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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 36 Recap

On the second day of the wedding, Sun Junhao led the soldiers to Liyang, Yao Dizhu packed up and prepared to return to the capital, and showed her filial piety in front of her parents. Mr. Baicao encouraged her to use her medical knowledge to benefit the people and bought Yao Dizhu’s favorite food. Yao Dizhu and Mr. Baicao bid farewell to her and embarked on a journey back to Beijing.

The Li family sent a letter to the court and forced Sun Youde to die for her husband. The county grandfather came to the Li Mansion to supervise the execution. Lin Shaochun learned of this and hurried to see what happened. Sun Youde suddenly vomited. Lin Shaochun found that she was pregnant. The county grandfather confessed. Lin Shaochun personally came to explain to the county grandfather that Li wanted to insist on letting Sun Youde die, otherwise he would hurt the county grandfather. Lin Shaochun moved out of Sun Xun to speak, and charged the county grandfather with two deaths. The county grandfather feared Sun Xun’s power. , He had no choice but to give up.

Li Ying invited the doctor to get Sun Youde’s pulse. Lin Shaochun hurriedly called Mrs. Li’s family aside and explained her interest. If Sun Youde is really pregnant, the court will punish the Li family. If Sun Youde is not pregnant, so will the Li family. With the infamy for forcing Sun Youde to make the best plan, Li Ying will find it difficult to marry in the future. The wife of the Li family weighed it over and over again, and she sent the county grandfather away on the excuse that Sun Youde was pregnant.

In fact, Sun Youde was not pregnant. Lin Shaochun helped her come up with this idea and deal with it temporarily. Li Ying refused to give up, and spoke harshly to Sun Youde. Lin Shaochun asked Sun Youde to help. Sun Youde spent money to make Li want to go to the county school to be a student. Even if he can’t find a job in the future, he can still take the opportunity to connect with court officials. Li Xiang naturally couldn’t ask for it. He was grateful to Sun Youde.

Li Xiang came to the county journal on time, and overheard everyone talking about Li Ying and bad men being together, Li Xiang was ashamed. Xilan urged Shen Qingyao and Lin Shaochun to leave Li’s house as soon as possible. Sun Youde wanted to wait for her to stabilize. Li Ying also sent someone to give Sun Youde an anti-fetal medicine, and she kept threatening Sun Youde if she was not pregnant, drinking it would be life-threatening, Lin Shaochun hurriedly Helped Sun Youde pick up vegetables and took the opportunity to break the medicine bowl. Li Ying refused to let him go and forced Sun Youde to go to the kitchen to drink medicine.

Shen Qingyao stood up to stop Li Ying, Li Xiang rushed home angrily, and beat Li Ying violently. The wife of the Li family hurried out to stop Li Ying. Li Xiang was ridiculed by his classmates. He felt shameless and Li Ying could do everything. In defense, Xilan spoke harshly to Li Ying, and the two of them quarreled in disagreement. In the end, they fought so hard that Mrs. Li fainted on the spot.

Mrs. Li’s family finally woke up, she pushed everyone away, and wanted to be quiet by herself. Mrs. Li’s family didn’t know what to do and asked the old servant around her for help. The old servant advised her not to ruin Li Xiang’s career for Li Ying. Mrs. Li’s family decided to complete the marriage between Li Ying and the man, and promised to contribute money to help him set up a door. As long as he treats Li Ying sincerely, Li Ying refuses to agree. She doesn’t know this man at all. Li wants to fan the flames, Li. The family’s wife persuaded Li Ying to think about Li Xiang’s career. Li Ying was furious and yelled at Li Xiang and his wife, and the three fought together.

Mrs. Li’s family hurriedly stood up and stopped and asked Li Ying to marry the man, otherwise she would get out of the house, and Li Ying had to agree again and again. Li wanted to send invitations to classmates, inviting everyone to attend Li Ying’s wedding. When the examiner came to take the test, the classmates were all greeted, and Li Xiang stumbled on his back. The examiner gave him a severe lesson and ordered him to be arrested for thorough investigation and to investigate how he got involved in the county school. Li Xiang even begged for mercy. To no avail.

When Mrs. Li learned that Li wanted to be arrested, she was desperate and urged Sun Youde to raise money to redeem Li Wang. Lin Shaochun decided to split up and let Xilan use the allocated money to save Li Xiang, otherwise Xilan would have to raise it herself. For money, Mrs. Li’s family has considered repeatedly and promised to separate the family as soon as possible. Sun Youde was assigned to a quiet house, and Lin Shaochun advised her to sell the house as soon as possible and live in a place no one knew.

Lin Shaochun called Liu Wushuang to help Sun Youde take care of the family affairs, and Sun Youde was shocked. She and Liu Wushuang met on the Yulan Festival seven years ago. That night, the lanterns on the street suddenly caught fire and were burned. People were frightened and fled. Sun Youde and the maid Shui Rong separated, and they were accidentally trampled by the crowd. She was so scared that she squatted on the ground and cried, thanks to Liu Wushuang’s timely appearance to lift Sun You up.

Liu Wushuang fell in love with Sun Youde at first sight, and took the opportunity to show her his heart. Sun Youde regarded him as a bad person. Liu Wushuang sent Sun Youde to the door of his house, and then left. After Sun Youde grew up, Shen Qingyao asked her mother to teach her behavior and etiquette. Sun Youde practiced many times, but she couldn’t find the essentials, and she was scolded by the mother.

Sun Xun returned from an inspection in Hainan and brought many local specialties. That day happened to be Sun Youde’s birthday. Sun Xun asked her to choose a gift first, and Sun Youde chose an inkstone. Sun Jinge wanted it too, so he fought with her, but the inkstone was smashed to pieces, and Sun Youde cried sadly. Soon after, Shen Qingyao asked the matchmaker to introduce a marriage to Sun Youde, and Sun Youde refused to marry.

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