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Pandora’s Box 天目危机 Episode 4 Recap

In the spring of 1994, as a teacher, Hiroshi Kuroki gathered a group of young musicians. He was inspired by the mosquito trap and used positive energy to eliminate negative energy to convince everyone that the young musicians tried to learn from “Sorrowful Sunday”. Obtain the password to master the life and death of human beings, so as to capture the inferior souls through music and eliminate the so-called villains. Among this group of musicians, Mei Xueyan made a breakthrough first. She left a message in the 1812 iron box to summon everyone to meet in the hut in the forest. Hiroshi Kuroki once stipulated that everyone should not talk about this outside the hut in the forest.

Mei Xueyan showed a lullaby in front of everyone. She obtained a melody from the lullaby, which coincides with the melody of “Sad Sunday”. This melody that can control people’s mind and mind has been loved by everyone present. Recognition, the Forerunner band was born. The twelve band members kept playing this melody with their own instruments, seeming to imprint it in the flesh and blood.

Li Tian could not understand why Zhang Ni would steal the money, but when Yamazaki Dachang wanted to sue Zhang Ni, Li Tian, ​​the son of the house owner, decided not to pursue Zhang Ni’s behavior. When the two left the police station, Zhang Ni took Li Tian to the park to have a lunch. Zhang Ni relieved Li Tian who was depressed, but Li Tian was not depressed.

Zhang Ni lives upstairs in a bookstore. Because the owner is away all year round, Zhang Ni also helps with the bookstore business. Zhang Ni’s room was messy, and Li Tian, ​​who was taken in by Zhang Ni, could only sleep on the ground. In the evening when the two chatted, Zhang Ni revealed that her father’s accidental death and her mother’s suicide by lying on the rails, so she understood Li Tian’s anxiety at the moment when she couldn’t find Mei Xueyan. The reason why Zhang Ni loves money is only because she has to help her mother repay the huge amount of compensation. Li Tian analyzed the strangeness of Zhang’s mother’s death. Zhang Ni decided to investigate the case with Li Tian to see if her mother’s death was also related to the Forerunner band.

As usual, Hattori installed a radio signal receiver on the level crossing, and Li Tian approached Hattori to discuss the case. Li Tian guessed that the Forerunner band was using a supernatural method to create suicides. They probably had mastered the trick to control the consciousness of others, but it made no sense that Mei Xueyan was killed as a member of the band. Then Li Tian proposed another It is possible that in Mei Xueyan’s case someone was retaliating against members of the Forerunner band.

Li Tian introduced his research on human consciousness, and gradually believed that his Hattori Suke also said that he would continue to track it, although he was very scared of the Forerunner band. Hattori introduced that the scroll camera can capture the traces of particle activity. Li Tian pointed out that it was consciousness and demonstrated it himself. Li Tian found that there was no image of consciousness in the photo, which made him very embarrassed, but after Li Tian left, Hattori saw the meaning image taken by Li Tian showing the current situation.

The Forerunner band held a ceremony near the level crossing. Mei Xueyan sang songs. The other members of the band watched and successfully let a middle-aged man rush to the railroad track to commit suicide. While the band celebrated, Kuroki named the song “Emissary at the Crossroads”. Hiroki Kuroki took out the prepared rabbit mask, and the band members were encouraged. At this time, it was reported on TV that the death of the middle-aged man was originally a suicide planned by himself. Seeing that the band members were suddenly discouraged, Kuroki hurriedly cheered everyone up. Mei Xueyan pointed out the reason for the failure, “Envoy at the Crossroads” The lack of a rhythm close to death.

The crow standing upside down on the ceiling is very strange. Dachang Yamazaki, who has never made a breakthrough, visited the original site of Luming Pavilion. This place has changed hands five times, and the current boss can’t give any clues. The careful Yamazaki Daechang found something strange, which really allowed him to find a dark room that has been hidden for many years, which is full of things with the Forerunner band.

Mei Xueyan opened his eyes and saw the boss of Elephant Bar. The boss regretted that he let Mei Xueyan meet Gao Qiao Bowen. Mei Xueyan said that Gao Qiao Bowen had been controlled by someone at that time. Mei Xueyan wanted to tell this news. To Kuroki Hiroshi.

The old 1812 iron box stands in the backyard of an old game hall, and it seems to be still in use.

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