shop alone and watched the video recorded by Da Jiang over and over again in the dark room. Ma Shuai at the turn of life and death was dead, and now even Da Jiang had left him, Li Chengyang remained in this world alone.

He Yong interrogated Hu Xiaowei and enumerated all the great achievements of Hu Xiaowei back then. Hu Xiaowei was ashamed, but he still felt that he was defeated by the elusive things of favor and face. He Yong pointedly pointed out that the act of helping the old lady find a cat is not doing good for the people. Hu Xiaowei cried and said that he had never thought of harming the common people.

He Yong used Xu Ying’s siblings to commit suicide and jump off the building to expose the illusion that Hu Xiaowei deliberately disguised. He Yong also said that the post of the police station director is, in a sense, the most important post in the public security system, because he directly faces the common people. There are tens of thousands of police station chiefs across the country. If each is like Hu Xiaowei, who should the common people believe.

Hu Xiaowei was heartbroken and remorseful, he was willing to appear in court to testify against Sun Xing. Cao Peng originally wanted to fight the stubborn resistance, but he knew in his heart that no one would come to fish him out, so he also explained everything. He admitted that in the past few decades, he had colluded with Gao Mingyuan and eroded the grass-roots government through years of bribery elections and covered the sky in Yihe Village. Luo Shanhe called Wu Shuangling for inquiries, but when it comes to Changteng Capital, Wu Shuangling is either unfamiliar or secretive. From anyone’s point of view, Wu Shuangling has problems. Facing Luo Shanhe’s inquiry, Wu Shuangling became more and more guilty.

Gao Mingyuan was also interrogated. He did not admit that he knew the judge Wu Tiande. But in fact, not long ago, he called Wu Tiande. Wu Tiande believed that the supervision team wanted to investigate Gao He’s case back then. No one of them could stop him, so he could only ask Gao Mingyuan to find someone above him. The person above Gao Mingyuan refers to Wang Zheng, member of the Standing Committee of the Zhongjiang Provincial Party Committee and Executive Vice Governor. Later, Gao Mingyuan did meet with Wang Zheng.

Wang Zheng assured him that it would not take long for the supervision team to investigate the case. When time returned to the interrogation, Gao Mingyuan was extremely cunning and no longer willing to speak. In the face of Gao Mingyuan, who had zero confession, a large number of investigators were constantly investigating and collecting evidence, and Gao Mingyuan’s crime map was gradually becoming clearer.

Sun Xing was also a key subject of investigation. After unremitting efforts and focused investigation, Sun Xing’s sports car finally appeared in the public security field of vision again. He Yong learned through the court that if the death sentence is changed, it should be changed in the second instance, but the court has not received any notice, so from a procedural point of view, this matter is extremely unreasonable. Lin Hao stared at Sun Xing’s sports car, arrived at a place, and sent out the address here.

Huang Xi went to He Yun’s house and knelt down and begged her to surrender. Sun Xing must pay the price. This is fairness and justice. Lin Hao broke into the house, and Sun Xing was eating with him. He asked Sun Xing to take a trip with himself, but he didn’t expect that Sun Xing would pull out a gun at him.

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