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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 35 Recap

The group is about to reform, so a reform group was specially set up. Xu Feng should have been a member of the group, but the company suddenly posted a letter about him. Through these things, Xu Feng gradually became aware of some situations. He believed that reform was equal to redistribution of benefits, and Su Xiao moved the cake of these old guys, and the progress of work would certainly not go too smoothly.

Su Xiao went to Maria to find out the situation in person, confirmed Xu Feng’s guess, and applied to her to transfer Wu Hongmei into the group by the way. As usual, Maria readily agreed, and believed that Xu Feng’s matter was framed. At most, it would take some time to go through the process, and it would be done soon. At this time, Wu Hongmei, at the urging of Zhang Xiaobei, had to pinch off work and hurried to the sales center. The two successfully signed the house purchase contract and bought their first house.

Before long, Xu Feng came to the group to say goodbye to Su Xiao, because he had already recognized the reality, no matter how hard he tried, the result will always be chilling. Instead of continuing to be the knife in Zhao Xiankun’s hand, it is better to return with peace of mind. Home examination of civil servants. After Xu Feng left, Su Xiao went to explain the situation to Zhao Xiankun, but saw that he didn’t say a word during the whole process, and did not express his intention to let He Congrong enter the reform team until the end. However, as soon as Su Xiao walked out the door, he suddenly heard the sound of something falling from inside the door, and it suddenly became clear.

As the list of the reform team was officially released, except for Wu Hongmei who belongs to Su Xiao, and deputy team leader Zhao Peng who belongs to Wang Mingyu, the rest are selected by Gao Jin. As for He Congrong, he is completely dispensable and goes to work. Be late, leave early after get off work, and see no one all day.

Since He Congrong was the investor of Yinghai Group behind him, even though Zhao Xiankun was on guard, but could not refuse, he could only mention that Su Xiao took him to the meeting. The office of the reform team was set up, and Zhao Xiankun went to inspect and ran into Wu Hongmei who was cleaning. Although Wu Hongmei has mediocre qualifications and no life pattern, it is her simplicity and the act of bending over to tie Zhao Xiankun’s shoes, unknowingly warming Zhao Xiankun’s exhausted and exhausted heart for the group.

Su Xiao held a meeting to express his attitude to the bosses of the subsidiaries and hoped that Tianzihao could become bigger and stronger after the merger. However, Xia Ming was the first to speak out against it, and other bosses agreed upon seeing the situation and denounced Yinghai Group for slaying its grievances and killing donkeys, ignoring the entrepreneurial sentiment of the year. After the meeting, Wang Mingyu urged Zhao Peng to cooperate with Su Xiao first and tell himself any actions.

Xu Zhiping sensed that Wang Mingyu was a little bit extreme, and tried to persuade him to stay back in everything, not to go too far. As everyone knows, Wang Mingyu went to Wang Yang again, hoping to join hands with him and grab the seat of vice president. In the early morning of the next day, Wang Yang asked Du Juan to prepare office supplies, and the reform team was about to visit later. Unexpectedly, colleagues heard about the layoffs and asked Wang Yang for an explanation.

In the face of the indignation of the crowd, Wang Yang stated that if the group layoffs, he would be the first to leave and take everyone out to go it alone. Seeing that Du Juan and other colleagues were angry, Su Xiao clearly pointed out that Tiancheng has not received any new projects from the New Year to the present. If you want the company to survive, you have to merge.

Du Juan gradually understood Su Xiao and made good coffee for her personally, and stopped angering her temper. On the other hand, Wang Yang’s support for reform opened up the situation for Su Xiao. In the next few days, Wu Hongmei was carefully reviewing the report. Unexpectedly, Zhao Peng insisted on going over it first, and even printed out all the information despite her obstruction. Su Xiao learned of the situation from Wu Hongmei’s mouth, and was very angry for this, and accused her of strictly abide by her job, even if the chairman wants information, she should not agree.

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