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Pandora’s Box 天目危机 Episode 3 Recap

The fire in Luming Pavilion caused countless deaths and injuries, and the neighing sound made people collapse. The young Mei Xueyan was deeply attracted by the drummer Li Xiufu. After the two were combined, Mei Xueyan gave birth to Li Tian. At that time, Mei Xueyan was still looking forward to a bright future.

With the help of Li Tian’s consciousness, the train driver stopped the train, and Zhang Ni, who had just woke up from a dream, realized her situation. Li Tian described the consciousness space he saw to Yamazaki Daechang. Zhang Ni said that she heard the song “Envoy at the Crossroads” at the scene. Yamazaki Daechang didn’t believe the two at all, but the fact that the train tracks had melted proved that Li The willpower that God said does exist.

The mysterious man who left the scene entered a retro bar and eventually disappeared on the basement floor.

Li Tian brought back the video he saw in Qingliuzhuang, and Yamazaki Dachang discovered that this video had more of Kuroki Hiroshi’s speech at the questioning meeting. There was news of Mei Xueyan’s disappearance from the hospital. After everyone arrived, the two police officers pointed out that the other party had transferred Mei Xueyan away. Seeing that the interrogation was invalid, Li Tian calmed down and wanted to cooperate with Yamazaki Dachang. Li Tian used the consciousness sensor R to record the overlapping consciousness images of the two. Although Yamazaki Daechang didn’t believe it, Li Tianzhen filtered out an image that was actually Takahashi’s blog post.

The goods Zhang Ni brought back to her customers from the United States were accidentally damaged by her. The partner and friend Fat Jie did not know how to solve the problem. The two shy people in the bag could not compensate the customer. Zhang Ni remembered that she had seen large sums of cash in Qingliu Village. . The two came to Qingliu Village and wanted to borrow some of the cash, but they met Takahashi Bowen.

Takahashi Bowen, who took Mei Xueyan away from the hospital, set Mei Xueyan and the car to the torch. Looking at the rising flames, Takahashi Bowen stated that his purpose of existence is to protect the Pioneer band, and he and Mei Xueyan are the only ones who understand the forerunners. People in the band, now that he has successfully solved Mei Xueyan, the next one is himself. Then he went to Qingliu Village to record his confession to Mei Xueyan and blamed himself. Zhang Ni, who was hiding in hiding, saw this scene, but Zhang Ni, who felt terrified, did not watch.

Upon receiving the news, Dachang Yamazaki and Li Tian rushed to Qingliu Village. What you saw was Bowen Takahashi who hanged himself. The police found Zhang Ni and the fat sister in the compartment. Then the police found the burning ambulance. After inspection, it was found that there was no body of Mei Xueyan in the car. During the interrogation, Zhang Ni said that she had heard the Forerunner band before Bowen Takahashi died.

On the way home, Hattori had to pass a level crossing. He saw a man wearing a mask and a gray coat on the opposite side of the level crossing. Hattori hurriedly took out the hook of the link belt and tied himself to the railing on the side of the road. , Although there was a false alarm, Hattori was still very cautious.

Seeing the clues were interrupted, Yamazaki Dachang took Li Tian and Zhang Ni to find Hattori. Hattori spoke candidly about the reasons for tracking the case of the forerunner. Moriyaka, a female college student who died on the road that year, was actually the lover of Hattori Suke. After witnessing the case in person, Hattori Suke, who suffered a lot from it, started an investigation. First of all, Hattori has arrived at the scene of almost every level crossing accident. All the photos and evidence are first-hand information. Eight years ago, Hattori Suke installed radio receivers on all level crossings, which allowed him to obtain sound information from the scene. Hattori finds the receiver of the level crossing where Mei Xueyan was killed, and “Emissary at the Crossroads” appears in it.

Hattori told Li Tian that the singer of “Emissary at the Crossroads” was Mei Xueyan. Of course Li Tian would not believe it. Hattori provided evidence. In an interview, Mei Xueyan revealed that he was going to form a band. At the same time, the pioneer band debuted. But in the first six years of the band’s debut, it seems to have been hiding themselves, and “Angels at the Crossroads” is a single released six years later and the only song released by the band.

Yamazaki Daisho asked the members of the Forerunner band where they were going. Hattori brought out the photos he had collected. These photos were photos of all level crossing accidents that occurred in Tokyo over the past eight years. The keen Li Tian found that some of the people in the photos were recurring. After comparison, Hattori Suke found that there were more than 200 photos in which the same group of twelve people were onlookers at the scene of the accident, and some of the photos also appeared mysterious. People, he guessed that the mysterious man was Hiromi Kuroki.

When the four were discussing, a crow broke into the house, and the four who were interrupted watched the crow stand upside down on the roof.

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