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Love Under the Full Moon 满月之下请相爱 Episode 7 Recap

Jin Xiaorui fell in love with Yuan Yuan at first sight, and initiated the pursuit in the form of an earthy love story. Lei Chuxia and Yuan Yuan confidently opened the door of Lixia Time and started business. After waiting for a long time, there were no customers. The two were very depressed. Jin Xiaorui came again with banknotes and wanted to buy all the bread in the store, but Yuan Yuan pushed to the door of the store to sell bread.

In order to save the Lixia store, Lei Chuxia urgently needed to recall the practice of Xia Zhizhi, so she went to Wei Xuanhe’s company to consult with him. As soon as the “ex-girlfriend” appeared, he immediately caused a lot of discussion in the company. Wei Xuanhe didn’t know what Xia Zhiki did, but he tried to get Lei Chuxia to agree to his three conditions.

Lei Chuxia accompanies Wei Xuanhe to the restaurant they used to visit in their school days. When she encounters a customer who deliberately engages in things, Lei Chuxia helps each other and accidentally scratches her skin. Wei Xuanhe deliberately made a fuss and took Lei Chuxia to the hospital to check her brain, and learned that she might have permanent memory loss, and finally let go of the hanging heart. Jin Xiaorui learned that Lei Chuxia and Wei Xuanhe had lunch, and told Xu Xiaodong about it, which caused Xu Xiaodong to be depressed and lose his appetite.

Brother Su did not intend to fulfill his promise, Xu Xiaodong attacked the system loopholes, Brother Su had no way to ask Xu Xiaodong for help. The two finally reached a deal, Xu Xiaodong helped solve the vulnerability problem, and Brother Su helped Xu Xiaodong enter the core project team. Lei Chuxia and Xu Xiaodong checked in the 415 laboratory and witnessed the auntie stalking Professor Chen Mo.

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