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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 19 Recap

When Zhou Shengchen visited Luo Mansion, he informed Luo Sanniang of his plan. He decided to establish a new emperor and abolish the queen mother, hoping that the Luo family could help him. A grand ceremony was held in the palace. The important ministers entered the palace, and Sanniang came to stop everyone. She exposed the queen mother to deceive the prince and hoped that everyone would not be deceived by the queen mother.

At the court, everyone questioned the identity of the little prince, and wanted Shi Yi to come forward to testify to prove the real identity of the little prince. Shi Yi was invited by the prime minister to go to the court. On the order of Zhou Shengchen, he stuffed a note for Shi Yi to take a quick look and let Shi Yi come to the court. Shi Yi knew about Zhou Shengchen’s plan. She said in front of everyone that she had met Liu Hui in the palace secret. Before Liu Hui died, she had told her that the prince was dead. Shiyi’s words undoubtedly caused an uproar.

All the officials believed in the Luo family, not the queen mother. The prime minister asked everyone to step back first, and he wanted to ask the queen mother about it alone. After everyone left, the prime minister mentioned that Zhou Shengchen was in Zhongzhou. Today, the empress dowager must be irresistible. Zhou Shengchen hopes that the empress will make Liu Zizhen the emperor.

The queen mother was afraid of Zhou’s birthday, she had no choice but to admit it, and made Liu Zizhen the emperor on the spot, while the false prince was taken back to the house by Shi Yi, Shi Yi liked the child very much. Zhou Shengchen was also in the palace. Luo Sanniang asked Shi Yi to go to see Zhou Shengchen. The two of them rarely met.

Zhou Shengchen was very guilty of Liu Hui’s death, but Shi Yi thought Zhou Shengchen had done well enough. Xiao Yu came to report Zhou’s birthday, Feng Qiao and the reinforcements were already on their way, and they would arrive in Zhongzhou in a few days. As soon as he saw Xiaoyu, Shiyi told her about the things of Tongfeng, and Xiaoyu was ruthlessly separated from Xinghua. Hearing this news, Xiaoyu couldn’t help but curl up with a smile on his face.

Zhou Shengchen had to stay in Zhongzhou for a month or two. He and Shiyi came to see Liu Zizhen and asked Liu Zizhen to worship Shiyi as his teacher. He would find a master for Liu Zizhen in the future. At this time, Liu Zixing came to see Shiyi. Zhou Shengchen left the space for the two of them to be alone. Seeing Zhou Shengchen’s return, Liu Zixing couldn’t wait to get married with Shiyi and decided to bring the marriage to the next month.

Liu Zixing summoned Luo Shizhong, he dispelled the idea of ​​Luo Shizhong’s desire to be the Patriarch of the Luo family. Yuan Wuchu had been gathered by Liu Zixing. Now Liu Zixing holds the guards in his hand, and Luo Shizhong also decided to take refuge in Liu Zixing.

Liu Zizhen brought Zhou Shengchen to see Shiyi, Xiaoyu heard the news that the Queen Mother Qi cut her hair, and the Queen Mother forced Zhou Shengchen to come to see her with her hair cut. Until this time, the Queen Mother had not admitted her mistake. She begged Zhou Shengchen to forgive her, and even chanted the feelings of the first emperor.

The Queen Mother’s sin was unforgivable. Although Zhou Shengchen did not kill the Queen Mother, she only imprisoned the Queen Mother in the White Horse Temple to pray for blessings. Never return to the court for life, there is no queen mother in the court, and Qin Yan is a traitor to the Nanchen King’s army, he is Xiaoyu’s person, Xiaoyu chased after the end of the world and killed Qin Yan personally, and solved the Nanchen King’s army. traitor.

Shi Yi looked at the birthday gift given to her by Zhou Shengchen in the bedroom in the past-the Jiangjun Shuaiyin that the Nanchen Wangjun had conquered over the years. She kept thinking about Zhou Shengchen in her heart, but she knew that she and Zhou Shengchen could no longer keep this life. .

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