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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 20 Recap

Zhou Shengchen is in Zhongzhou. Feng Qiao and Xiao Yan have also led their troops to Zhongzhou. Now only Xie Yun and Luofeng have not arrived in Zhongzhou. Xie Yun guards the border and is not worried. It is just that Luofeng has not been sent to Beijing because of the delay. I was worried about my birthday, so Shiyi decided to write a letter to Tufeng to urge him to return to Beijing.

When Liu Zizhen was young, it was difficult for him to take up the big responsibility. Zhou Shengchen had no intention of being in politics. After discussion, the ministers in the court decided to elect Liu Zi as the regent. The marriage between the regent and the Jia family became the biggest bustle in the market for a while. As the wedding date is approaching, Liu Zi’s traveler sends a wedding gown, but Shiyi is very casual, and is not optimistic about this marriage. On the other side, Jin Rong was ready to revolt,

Feng Qiao stayed with Shiyi in the palace for one night. Shiyi changed her daughter’s dress for Feng Qiao. In order to realize Feng Qiao’s mind, Shiyi brought Feng Qiao to the Tai Chi Hall. Looking at the Tai Chi Hall in front of her, Feng Qiao was very emotional. She had guarded the territory of Beichen for decades. This was the first time she stood at the gate of the Tai Chi Hall. At exactly this time, Zhou Shengchen and Xiao Yan also came to admire the moon.

The four met in front of the palace. Xiao Yan took Feng Qiao into the Tai Chi Hall. Looking at the Golden Luang Hall in front of him, Feng Qiao was not interested, but Xiao Yan. Feng Qiao became interested in talking about the past and present of Tai Chi Hall.

Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi met again, but it was not such a simple friendship as a master and apprentice. The two had a deep identity and could only silently care about each other and talk about the past of Xizhou where only the two of them were. After returning from Tai Chi Hall, Shi Yi and Feng Qiao were a little awake. Shi Yi only said that she had a person she had always liked, but no one knew about her except her mother. Feng Qiao mistakenly thought it was one of the seniors, she was just for Shi Yi. Feel sorry.

Shi Yi returned the key to Cangshu Pavilion to Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen looked at the familiar key with a heavy heart. In a blink of an eye, the timing of the wedding has come, and she wore a red wedding gown and walked towards Liu Zixing. This marriage ceremony was just as Liu Zixing intended. For her, it was just a cumbersome rule. She will be imprisoned in the future. In this deep palace. On this day, Zhongzhou City was full of white snow. Zhou Shengchen did not go to the ceremony as scheduled. He had seen Chuxue on the roof of Xizhou with Shiyi, but did not want to see the snow again. It was him who gave Shiyi to get married.

Shi Yi and Liu Zixing were halfway through the ceremony, and Liu Zixing’s servant came to report important matters, and Liu Zixing had to settle the matter first. On the other side, Yuan Wu took away Liu Zizhen and the Queen Mother with a hostage, Liu Zixing ordered heavy soldiers to guard the gate of the East Palace, and no one was allowed to enter. Yang Shao is now with Jin Rong. Yuan Wu comes to see Jin Rong with Liu Zizhen and the Queen Mother.

Jin Rong mentions that there is an unwritten rule in the Liu Dynasty. To become the crown prince, the goldsmith is the nonsense of the Qi family. Jin Rong also simply let the queen mother die to understand that he and Liu Zixing came out to save the queen mother. He ordered the queen mother to be thrown into the river to feed the fish. As for Liu Zizhen , He kept his own usefulness.

A few days after the wedding, Shi Yi was able to see Liu Zixing. Liu Zixing only claimed that Jin Rong attacked Hanoi, Zhou Shengchen attacked Hanoi, Liu Zizhen was abducted by Qi, and General Zhou of Nanchen Palace was injured. Hearing that the second brother was injured, Shi Yi was only anxious in his heart, ready to get up to see the second brother.

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