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Love Under the Full Moon 满月之下请相爱 Episode 8 Recap

Lei Chuxia fulfilled his promise to give Wei Xuanhe a cake, but met Wei Xuanhe’s current girlfriend Qin Yue on a narrow road. Wei Xuanhe arranged for Qin Yue to do a live promotion for Lixia Shiguang. Qin Yue was unwilling but did not refuse. Lei Chuxia made a summer kiss, covered it with a glass cover, and affixed it with the label that the guest had booked ten years ago.

Lei Chuxia was going to deliver food, but she couldn’t drive or ride an electric bike, and the bicycle was too slow. Just in time Wei Xuanhe came, so Wei Xuanhe drove a luxury car to help Lei Chuxia deliver food. The video was hotly searched. When Xu Xiaodong’s colleagues saw the news, the discussion caught Xu Xiaodong’s attention.

Xu Xiaodong was a little jealous, and asked Jin Xiaorui to drive out the worst car in his garage and come to the door of the Lixia shop to talk to Wei Xuanhe’s car. Passing by, the two were secretly comparing, vying for each other, unwilling to fall behind. In order to prevent Lei Chuxia and Wei Xuanhe from delivering food together, Xu Xiaodong taught Lei Chuxia to ride an electric bike. When she put on a safety helmet, her eyes met and almost kissed. Xu Xiaodong stayed up all night and made a takeaway applet for Lixia Shiguang.

Wei Xuanhe also wanted to help Lei Chuxia deliver food, but Lei Chuxia had the help of this applet, so he didn’t need Wei Xuanhe’s help at all. Wei Xuanhe saw the making of the applet. The name of the writer was “Dong Xia”, and she was a little upset, so Qin Yue arranged for Lixia Shiguang to do a live broadcast as soon as possible. Qin Yue was very reluctant, but still smiled reluctantly to help Lixia Shiguang to make a live broadcast, and told the story of the two “Dong Xia”

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