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Pandora’s Box 天目危机 Episode 2 Recap

Sitting on the plane, Li Tian had a newspaper in his hand, and the accident of his mother Mei Xueyan was reported as an accident. The woman sitting next to Li Tian was named Zhang Ni. Zhang Ni, who was very afraid of the plane, relieved her stress by reciting the multiplication table. Li Tian used the power of consciousness to bring Zhang Ni to experience the experience of flying an airplane, but Zhang Ni was injured and injured. The plane almost had an accident.

Li Tian, ​​who doesn’t understand Japanese, asked Zhang Ni to translate for himself. At this time, the police officer of the Criminal Division of the Suginami Police Department in Tokyo, Yamazaki Daisho arrived. The Chinese-speaking Yamazaki Daisho is a seemingly rough middle-aged man, but he is actually just. The mind is very delicate. Li Tian took out an old video tape to Yamazaki Dachang. When Yamazaki Dachang pointed out the incident, Mei Xueyan had a smile on her face and a light pace.

She seemed to see something she was looking forward to. Although she was not wearing headphones at the time, her fingers were beating. After using the slow motion of the video, the two found that the reflection on the train carriage seemed to be a mysterious person wearing a mask and a gray coat.

Li Tian looked at Mei Xueyan lying on the ICU bed and felt very heartbroken. He didn’t understand why Mei Xueyan, who was supposed to go to Beijing, came to Tokyo. What happened to Mei Xueyan was not an accident, so the murderer might still act. Li Tian hoped that Dachang Yamazaki could arrange for Mei Xueyan to take care of him. Yamazaki Dachang believes that the evidence is insufficient, and Li Tian told him that the power of human consciousness is far more powerful than imagined. Seeing that Yamazaki Dachang still refused to believe it, Li Tian asked Yamazaki Dachang to find a reporter from the Hashihichi Shimbun called Hattori Suke for clues.

Hattori is a slightly lame middle-aged man. He rushed to the scene 20 minutes after the incident. In the photos he took, there was a mysterious person wearing a mask and a gray coat. He became a mysterious person. The messenger at the crossroads.

Back in time to a day in 2010, Hattori witnessed a female college student named Moriyaka passing through the guardrail and standing on the level crossing. She greeted the speeding train with her hands spread out, and was finally knocked into flight. For blood foam. Hattori found at the scene that Moriya Ka was listening to a song called “Emissary at the Crossroads”, which was the only single released by the Forerunner band. “Emissary at the Crossroads” describes that at a level crossing, a mysterious person wearing a mask and a gray coat will take away the wandering inferior soul.

Hattori introduced The Forerunner Band is known as the most bizarre band in Japanese history. As long as you hear the band’s songs, it will enter an endless loop mode. The band consists of twelve people, and their leader is a person named Hiroshi Kuroki. Because the band members wear rabbit masks when they perform, they can only be sure that the lead singer is a girl.

Twenty years ago, the Forerunner band had a fire accident when they held a concert in Luming Hall. 224 people were killed and more than 100 people were severely burned. However, when an inquiry meeting was held afterwards, no one from the band was present. Since then, the Forerunner band The song was rumored to bring bad luck. Hattori, who has been following the investigation, believes that this case is different from the past because the victim has not died. He believes that Mei Xueyan is the female lead singer of the Forerunner band.

The police sent Mei Xueyan’s belongings. Li Tian found the address card of Qingliu Village in it. He wanted to find out if Zhang Ni happened to come to the hospital for disinfection. Li Tian asked Zhang Ni, who is known as the Japan Pass, to take herself to Qingliu Village, for which he also paid Zhang Ni labor fees. Zhang Ni quipped Li Tian for not providing special services, and Li Tian made her serious. With Zhang Ni’s help, the two quickly found Qingliu Village.

Zhang Ni lamented that she had never heard of the existence of this ancient house. Li Tian found a greeting card for Mei Xueyan in the room. The TV automatically turned on and played the video. Zhang Ni couldn’t bear the band’s singing and wanted to leave. Li Tian found that the video was different from what he had watched before. He suspected that all of this was a conspiracy, and began to worry about Mei Xueyan’s safety.

The two wanted to drive back but found that the car broke down. They had to take the tram. They were waiting for the train at the level crossing while walking. Zhang Ni asked Li Tian if he had heard the song in the video. Li Tian saw the opposite of the train in a daze. The mysterious man wearing a mask and a gray coat. After the train passed, Li Tian hurriedly chased it up, but the space seemed to be changing all the time.

The mysterious person repeatedly beckoned and provoked, but Li Tian could not catch up. Finally, the mysterious man brought Li Tian to a piece of snow. Li Tian walked towards the mysterious man step by step. Zhang Ni’s shout suddenly appeared in his ears. Li Tian realized that he was standing on the edge of the top floor. Zhang Ni seems to be standing on the level crossing with open arms to greet the train.

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