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One and Only 周生如故 Episode 17 Recap

Shi Yi set off back to Zhongzhou. Feng Qiao came to escort Shi Yi. Zhou Shengchen stood alone on the wall and watched Shi Yi leave. He escorted Shi Yi back to Beijing with a small army of Nanchen Wang Jun to inform the world that Nanchen Palace is always the time. The strongest backing is always the home of the times. On the way to rest at the station, Shi Yi looked at Chuxue outside and couldn’t help but think of Zhou Shengchen.

She remembered her first New Year’s Eve with Zhou Shengchen. Zhou Shengchen never returned to the house for half a year, but came back on New Year’s Eve and had a drink with her. Pepper wine is celebrated on New Year’s Eve. The past is vivid, and the more Shi Yi thinks about it, the more she can’t sleep. She got up in the middle of the night to look for Feng Qiao, but unexpectedly saw Zhou Shengchen in Feng Qiao’s room. It turned out that Zhou Shengchen had been secretly escorting her.

When Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi met in the room, there was no light in the room, and Shi Yi also arrogantly once again. She mentioned that she originally wanted to stay in Xizhou and stay with Zhou Shengchen, but she was just one step away, one in the palace. The imperial decree of marriage broke all her dreams and also cut off the two of them to come. Seeing the sad Shiyi in front of him, Zhou Shengchen was heartbroken, letting Shiyi cry and hug himself tightly. After a long time, Shi Yi said goodbye to Zhou Shengchen. When she got married, she only hoped that Zhou Shengchen would not come over.

The next day, Shi Yi returned to the territory of Zhongzhou. Zhou Shengchen stood in the army and watched Shi Yi. It happened that Feng Feng took Xie Chong’s body out of the city. To Zhongzhou City. The news of Shi Yi’s entry into Beijing reached Liu Zixing. Liu Zixing was very pleased to go to see Shiyi, but Jin Yan came with a generous gift. She hoped that Liu Zixing would remember the agreement between the two. Jin was willing to be loyal to Liu Zixing, and the latter must stay. To Kings. Liu Zixing only said that he had not forgotten the agreement. In order to give Jin’s peace of mind, Liu Zixing also cancelled the itinerary at the right time.

In the palace, Shi Yi followed her mother to meet the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother deliberately distracted Sanniang and Xinghua, leaving room for Liu Zixing and Shiyi to be alone. Liu Zixing and Shiyi haven’t seen each other for a long time, and Shiyi is unwilling to look at Liu Zixing. She is polite to Liu Zixing, but there is a sense of indifference in her tone. On the other side, Xinghua nearly fell. Luo Sanniang helped Xinghua. She was very angry when she learned that Xinghua had pretended to be pregnant.

Xie Chong was seriously ill. Zhou Shengchen concluded that a major event would happen in North Korea within two months. He decided to go to Shouyang to stay in order to see what happens in Beijing at any time. After receiving the letter, Tuofeng returned to his hometown. Shiyi told Tuofeng about Xinghua. After learning about it, Tuofeng was relieved and believed that he was worthy of Xinghua. Jiao Feng and Xinghua had already fallen apart.

Shi Yi couldn’t bear to see the pain of Jiao Feng so much. She came to plead with Luo Sanniang to complete Jiao Feng. She was alone in the marriage. When listening to this remark, Luo Sanniang also responded to the request of the time, and would like to find a comprehensive method to make the wind and Xinghua reconcile.

The empress dowager ordered the imperial physician to prescribe an oxytocin, and wanted the emperor grandson to be born as soon as possible, so that she could make the child her new puppet emperor. Liu Hui realized the empress dowager’s cruelty, and knew that the empress would not keep him, he remembered the retreat Xie Chong had prepared for him, and was ready to have the final game with the queen mother. Liu Hui came to see the Queen Mother.

He begged the Queen Mother to let him go. He was willing to abdicate. The Queen Mother did not believe what Liu Hui said. She only said that she had not eaten with Liu Hui for a long time. The two of them ate together, Liu Hui Poisoned in the Queen Mother’s wine, this poison was the last escape Xie Chong left for him.

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