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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 18 Recap

Liu Hui stopped the Queen Mother’s glass of poisoned wine, but the Queen Mother gave the poisoned wine to Liu Hui. After all, Liu Hui was killed by her own kindness and died in the Queen Mother’s palace. On the other hand, although Liu Hui’s child was born, his mother Jiang Bi was brutally murdered by the Queen Mother, and the emperor’s grandson also failed to survive.

The Queen Mother wanted to have a civet cat in exchange for the prince. Now that the Queen Mother is in control, Qin Yan seized Manan and fled. The queen mother didn’t care about Qin Yan, this little person, only Yuan Wu was appointed as the commander of the Imperial Guard, and the maidservant who was involved in Liu Hui was executed.

Tong Feng was ready to leave the book, he handed He Li Shu to Shi Yi, as long as Luo San Niang dismissed the marriage between the two, Shi Yi would give the He Li Shu to Xinghua, allowing Xing Hua to leave the house at will. In the Mansion, Sanniang Luo received Xie Chong’s personal belongings and a letter, which reminded us to be careful in all things, and the palace has changed. The atmosphere in the palace was abnormal, and Shiyi and Xinghua were called into the palace at this time, and they both rode in a new carriage. Xinghua only hoped that Shiyi would be able to do better with Liu Zi wholeheartedly.

At the gate of the palace, Liu Zixing came to pick Shiyi. Now in the palace, we are celebrating the new birth of the little prince, but Liu Zixing has never seen the little prince. He wants to step forward to help Shiyi, but Shiyi is somewhat evasive to Liu Zixing, Liu Zixing’s face sinks. , Also quite angry. The two came to the queen dowager’s palace, where the queen mother held a banquet, singing, dancing and promoting peace. Shi Yi also saw the golden girl at the banquet.

She only felt that the palace was full of weirdness. The emperor, the new prince, and Jiang had never been seen. It was not until midnight that the Queen Mother called the crowd to announce the return of Liu Hui to heaven, and asked them to cut their hair and stay in the palace temporarily to help Liu Huichao.

The golden concubine was unwilling to cut her hair, so the queen mother forced her to send a group of concubines to the nunnery, leaving behind the time. Shiyi’s status is special. She didn’t dare to deny the Queen Mother’s words, so she only responded with respect and accompanied the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother asked Shi Yi to write three letters for her.

The first letter was to Zhou Shengchen. She wanted Zhou Shengchen to re-enter the capital to comfort her master and help the emperor’s eldest grandson. Shiyi was unwilling to write this letter for the Queen Mother. Empress Dowager Nian Zaiguang rescued her twice. She didn’t kill Shiyi, but shut Shiyi and Jin Bing in the palace.

The queen mother closed the gate of Zhongzhou city and waited for the arrival of the prime minister. However, the prime minister was stopped by Zhou Shengchen’s army of Nanchen on the way. Zhou Shengchen knew of all the changes in the palace from the prime minister’s mouth. In control of the government, he will come to a plan.

According to Zhou Shengchen’s instructions, the prime minister stayed beside the queen mother and supported the new emperor to ascend to the throne. The identity of the new emperor is false, and the queen mother is afraid that things will be revealed. The prime minister mentioned Liu Zizhen, who is the closest blood to the imperial family.

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